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human beings have reached an all time low ...this is the end

i have  to post this   in sheer  disgust  disgust  ...thisiis  the times  we  are   living in  ....filthy parasitical  remenants   of  what we  call human beings...a  shameful  display of  human   narcisisstic  behaviour ...beyond  anything  unforgivable ....this is  the west  demostration of  human behaviour   possible  saddens  me  that i have  to show this  ...but this  shows  the times  we live in ...all involved in this  should be  deeply  ashamed  ......but they  won't becasue  if they  had a  gram  of  feeling they would not have  participated i   such a  barbaric  filthy act...hope you are proud  of yourself  you  fuckers .... dolphin dies after beachgoers pass it around for selfies Maria Mora Digital Trends February 18, 2016 <p>The selfie craze has entered a new low. An young, endangered dolphin died after beachgoers apparently pulled it from the sea to take photos with it.</p> <p