Thursday, May 3, 2012

The scream ........what r u kidding

Edward Munch's ...The Scream sold at sotheby's for a record $220 million i   understand art is subjective ...but $220 milion

I personally myself think i am artistic in many different ways  some i of it i can talk about the  others i  like to  keep for  after dinner  dates .

I  myself do not get the whole  deal   'first of all its  like it  had  been done by someone in  an art class at school.

The buyer  wishes to remain anonymous ,wonder why hmmmm, because maybe his relatives  will be thinking if  he  can  buy a painting the son of a bitch  can lend me  some green/flims/cabbage/reddies whatever.

I think ,and maybe i am  right  that  most so called artist are stoners/drunks/addicts   or severely rebellious look at Salvador Dali,he did enough acid to  supply the complete  crowd at Woodstock......

Obviously the guy that  bought this is not a philanthropist i guess he  realised ,well why should i help anyone i would rather  spend the money of  a piece of art....(or maybe he is !)

I personally think if i had 220 mil to spend on apiece of art i would rather give it o a useful cause ....... maybe like a cancer ward at a children's hospital, i think myself that  would be more fulfilling ...

I myself think art is way overpriced and overrated  i have been to many art galleries ,auctions  and openings ,in lots of places  ,there is  a lot of eccentricity  and self absorption in it . 

Art is subjective one mans erratic brush strokes (i.e Jackson Pollock)  which i never  got ....and people  would look at it and  say.
"wow i can see the depth he is  expressing and the  emotion  he portrays  .......what a load of bollocks !!!!!

 first of all  its  a  rich  man/woman's game  in a  sense  and most of the  art  crowd and  drunks (or whatever ) yes i  think i insulted the entire art world  ...oh well come get  me boo hoo sob  ..get over it  and  do not be  so sensitive .

I have been to many places where the art in crowd  go and how the  swoon over the wine and cheese ,and the artist ,who is usually an  introvert  weird  sort of  person   indulging in the "your fantastic " because in normality people  who work in places  who cant afford  his  shit  do not care  who he is ......

but as long as there is  people  with bottomless  wallets  and money to  throw away  on something that  serves no purpose  other than a showpiece to show  your dinner/cocktail friends/cronies/congressmen    how much money you have .!!!!!


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