Saturday, July 14, 2012

surf bitten in half by shark

Well welly well oh well !!!!!!here we go, a surfer in Australia was chomped in half by a shark,someone, reportedly found his torso......oh really,well is that  not the price you have to pay ,when you go into the ocean,.....we all know that the sharks, are not our friends,they do not send us e-mail or keep in contact with us at holidays ,vacations,so on and such like.
I do not know about you, but man has this  idea,that he can go into the ocean ,and  get respect for being in a place where we are not welcome .
Well i am a certified diver ,and i have been in a  couple of close shaves, and have been  in a few proximities where sharks have been, and got to say one time i was close to a shark and realised,you are helpless , when you are down there ,
I personally think man abuses the oceans ,and seas ,by over harvesting them and,when you venture into the water,you have to pay the price for being in a territory ,where we do not belong,....I do love surfing ,but when i go in to the water ,i realise maybe, only half of me may return .But this is the understanding i respect,sharks ,are going to do what they do, eat,and i do think that human being must be like pringle's to them ,delicious ...a treat....
We hear about the sharks, killing a person every now and  then ,but we do not hear , how everyday sharks are being hunted to extinction ,by these simple minded retarded sick bastard fisherman who catch them,hack of their fins and throw them back ....just so that bastards in china,can eat a delicacy ,called shark fin soup ,that does not  even do nothing to the soup ,except give it a  gelatinous effect ,...i find that more disturbing than the odd surfer being eaten .......

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