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obsessed pet collector jailed for neglecting mini zoo of exotic reptiles in his one-bedroom flat

Keith Ross kept over 40 dangerous animals including a king cobra in 'appalling conditions' at his home in North Lanarkshire.
A man who kept a mini zoo of snakes, scorpions, turtles and lizards in his one-bedroom flat has been jailed.
Keith Ross has been caged for 18 months for keeping a dangerous collection of animals, most of which were neglected and badly treated.
He has also been given a 10-year disqualification on keeping animals following an investigation.
The SSPCA found filthy, inadequately-sized tanks and animals with untreated injuries in Ross' flat 
His bizarre collection included a king cobra, said to be the world's largest poisonous snake, as well as vipers and a rattlesnake.
One snake kept by Ross was a boomslang and this species, according to one science website, has a bite that "makes you bleed from every orifice until you die".
The deadly boomslang snake kept by Ross 
The forklift driver collected the creatures for six years and even displayed them at kids' parties, charging around £80 an hour.
But cops, animal welfare officers and council staff raided the 27-year-old's home in Motherwell , North Lanarkshire, following an anonymous tip-off.
He admitted 18 charges relating to the animals when he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court in January of this year.
The court heard that when officers arrived at his home for a search in March last year he failed to tell them about dangerous or poisonous snakes and scorpions.
He admitted this was "culpable and reckless conduct" which exposed the officers to the risk of harm and endangered their lives.
Ross' one-bedroom flat (top floor left) where he kept over 40 dangerous reptiles without a licence
Following sentencing yesterday (Tues), an inspector from SSPCA's Special Investigations Unit, said: "Ross had a collection of reptiles in his home unlike anything we have seen before.
"The animals seized from Ross during the searches presented significant difficulty.
"This was a clear case of someone collecting animals and failing to provide for their needs with disastrous results for the animals.
Keith Ross had a collection of over 40 reptiles in his tiny flat 
"Several of the animals were caused unnecessary suffering from the appalling conditions," he added.
"Many animals were on the verge of starvation and one lizard had to be put to sleep after it ate its own substrate from lack of feeding."
Ross kept his huge snake collection in appalling conditions 
He continued: "Whilst awaiting sentencing Ross breached the terms of his bail which prevented him keeping any live animal and he was found to be keeping fish, which he proceeded to plead guilty to.
"We are delighted that Ross has been dealt with by the courts and they have taken the extent of these animal welfare issues seriously."
Welfare officers found that the boomslang, plus a boa constrictor, pythonand Californian kingsnake, had been neglected by Ross.
Three of the creatures had been confined to inadequately sized plastic tubs, injuries had not been treated and there was evidence of inadequate nutrition having been provided.
Keith Ross has been jailed for 18 months and received a ten year disqualification on keeping animals 
Two lizards had not been looked after properly and one was in such a state it had to be put down, while Ross had not provided adequate clean water, heating and lighting for two turtles.
Ross also kept an alligator snapping turtle, two musk turtles and a common snapping turtle without access to clean water, heat or light.
bearded dragon was found in a filthy tank without water or heat and had to be put down by vets.
One of many scorpions the SSPCA seized from Ross' home 
Ross also illegally kept a deathstalker scorpion, two white-lipped vipers, a saw-scaled viper, a Western diamondback rattlesnake, a puff adder, a king cobra and two black-necked spitting cobras.
Ross admitted eight charges of neglect and nine of keeping "dangerous and wild animals" without a licence from North Lanarkshire Council.
All animals including, the venomous snakes, are now being cared for by specialist handlers.


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