sitting in starbucks

i guess my hobby/addiction/pastime is to spend  endless  hours in  coffee  emproriums   observing the  myriads of  bipeds in a constant state of  caffeine  withdrawal ....i must   admit its a people  watchers  ampitheatre  getting to see  all shapes and  size of  caffeine  junkies  desperate for a  fix ...but coffee has  become a  complex  issue for some individuals  who either partake in the  game of  being a smart ass or  they are  just really complex individuals  themselves ....i sit in earshot of  ordering and  hear a twentysomething etham allen/bed bath and beyond ...looking  trendy.....ordering a half steam mocha frappe...half soy half soy ...half latte  98 degrees (which incidently was  one annoying boy band.....and you see their cd's in the salavtion army all the time  unlike  emeinems who you will never find in a charity shop )   then sweet and low  with  cream on top .....well i  dont know about you  but  all that complex ordering of  caffeine  is  simply a cry for help or  the person  is  a  real   big pain in the ass   becasue after all its a  cup of  coffee .......


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