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cHEATING DOG .........


I mean FFS....can you not even have a  hot dog eating contest......... without fucking  cheating this mohawk.........  eating hot dog fucker !!!!!  accused  of  cheating ........can you not  have something as light hearted as hot dog eating contest ...... without  problems .....for fuck sake!!!!!! the way....... he  looks like a  fucking cheater  .......he has  that  look  (maybe the mowhawk)..... ..... ...i do not  know  what a  dog eater...... cheater  looks  like  ..........i am just guessing .......he  nicked an  extra  plate  ...who the fuck knows  ....but as  always    someone  has  to ruin it ..........

Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest In Hot Water Amid Cheating Allegations

Kelly Coffey-Behrens
4 min read
Joey Chestnut and others compete in Nathans Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest

The famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest, which takes place on the Fourth of July every year, has found itself in yet another controversy.

2024's annual eating contest looked slightly different, as 16-time winner Joey Chestnut was banned from participating due to his partnership with Impossible Foods. After the news broke, Americans were outraged as Chestnut chowing down on hot dogs is an Independence Day tradition.

Luckily for fans, the 40-year-old participated in Pop Goes the Fort July 4th Celebration, where he consumed 57 hot dogs in five minutes.

While it seems the Joey Chestnut controversy has died down, Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest is once again in hot water amid cheating allegations.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Contestant Accused Of Cheating

Nick Wehry stands on the scale at the 108th Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nick Wehry, the husband of women’s division champion Miki Sudo, is facing some sizzling accusations.

During the thrilling July Fourth hot dog eating contest, two insiders claim he used some sneaky sleight of hand tricks to boost his hot dog count and sneak into the ranks of the sport's top contenders.

On the big day at Coney Island, Nick Wehry chowed down an impressive 46.75 hot dogs in the sizzling showdown, securing a fourth-place finish. Footage and reports from The Post and ESPN captured the crowd's excitement and cheers.

But here's where it gets juicy. That 46.75 figure later jumped to 51.75 on the official Major League Eating (MLE) results website, allegedly giving Wehry credit for five extra hot dogs that he was allegedly never served.

“100% he cheated,” one source told The New York Post.

How Does Scoring Work In The Fourth Of July Contest?

A stare down at July 4th Nathan's Hot Dog Contest in New York

Each contestant's plate starts with five hot dogs, so every empty plate equals five hot dogs devoured. The judges use these stacks to determine the final scores. Any “debris” left uneaten on the top plate — bits of bun or stray chunks of beef — is subject to the judges’ call and might be deducted from the total.

Now, according to the sources who spoke with The Post, Wehry "stole plates" from another competitor's stack and added them to his own place setting, which allegedly inflated his score to over 50 hot dogs.

The alleged reason Wehry's score was bumped up after the contest ended was that he seemingly asked for a recount following the initial judge’s tally.

“I can only assume he demanded a recount after stealing the plate,” the source claimed.

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