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the simple fact is the bitch voted no ....

I was   born and   rasied in scotland ...thought it was a  great  country .....until recently .......where  55% of the poplulation  decided  to be traitors..... cowards...... and spineless  bastard,  and of course  back stabbers ........yep  true  scots  wanted  independence  from  england ........because  its   does not matter  how  you  chop, it  and dice  it ... deep down in the  bowels of a true  scotsman  they do not trust  an  englisnh men  pure  and simple  ...its a historcial  trait  can  moan all you  fucking want its the truth  ....true  scots are hard nosed  historically loyal country  loving  bi-peds .....even  some  parts  of scotland  today the hatred is  still  as  strong as it was   long time  ago .....
This  fucker  rowling is a  wash out  and she  made  a shit load of  money  from this   stupid  shit   book  ....which  i am not sure  why  but  hundreds of   mental  kids  who  read this drivek
l and  watched a  fictional  four eyed  little  fucker   do  some  pretty stupid  shit  ....made this  wannabe  fucker  so rich  she thinks  she  shit does not stink....what the  fuck  has  she  done  for  scotland  and scottish children  an adult i  probably do not get the  whole  hogwash  bollocks  with the fat scottish fucker   doing some   garbage  its  much like  the lord of the rings  and  the big footed   tossers   with the  bald  anorexic little  shit with the  funny voice  and a gold  ass ring .....fiction ..... i personally hate fiction  ....why well  because its not true  and fiction is  for  people  with their  head in the  ass crack .....and usually a bunch of   weed  smokers  ....saying  duh !!!!!hey man   Hogwarts  are cool Man !!!!   don't  be  condescending those  guys  they have  broomsticks  man,so as it goes  she  voted against  Scotland   dissecting away from  England   and we  all know  its  was   scared   ass  bitches  and  dick less  guys  ....... with no balls , and brains  and pink  polo  shirts   and   living with their  mummies  that  voted  no see  Scotland's  due  to  an epidemic  of real men ....these  ball less  spineless  idiots   ...are  scared its  a fact  ..there is no point kicking them in the  nuts the  wives  have clipped them ......
I once was proud  to be  Scottish  but the  vast majority of bitches  and little  male  bitches  sold us  out to the English again they say in  the  most pathetic  rendition of a  Scottish  movie  ....brave heart   ....could nae agree on the colour of shite .....the  55 % of  Scots  who  voted  against independence are traitors....cowards.....spinelss  and a  total affront to the Scottish  people  who are true  Scots  .....
the saddest  cunt  alive  is the man who swaggers  and waddles  around  wearing a  kilt pretending to be  Scottish and then  votes  no  is a  pathetic man ...( or  women  if he is married  too long) ...Scotland is  apathetic  shadow of itself an embarrassment to its  history and strength  ...its no  better than its  English  counterpart   who is  itself  an equally embarrassing spineless  shit hole  with ho  backbone  and  run  by rent boys .....who   really only care  about  senatorial  hand wringing and backstabbing  .....which is  an  art in English political circus....cant  even  stand up to  a  Muslim.....sad  pathetic  losers ...i am  embarrassed   and  ashamed to  to be  Scottish  and totally disgusted  to be  a  Brit  a  weak ass  nation  that was once  a   dominant  force in the world   once   an empire now  a  dump of  human  fecal  matter  with no one  giving a shit and  letting immigrants  run over them  like  little  bitches ......  
JK Rowling hit back after receiving Twitter abuse when the looming election result became an apparent win for the Tories
JK Rowling hit back after receiving Twitter abuse when the looming election result became an apparent win for the Tories
JK Rowling has thanked followers for their support after she became a target for abuse in the wake of the general election.
The Harry Potter author revealed she'd been branded a "traitor" by online trolls, who she said she believed to be supporters of the Scottish National Party (SNP).
The author is a well-known supporter of the Labour party, and she was targeted with abuse after the Scottish National Party overturned their General Election rivals in her homeland .
But she received hundreds of messages of support on Twitter, with many users sending pictures of beautiful places around the world she could move to if she wanted to leave the UK.
She said: "Looking at those beautiful pictures reminds me how big the world is and how many more decent people there are than not, so thank you."
Following news the Conservatives had won the election with a majority , the writer revealed she had been subject to abuse from people telling her to leave the country.
She also tweeted: "In the last our I've been invited to relocate to France, Ireland and Brazil!"
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