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1st transgender woman and Asian American wins Miss Maryland USA: 'Bigger than me'

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1st transgender woman and Asian American wins Miss Maryland USA
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Bailey Anne Kennedy was crowned the new Miss Maryland USA in June, becoming not only the first transgender woman to win the title but also the first Asian American to achieve the coveted honor.

With her crystal embellished tiara perfectly placed on the top of her head, Kennedy waved and smiled at people during the recent Baltimore Pride Parade in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Kennedy strutted down the rainbow-painted sidewalk with her husband by her side and a satin "Miss Maryland USA" sash placed across her pink Barbie doll dress. Residents stopped to take pictures with Kennedy, congratulating her on her historic win.

PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)
PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)

"To be able to be in this position and be able to make an impact on my community, especially with the LGBTQIA+ community, military spouses and immigrant women to be able to make such an impact," Kennedy told ABC News. "I think that's just something that I could never dream up, and it's such an honor to be here."

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At 31 years old, Kennedy said she decided to compete in her first pageant ever last year after Miss USA lifted restrictions on contestants who are married and over 28 years old. Her win on June 1 also made her the first military officer's wife and oldest woman to take home the crown.

PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)
PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)

"To win the whole thing, I knew it was bigger than me," said Kennedy. "I knew that ultimately, this will mean something more to my community, the LGBTQIA+ community and military spouses and immigrant girls. Hopefully, this will send out a message to everybody, and it will be a delicious invitation for people to just be themselves and to forge their own path even if they can't see."

Kennedy's win came a month after the reigning Miss USA and Miss Teen USA stepped down from the titles days apart, citing mental health reasons. Noelia Voigt, Miss USA 2023, took to Instagram in a post addressing her decision to resign from the title.

"I realize this may come as a large shock to many. Never compromise your physical and mental well-being," Voigt wrote in May. "Our health is our wealth."

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The Miss USA Organization has pushed back on the claims and previously told ABC News, "We are committed to fostering a healthy, communicative and supportive environment for all contestants, state titleholders, national titleholders and staff."

PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)
PHOTO: Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy (Edwin Shaw)

Kennedy was asked about the backlash she received and anti-LGBT rhetoric from this cycle and past cycles, how that affected her and her motivation, and what she has seen from others as a result of her winning the title.

"I think with all things that are negative, twice as much I get positive feedback and I get the community that is always there to back me up," she said.

"For example, just as we saw now, like in pride walking here in Baltimore, people are saying 'Congratulations with Miss Maryland!'; with as much negative, I would like to focus on the positive that I'm receiving and giving that attention and that honor to them. I hope that I can make them proud and that at the end of the day is all I can do," she added.

Kennedy says while she is proud to represent the LGTBQA+ community, she hopes her win brings awareness to anyone dealing with adversity regardless of their age, gender, or background.

"For me to be able to represent a community that has gone through so much adversity, I just hope that this will allow people to just open their hearts and open their mind a little bit and to see that were like anybody else," she said.

"We just want to live our dream and pursue our American dream. And make our mom proud, like at the end of the day and that's all I wanted to do and to help encourage young minority women to pursue their dream no matter what age no matter what gender they choose to be in or identify as. And no matter what adversity they come from their circumstances. They can make something of themselves," she said.

Lastly, with tears in her eyes, Kennedy says that regardless of her title as a beauty queen pageant winner, she hopes to be remembered for her heart.

"At the end of the day, I just want people to see my heart," she said.

"You know, throughout all of this, you guys can see the dress, you guys can see the rhinestone on my dress or my hair not looking right. But whatever it is, at the end of the day, I just wanted people to see my heart and if they can open up their hearts to receive it. I think that I can make a difference for the next generations to come," she continued.

Kennedy is set to compete on Aug. 4 at Miss USA 2024 in Los Ang

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