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GOOD RIDDANCE ............

Well finally castro has gone ....not my favourite of all human  beings .....still   some  brainwashed  fool  will miss him .....although.......... he  did  what he did  because  he got away  with it .......

much like  all leaders they fuck over the  masses  and they  buy it .....if you are not  aware of how  you are  being  fucked  over ....then you do not  know any different  .....

The simple  fact is  if you want to be lead  ...there wil be  plenty people willing to string you along......

 if you are  dumb enough and  not well informed  enough to  know   .......human  beings are  evil by  nature .....its a fact .....its perception mans  good is another  mans  evil .....simple .....

not all humans  portray evil in the form  of   a  satanical image .....there are plenty wolves  walk amongst the sheep .......but they are  so led in  many ways  they are  not  aware ....nothing is ever  as  it appears .......

Time and  time  again ...pillars of  communities called  good  men/women..... who  appear to be happily married ....end up  robbing  honest  so called people ........

Honesty is  a variable .....and the people  who  try   hard  to demonstrate it the hardest  ..........are ususally the worst .....

all human  beings have  underbellies /agendas/modes ......they  ply  themselves to appear like they care ....but  as always ........ evil prevails and it sometimes  is so  cleverly dispensed in open view of the fools  ...they are not clever or  wise  enough  to realise its right in front of their face .......

we are  meant to believe evil/bad/sinister...has  a certain  image personna  which they befall......not  necessarily so .......

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, dies aged 90

The comandante overthrew Batista, established a communist state and survived countless American assassination attempts
Former Cuban president Fidel Castro
 Fidel Castro: an extraordinary figure who left his mark on history. Photograph: Sven Creutzmann/Mambo/Getty Images
Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, Cuban state television announced on Saturday, ending an era for the country and Latin America.
The revolutionary icon, one of the world’s best-known and most controversial leaders, survived countless US assassination attemptsand premature obituaries, but in the end proved mortal after suffering a long battle with illness.
The announcement was long expected, given the former president’s age and health problems, but when it came it was still a shock: thecomandante – a figurehead for armed struggle across the developing world – was no more. It was news that friends and foes had long dreaded and yearned for respectively.
The Communist party and state apparatus has prepared for this moment since July 2006 when Castro underwent emergency intestinal surgery and cededpower to his brother, Raúl, who remains in charge.
Fidel wrote occasional columns for the party paper, Granma, and made very occasional public appearances – most recently at the 2016 Communist party congress – but otherwise remained invisible.
Fidel Castro in a rare public appearance in April 2014.
 Fidel Castro in a rare public appearance in April 2014. Photograph: Alex Castro/AP
Confirmation of his death will trigger celebrations in Miami, the centre of Cuba’s exile community, and mourning among leftwing admirers around the world. For many Cubans on the island who grew up in his shadow, simultaneously respecting and resenting him, it will be a moment of profound ambivalence.
One thing all could agree on was that this extraordinary figure left his mark on history.
More than half a century ago, his guerrilla army of “bearded ones” replaced Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt dictatorship with communist rule that challenged the US and turned the island into a cold-war crucible.
The US had long counted on Castro’s mortality as a “biological solution” to communism in the Caribbean but,since officially succeeding his brother in 2008, Raúl has cemented his own authority while overseeing cautious economic reforms, and agreeing the momentous deal to restore diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US in late 2014, ending more than five decades of hostility.
By Raúl’s own admission, however, Fidel is irreplaceable. By force of charisma, intellect and political cunning the lawyer-turned-guerrilla embodied the revolution. Long before his passing, however, Cubans had started to move on, with increased migration to the US and an explosion of small private businesses.
Fidel Castro speaks from a makeshift balcony draped with Cuban flags in Santa Clara en route to victorious entry into Havana.
 Fidel Castro speaks from a makeshift balcony draped with Cuban flags in Santa Clara en route to victorious entry into Havana. Photograph: Lee Lockwood/The Life Images Collection/Getty
His greatest legacy is free healthcare and education, which have given Cuba some of the region’s best human development statistics. But he is also responsible for the central planning blunders and stifling government controls that – along with the US embargo – have strangled the economy, leaving most Cubans scrabbling for decent food and desperate for better living standards.
The man who famously declared “history will absolve me” leaves a divided legacy. Older Cubans who remember brutal times under Batista tend to emphasise the revolution’s accomplishments. Younger Cubans are more likely to rail against gerontocracy, repression and lost opportunity. But even they refer to Castro by the more intimate name of Fidel.
A Havana man is reflected in a mirror hanging on his wall covered with photographs of (L to R) Raul Castro, Fidel Castro, and fellow revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.
 A Havana man is reflected in a mirror hanging on his wall covered with photographs of, left to right, Raúl Castro, Fidel Castro and Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Photograph: Ramon Espinosa/AP
Since largely vanishing from public view he has been a spectral presence, occasionally surfacing in what became a trademark tracksuit, to urge faith in the revolution. It was a long goodbye which accustomed Cubans to his mortality.
Exiles in Florida, the heart of the diaspora which fled communist rule, are expected to celebrate. Previous false reports of Castro’s death triggered cavalcades of cheering, flag-waving revellers.
Fidel Castro exhales cigar smoke at his presidential palace in 1985.
 Fidel Castro exhales cigar smoke at his presidential palace in 1985. Photograph: Charles 

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