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you see giada de ;aurentis could not resist a fling ..the last person i thought she was happily married surpise

One of my favourite  female celbrity chefs  .....also padmi lakshmeer ....nigella.......but  giada  had  that  good  cleaner  than though italian mother  appeal ...apparently not obviously her  husband was not delivering the goods ,if you do not  service  and give them the big they will go ....there will always  be  somone  willing to  do it .......

Giada De Laurentiis Divorce Update: Matt Lauer’s ‘Other Woman,’ Hubby Sparring Over Assets

Giada De Laurentiis
An update to divorce proceedings with Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson is allegedly getting a bit messy. The Food Network celebrity chef, who was rumored to have cheated on her husband with Matt Lauer, is sparring with her estranged spouse. RadarOnline reports that the divorce court battle is over Giada’s and Todd’s splitting assets because there is no prenuptial agreement on record.
De Laurentiis’ goose may be cooked if her husband has his way in court in their rumored-heated divorce. Reportedly, Giada may be compelled by a judge to ante up a ton of money in alimony and split property, according to an insider following the developments.
“They are going over assets now. But she is worth more than him, so she could lose out.”
Back in 2003, when the couple wed, Giada De Laurentiis’ cooking career had not taken off. But, during the same year she and Todd exchanged wedding vows, the Food Network took an interest, and a television deal emerged from negotiations. And the rest is history, sans a prenup.
Since that pivotal moment in her life, the petite celebrity cook has amassed millions and built a solid brand. Today, she has a successful show, has kitchen products bearing her name in retailers like Target, is a published author, and owns a GIADA restaurant in Las Vegas.
Given that Giada De Laurentiis allegedly had affairs with chef Bobby Flay, musician John Mayer, and most recently, Today co-host, Matt Lauer, it’s ironic some sources are reporting the couple is currently in the midst of an “amicable separation.” Giada denied having ever cheating on her husband; all the relationships were platonic.
TMZ caught up with Lauer earlier this month for a statement on claims that he had a role in causing Giada’s divorce. However, Lauer was emphatic about denying the affair allegations. Matt admitted to being seen in public with De Laurentiis, but said their friendship is benign and is the product of 10 long years. He also expressed his sorrow over the end of the couple’s marriage.
Sources say after Todd filed to divorce Giada, she was quick to respond to the petition, saying all the property they have is not community. Therefore, she “believes she is possessed of separate property, the exact nature of which is unknown at this time.”
Giada De Laurentiis’ divorce is far from over, based on this new update. However, if it’s any consolation, she and her estranged husband intend to raise their 6-year-old daughter together.
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