li by oil and the diffrence

it will not make a  difference  whether  ghadaffi   wins or  loses  the only people  that lose  in the   whole   deal in the middle  east   is the consumer   he/she  gets  sc rewed  every  time a  sheik  farts  or  something happens  in an oil  well  even  if the shitter  gets  blocked  in the empolyee  lounge it  send  up the price of  oil   these   fat white  bloated   fucker  who are  CEO,s in oil corporations   are  so  far  up the ass  of  arabs  they are  all making  big money at  the  average  joe on  the street  any excuse  to  send up the price of  a barrel of  oil  these  days   if  its  not  hurricane its  a  bastard  falling of  a rig and  getting  impailed on some  boat  .....ooooops  there  you  go     10  dollars on a barrel of  oil ...and  people  do nothing about it  they swallow  it  like and  old  whore in a motel  taking dick......its  all  about   fucking  jo  public  and  OPEC  who  are nothing  more   than  camel trading asswipes   ignorant  macho   women  hating camel rapers   they have more  mnoney than they know  what  to do with  they have ten  wives   six  boys  and little  girls   this  is  why they run  shit  we  put up with their   backward   garbage   and the  have the  fingers  up  all the presidents   asses  they are   all  shit  scared  of opec   because they have oil    and  we  all know  that cars   can  run on alternative  energy  is a sham  but  people   by and  large  are  really fucking stupid and  believe  mickey mouse  has  a wang  and goofy  is  not  slamming  him  in the   back door only  have to   know  that  every   govt  bastard  and politician  has  a vested  interest in oil   and if you do not think that they do  not  then you might want to take your  head  out your  fat  ass  and  smell some   air  instead  of  your  bowel movement......just  look  at the whole BP  deal  in the gulf and then you will realise  that  all these  douch bags  including that  ingnoramus  english prick  all were making money form  the misery   the only people  that were  suffering  was  everyone  else ........


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