Friday, November 22, 2013

.....why the surprise !!!!!!!!!!!

The drums of war: A genre of Latin music glorifies the Mexican-U.S. drug war | Power Players - Yahoo News:

'via Blog this'...Pablo escobar  warned of  this impending   glorification of  Mexico and its   effect on the  drug world  ....i am not surprised  at all ...he  warned it would only be a  matter of  time before  Mexico would launch a drug war  on Americas  doorstep they have  never  seen  ...and the  apocalyptic vision of IL PADRE is coming true .....there  are more  people dying in Mexico than  the two wars  America is  involved in .....but hey its  all on the net  for  everyone to see ......its  not old  news ....thought everyone  knew  this   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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