Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hazing ..very peculiar


I don't get  the whole hazing deal ,if you are part of a fraternity or team  why is it necessary to punish someone.

i think  my self  the  person behind it is either  beaten as a  kid and  then got power in the  frat house or whatever  but its  really strange thing to  do  .

As i am not a team player as  such  i do not  understand  the frat  houses  or  mentalities,i  really do not like  the team mentality  idea  anyways ,but hey  that's  what you like then  fine  ,

here is another  strange part to this why and this is why i think hazing is  for  complete morons ,did they not get to  a  point in their thick jock skulls  hey  he might be  dead!!!!!

And he was a  lead  drummer in the band  or  similar why kill him 

do these  fools  not realise ...its not like the  70's anymore  there are more attornies on the planet than there are people (you have to think about that  one  !!!!)....

I have seen before when they have  inserted objects into the guy in hazings  ...i find that  very very weird/strange /unsportsmanlike?

But why the  beatings its not like they are the crips or bloods ,i  get them if you want into a gang you get your ass beaten  black and blue ...

A marching band is  not really a scary  place to join ,i hope they get their  just  desserts for  killing this  guy  ,its really unnecessary .

I can tell you this  if  i am  or had  the aspirations to join a marching band  i certainly would not  be interested  in  any strange  activities  just to  beat a  drum ............ ?

 I guess the only qualifications  to joining a marching band is to either beat the drums or  beat the new guy to death 

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