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Kehlani Made It Clear That She's A Lesbian And Has No Interest In Men Now Or In The Men From Their Past, And Some People Are Confused By It

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Kehlani, who uses she/they pronouns, did not hold back when it came to addressing some confusion about their sexuality.

Kehlani poses at WEHO Pride event, wearing a t-shirt with a graphic design and light wash jeans, flashing a peace sign
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Kehlani has spoken out about their sexuality on countless occasions, and each time, she's never denied the appreciation she has for women and the female body. From coming out as bisexual early on in their career to confirming she's a lesbian in 2021, she isn't afraid to be open with fans.

Kehlani at SiriusXM event, posing in a long, floral-patterned dress with detailed ruffles, and long wavy hair
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Over the weekend, the "After Hours" singer took to TikTok to set the record straight (no pun intended) about a few misconceptions floating around, including people questioning how she had past romantic relationships with men and got pregnant by a man, but still identifies as a lesbian today.

A closeup of Kehlani
David Livingston / Getty Images

"I was bisexual my entire life, and then I came out as a lesbian almost four years ago now," Kehlani said. "But when I realized recently actually all of the fucking elevation in my life that has come from de-centering men in every area of it [does a chef's kiss gesture]."

Singer Kehlani wearing a blue and white cap, seen in a TikTok video with the caption, "on god drop me off at planet no boys allowed." The video has 785.4K likes
Kehlani / tiktok.com

"In your spiritual spaces, in your practices, in who you're getting educated by, who you're being taught by, who you're in community with — everything. When I prioritized women and also centered myself and women," she continued as she trailed off into another train of thought.

Kehlani wearing a hat, smiling in a TikTok video with text: "on god drop me off at planet no boys allowed." Video has 785.4K likes and 21.1K shares
Kehlani / tiktok.com

She ended the video by asking all women watching to announce when they plan on leaving Earth for a planet filled with only women because she's more than ready to make that trip.

Kehlani onstage
Steve Jennings / Getty Images

But she didn't stop there! Kehlani, who recently released their fourth studio album Crash, followed up with a second TikTok video with another message to set the tone.

Kehlani performs on stage, wearing a stylized denim outfit with visible tattoos and holding a microphone
Gus Stewart / Redferns / Getty Images

"Bringing up the fact that I had a child, or bringing up ex-boyfriends from four years ago, or bringing up situations when I was 20...I'm 29. I'm will be 30 next year," Kehlani added.

Kehlani is seen wearing a white and blue cap and casual attire, smiling in front of a still-life painting. The TikTok post caption reads: "if u got a crush on my ex bf’s ADMITTING IS EASIER. happy pri...more."
Kehlani / tiktok.com

"I don't know why there's this inability to fathom that I'm a raging lesbian. Yes, my music is gay; who I perform to and for is the gays. If you're stuck in the past, it's between you and your God. If you're a man still bringing up my ex-boyfriends, just say you wanna fuck."

Closeup of Kehlani
Kehlani / tiktok.com

And that's that on THAT! Case closed! You can watch Kehlani's full TikToks below:

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