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Pregnant man .....knock it off its a broad ....

listen there are not many things in life that  burn my toast ...but this shit gets me  nuts ...the pregnant man its  a woman who went through the motions to  become looking like a dude's  the fricking deal  if you  cannot digest this  then  you should maybe  go to your refrigerator  door  open it fully and  then  slam it shut in your  cranium .

I get  how  we  all want to open  up the  DNA  bible and tamper  with shit  i am all for it  in  anyways  if you  can  make  women  everyday like  nicole schrezinger/Selma hayek/..then  rock on baby 

but this  so  called  pregnant man was a  broad  he  had  the uterus ,the vag,the work that a  woman  needs to    make a  child 

 ...why does the  media  douchbags  try and palm this off like  a medical miracle  ...unless  you  are a  hermaphrodite ...and have  both sets of  tackle and can house  a baby in a womb  then  you are all set to go  but this  is   a  woman who  is now going to  sexual re-assignment surgery  ....good luck and all  if she  needs a  wang and  a pair of  cohonies  its  all fine  but she is a  broad not a guy always will be she was  born a woman  it does not change a  dam  thing 

listen if you are  born in  America .......your American .....

it is what it is ...nothing more nothing less 

lots of people  have identity crisis ...its nothing to be ashamed of  it just means yo are embarrassed to  be the real you ...i have  swine genetics and  have  embraced them fully   there is nothing i can  do  even if i could  i wouldn't

if you are born a woman you will always be a woman ,i have absolutely no qualms about women wanting to be men and men wanting to be  women ...its fine as  long as your happy  ...

But  the asshole media  wants us  to believe that  this is  a guy  gave birth to a  kid .....F*^#+ off  

This  folks is  a total media  waste of time  anyone  with a  gram of  sense  apart from the real housewives  who  all share on brain cell  and its  in Theresa.s (juicy Joe's) wife 's hairline

If you are sitting there in awe  of the  fact that  a man  (and let me tell you no man alive would ever consider pregnancy knowing they could die  giving birth and  a fat ass and  swollen ankles  and pushing a melon through the size of a lemon ...nope !!!!)

 this  nut job was on the doctors telling about the re-assignment saying how happy he/she/he/her/him/them was and travis stork the self absorbed doctor who loves himself  more than any women could ...asked hm where his  wife /lover was ...then he /she/he said they are  like any other  couple

 .....F*^#+*^%g really  is that  not condescending to  real families  who do not have their  heads  buried up their asses trying hard to have kids and they  drop kids like  bricks on a  sidewalk  ......

have you ever noticed the people  that  do not   really have  a gram of self respect and  hate the world and  are totally  f*^$% like octomum  can punch put  kids like lottery tickets  and the real  genuine people  that  have a lot to offer  cannot conceive  shit ...makes you wonder  huh  ...

i have  said  it now and will reiterate  anyone can have  a kid its just a  case of a women opening her legs  and  not respecting her  own self ....once again the sluts  form the real housewives and snooki ...

The pregnant man is  all about  him on TV if  he  really cared  and he  doesn't he would not  embarrass his kids  they have  to  tell  friends when they  grow  up an d  go to parties  their  dad/mum /whatever ....  was  a complete  douchbag


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