Tuesday, November 15, 2016

how can anyone steal form their own family ........the lowest scum ...

I find it  amazing  that a daughter  can steal from  her parents ......what sort of  daughter  would steal  form her parents .........ones  like  this !!!!!!...i mean i could never  steal  from  my  mother  or  father .....why  because  they never  taught me  to steal .....i   am  not  shocked by this  ....as i know this  happens ......its closer  to me  than i  thought ....worst is  when a  family members  son  steal  the  very drugs  that is  needed  to satisfy their  narcissistic  drug habit  pretending to care .....those  are not family  ...junkies  and  addicts  and thieves  do not  care  about family .....they pretend  to  care ....but a  thief is a  thief ......is'nt it  funny  how  family  say they care  ...but steal from the  very  person that gave  birth to them .......i am not  sure  about the rest of you  but  i see  addiction as  narcissism and  self hatred .......i think  everyone is  a  little sick in the head   ...but  depends  what path  you wanna  take your  sickness on  ......some prefer  sex  addiction  which i    absolutely in favour  of  .....you  can never  have to  much  sex  ......women can they would rather  fucking shop ......but to chose  drugs .....!!!!!...anyways ....its  merely a  choice ......

Bowling champion jailed after stealing over £61,000 of her elderly parents' life savings

MICHELLE Cooper, who is a gambling addict, got the login details for an account where her father Alexander had £100,000.

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Michelle Cooper
A BOWLING champion who stole more than £61,000 of her elderly parents’ life savings has been jailed for eight months.
Gambling addict Michelle Cooper, 30, a Commonwealth baton bearer, got internet banking details for an account where her dad had £100,000.
Cooper, of Dalry, Ayrshire, stole the cash despite the bank being warned she’d already taken a smaller sum.
Her dad Alexander, 77, found out his daughter had taken £8000 and raised the matter with a manager but she went on to steal every penny.
Michelle Cooper
Iain Gray, prosecuting, said: “On May 11, she advised her father that she had emptied all of his account.”
They both went to the bank, which was not named, and a total of £61,250 had vanished.
“The accused and her mother attended Saltcoats police office, where she admitted what she had done and inquiries were made,” Mr Gray added.
“The bank has since made a full repayment to the accused’s parents.”
Jobless Cooper admitted the theft from Alexander and his wife Maureen, 71, over four days in May this year.
Michelle Cooper's father
James Irvine, defending, said: “Not only had the Coopers gone to the bank to close the account but they were persuaded out of doing so by the bank manager, who said this wasn’t required.”
Kilmarnock sheriff David Hall told Cooper the theft was “extremely serious”, adding: “You stole £61,250 from your parents of an inheritance for your father.
“I’m satisfied there is no alternative to a custodial sentence in your case.”
Cooper narrowly missed out on a place in the Scotland’s bowling squad for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Outside court, Alexander said he was standing by his daughter, adding: “The matter is over and done with.”


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