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raggy monster ....please please help ....very important ....!!!!!!!

To anyone  reading my blog ...i was  devastated  to find out  that rachel ....the singer  with  raggy monster ........... was  hurt  ina  fall .......she is  one super  talented  singer  ........ from a  super  talented  group .....please  help in anyway possible  .....even if you  have to get  rid of  that spare  bentley sitting in your driveway   ....your  carbon  footprint  will be less  ......anything you can  donate  towards  her  recovery  ...will be great   the odd  harley davidsion dint  need  or  that  extra  boat  ........raggy monster  are one of  south floridas   jewel in the crown .......i will pray  and hope   she has  a full recovery  ......

URGENT UPDATE REGARDING SHOW: It's with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that will not be performing at @respectablestreet tomorrow night.
Late last night after finalizing rehearsals for tomorrow's show, Rachel suffered a 10 ft fall from a ladder down onto a concrete parking lot and sustained serious injuries to her head and spine.
She was unconscious for quite a while and was rushed to the emergency room where she was stabilized and put under observation.
We are happy to say that she's alive,
is conscious, talking and in good spirits. More tests and scans are being done to verify exactly what needs to be treated. As a result, our show is being postponed indefinitely until further notice, -
HOWEVER, Rivers, The Inverted, and Ryan Alexander of CIVILIAN are still going to be playing tomorrow night in an effort to raise funds for her medical expenses. All proceeds from the door will be donated to cover the many costs that come along with these types of incidents, and Mike, Oren, and me (Sage) will be there tomorrow hanging out and we'll probably still have some vinyls with us if anyone locally would like to pick one up.
SO here's what you can do:
1) Come out to Respectable Street tomorrow night to show your support. It would mean the world to us all if you joined us in support of Rachel.
2) SHARE this event and spread the word. These situations are shocking and difficult to process, but they have a way of bringing out the best in people by banning together to love on a dear member of our music community.
3) Send prayers, thoughts, positive vibes Rachel's way.
Lastly we want to send a HUGE thank you to @riversband @civilian_sounds and @theinverted for doing this for us and for Rachel on short notice.
They're super heroes.
This show is 18+
$10 cover, all proceeds go to benefit Rachel
Door: 9:00PM
Ryan Alexander of Civilian: 10:00
Rivers: 11:00
The Inverted: 12:00
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