Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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A man in his 30's has been bitten in the neck by a Tiger at Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Believed to be in a stable condition.

'via Blog this'...Here we  go again another  servile  fucking idiot  trying to change  mother nature ....animals ...you know for you  fucking retarded  backward  sister  humping ding dongs  who   do not  know the difference  between your  sister  and a lion ,you deserve  to lose  limbs and suffer,its the same if you  go  surfing the sharks  do not   need you in the water  we    are  not meant to be  there  ,so you deserve to get eaten ....i have  no sympathy  for  fucking idiots  getting scoffed....never have   ...never  will...so  when you  go  to a  zoo  and you  see  like a massive  raging lion in a  cage   its not there  so you  cant bother  him  ....it is  so you do not get eaten ....simple  dynamics  but they  get it ...they still and try and  beat the force  of nature .....i  respect  animals in cages  mostly they are  fucking pissed  at the fact they  should be in the  Serengeti's .....but  we  as  white   spineless  greedy  narcissistic  arrogant bastards   have  decided  to  eradicate the planet of beautiful animals  either  by hunting to  extinction  because its an  easy so  called  sport  ......any   so called   sport  when the  chances  are not even is  not a  sport  its  a  cruelty ....so when a human  being  gets  killed  or  whatever  get  mauled in the zoo ....just remember  these  animals  do not  want to be there  or  deal with your  dumb ass....try and  act like you  are  a  human being  not a complete  prick .....

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