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Sunfest..........west palm beach florida


 Well every year about this time they have  sunfest a 5 day bash of the usual music ,food  and of course  beer ,what festival would attract anyone unless it  had  beer  ,umless it was a festival for recovering alchoholics......

I have never seen a  festival where people celebrate their addictions like drugs and alchohol, i mean whats the point they would not make  money  ,i mean  what could you sell cups of coffee...and cheese sandwiches ,festivals are for  making money far as i know .....

Well  day two of the festival was billed with snoop doggy dog, yes he is still king of the hill ....a great artist  with a  massive following .

i would guess  that the entire audience  ,in the time he  was on stage   must have smoked  5lbs of weed  ,my eyes were watering from the smell .

As i do not indulge in  the activity of  inhaling  copious amounts of ganja  ,as for reason regarding my health, i think whenever snoop doggy dog is around ...weed follows 

I am  sure the police are well aware of the activities that  pursue mister dog himself ,but in the spirit of the festival i do not think,it would be in their interest not to arrest  15,000 people (or there about,s...)

and where would they put them and ,and would they have  enough handcuffs and  it would take more time to arrest those ganja smoking fans , than it would the length of the concert....

Snoop doggy dog never fails to entertain his hard core audience  with his talent .........



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