Wednesday, June 26, 2024



Here is todd's weekly  newsletter ......always  some funny stuff in here  ..thanks  todd....alwyas  nice  to  have  some   clean swear free   blog .........

I went to visit my neighbor.

I got the hint that he didn't want company today!

Steve's impressive photo of Bass Lighthouse

See little sweetheart, you can fly too!

Look out friends! Here he comes! My kooky biker cousin Ricky!

Sketched specially by me for you!

Like Father, Like son!

Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones has a newsletter that is inspiring. You can email this friend of mine to sign up.

Here's a small sample for you to enjoy.

A cartoon I remade from another's idea a looong time ago.

Did you know?

Think before taking a leap...!

I never READ the words before. This is both beautiful and TRUE!

I can't make fun of her. Yes, the sign is funny and it makes her look stupid, but I looked it up and someone doctored the sign. The girl wasn't really protesting Gatorade--AND there are those who are angered by this!

The guy who posted her rewritten sign


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