Monday, April 2, 2018

this is why i left the UK

here is the prime example why Left UK fucking cold  ....cold as  fuck  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is  always cold as  shit in the UK ............. fucking toilet of a place ........OOOOOOH!!!!!!  the queen .....cup's 'o' tea and  chips ......the royal family .........braveheart ......and irish spring soap bollocks................ well  look at this  fucking load here .......i have to say no fucker in their  right mind can be proud to be  British .........if you like the  snow .....snow angels ....making snow men .....all things  snow  related  am,d  bollocks  with  freezing cold  ......then this shithole is  for you  and  good riddance i am stuck here in sunny ........yes !!!!!!sunny south Florida  ....shorts sunglasses and  sandals  ....yes  and loving it  ,.......fuck the  cold and  all cold  things  related ........having to stock up on shit .....snow chains for your  tires .......16 layers of  clothing and of  course winter  bush   barf !!!!!!chunder ...........i would rather  die of heat exhaustion than freeze t

Snow, rain and floods make bank holiday travels a trial

Drivers in the snow at Nenthead, CumbriaImage copyrightPA
Image captionDrivers in Nenthead, Cumbria faced treacherous conditions as up to 4in (10cm) of snow fell in the north of the UK
Travellers returning from bank holiday trips faced delays as heavy rain and snow closed roads.
Up to 4in (10cm) of snow covered parts of Scotland, northern England and north Wales, while torrential rain fell in southern England.
Flood warnings and alerts are in force in England, Scotland and Wales.
The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings as the AA warns that motorists faced one of the busiest bank holidays on the roads in recent years.
As of 21:00 BST the Environment Agency had issued 41 flood warnings and 217 flood alerts in England, and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency issued one flood warning for people in Scotland.
Lambs at Allendale in Northumberland, in snowy conditionsImage copyrightPA
Image captionSpring lambs at Allendale in Northumberland faced snowy conditions on Easter Monday
BBC Weather presenter Nick Miller said: "It will be a chilly night to come in Scotland with further sleet and snow - we could well see some significant accumulations in the Highlands.
"Elsewhere we'll get some clear spells with some showers around. Some of those could be on the heavy side, particularly into England and Wales where it will be a mild night. But you'll see in northern England, northern Ireland and Scotland, temperatures are still struggling."
Roads closed by floods and snow included:
  • The A616 in South Yorkshire in both directions between A628 (Hazelhead) and A6102 (Deepcar).
  • The A628 Woodhead Pass in both directions due to snowy weather conditions between the A616 and A57.
  • Four roads in Derbyshire: The A53 at Axe Edge, A54/A537 at the Cat and Fiddle, A57 Snake Pass and the A6024 at Holme Moss.
  • The A14 westbound exit slip at Junction 28 near Cambridge owing to flooding.
Media captionThree easy tips for driving in the snow
Police also warned of localised flooding, advising motorists to avoid deeper water.
o  death .....sunny south floeida .............

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