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I used to love the  beach ......i live near the  beach  i have  been by the   beach for   decades ....i live in west pam beach  .....nice beaches   ....but  the  sand is  brutal fucking hot  ......i have been  to beaches in  Thailand  ....Vietnam .......Bondi beach ......English beaches  .....lots and  lots  of  beaches  all over ....i worked on  fort  lauderdaale beach for  5 years .........and  eventually  you get  sick of   it    going there  everyday .........but  hey  you have  to make a  day of  it  ...... anyways  here are  some  piccies  of the  beach for  ya   .....enjoy or  not  ........get some sand in the crack of  your  arse ........ 

Beach Fail Or Fun? Take A Look At These 45 Hilarious Photos Before You Book That Vacation To The Sandy Shores

Pineapple Beneath The Sea

If SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea, here’s a lovely girl who made the most out of the fruit beneath the beach. In reality, pineapples don’t grow underwater, and their closest proximity to the sea is by serving as a refreshment to people. Probably the girl could’ve posed in a better background; nevertheless, her giant pineapple juice remained a highlight.

It has been found that drinking a cup of pineapple juice a day helps in boosting the immune system and digestive health. It is rich in bromelain and vitamins, which contribute to nourishing physical features such as hair, skin, nails, and teeth. No wonder she looked beach-ready despite the angle!

One For The Books

If there is a certain group of people who love the beach so much that they are willing to spend all day there, that’s children. Similarly, they are being captured too actively on the camera, except that this one looked like he quietly bore the dilemma of having to take a picture first.

Hopefully, someday he’ll realize that trip was one for the books and be grateful for the photo. Nevertheless, children love the beach so much because they are just starting to see and appreciate nature and life beyond the screens of technology. Also, going to the beach encourage healthy physical activities for them.

It Does Not Matter

This pretty girl carried herself so well that we didn’t even recognize she got a mismatched swimsuit unless someone pointed it out. The styles are different, and the colors are off, yet she knew the tactics to handle them well. Also, there is no written law that wearing a mismatched bikini is not okay, especially if the person is confident.

Who knows, probably she got some inspiration from the top swimwear trends of 2022. The trend takes its influence from runway shows and social feeds. The modern style, patches, pattern, and texture are combined with a nostalgic taste from the ’80s and ’90s.

The Shot We Wouldn’t Miss

Here is another photo from one of the favorite seasons of all time- the spring holidays. Over the years, people have come up with the best ideas to make every event better than the last. It is not a spring holiday pool party without the fun floats, speakers, lawn games, coolers, snacks, and drinks!

Take a look at this group of people, for example. They just didn’t have much of the equipment; they knew how to use them wisely too. Is it too much hassle to bring a cup in the water? Here’s a water pistol to quench your thirst. Surely, this is the only kind of pistol we wouldn’t miss.

That’s Just How It Is

Going to the beach is fun, but maintaining life there requires some hard work too. Take this lady, for example, who got her white bikini, updated her friends, balanced her position, and got that perfect tan. It is certainly not a piece of cake, but that’s just how it is.

Healthline has laid out some tips on achieving that perfect tan. Sunscreens with an SPF of 30 are most advisable, changing positions frequently, so everything got its fair share, and it would be wise to choose what time of the day you’ll work on it. Apart from it, they also advise consuming healthier foods and a skincare routine.

Quenching The Thirst Just Fine

Going out to soak under the sun and feel its heat in the fine sands can be one of the greatest experiences in life, yet there’s one loophole – it can make you more thirsty as usual. That’s also why we are advised to bring as much drink as possible when we go to the beach.

These girls got the memo, but they made it extra by bringing not just any ordinary water. Beers are fun recreation drinks, and they are good as long as we don’t exceed the limit. However, these girls also have to note that although heat won’t make people drunk, it can increase the effects of alcohol.

Anything For The Perfect Photo

A trip to the beach is not without beautiful photos of yourself and the scenery. It has become a norm to see people pose first before fully enjoying the experience. Just look at this lovely woman, who was so determined to get that perfect picture that she was willing to do anything, even if it meant climbing on a boat.

Luckily, Photography Goals have laid down some tips on taking beach photos. They advise utilizing the beauty of the golden hour, which can be at sunrise or sunset. It would also be better to use flash, keep the horizon straight, and avoid too many crowds. But they didn’t say anything about a man photobombing, so there’s that!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

We really can’t blame her here—who could resist that cute, smooth, little thing that looked harmless? Plus, they are worth the pictures. However, when we inspect closer and realize what it is, all we hope is that this girl wasn’t brought to ER and all was well after such a moment.

This is one of those pink and slime-ish jellyfish that can roam around beaches. Although they look completely harmless, and even if not all jellyfish are deadly, the safest choice would still be to get away from them. Their stings can vary in effect, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Three Times The Charm

There is something about trios and matching outfits, especially if you take it to the beach! This trio of best friends understood the assignment and took good notes in choosing the perfect place, pose, and bikini. We can even treat this as inspiration the next time we book our holiday trip.

Canyon Beachwear spilled some secrets in choosing the perfect bikini. Choosing dark colors such as black and navy blue hues have a slimming effect on people’s eyes. Plus, it matches well with the blue sky and fine white sands. These girls were even made luckier as the winds cooperated and fancied their hairs just fine.

The Other Side Of Evolution

We grew up learning about evolution and the connection between chimpanzees and humans. And while we continue to see evidence that proves the claim, this one right here just presented another case. Chimps are generally friendly to humans, but his ability to pose for the camera, like in usual group pictures, is something else.

However, it should not surprise us that chimpanzees are beach-goers too. Like humans, they also love the water, yet the ability to swim doesn’t come naturally, so they also need to be taught. As noted by Discover Wildlife, they enjoy playing in the water, but not much swimming as some are even prone to drowning.

The Bloopers Tell It All

There is nothing like the warm sunny rays, fine sands, relaxing ocean waves, and cuddling up to a loved one during holidays. The moment was so surreal that this couple decided to take some videos and photographs for remembrance. However, before they arrived at that perfect shot, someone was in the way!

Well, maybe they should have prepared for this possibility beforehand because, as we know, most dogs love the beach as much as humans do. They love the waters such as rivers, lakes, and swimming pools for the same reason: it is fun and cools us down. Plus, it’s a great exercise for our four-legged friends so we can’t exactly blame them for this.

A Quick Trip To Dreamland

There is nothing wrong with staying under the sun or sunbathing. However, sometimes people can misunderstand this concept, and it is totally not okay if you stay long enough in the sands that you actually doze off there! Apart from the awful feeling of waking up with sand all over your mouth, it is also not safe.

Lifeguards told The Sun that they often found people lying in the sand after a night of partying and having fun. Officers claim this is a hazardous activity because there’s too much wind, and the waves can crash high without them noticing. Plus, they also put themselves at risk for bad people.

The Friendly Lifeguard

When the resort is too crowded, or someone is pulling off an event on the beach, you might need some pair of furry hands! Take this good boy, for example, who is using some keen eyes to take a good watch over the people. Not to mention he looked like he was enjoying it.

After all, some dogs are trained to save human lives, attack dangerous people, or sniff out suspicious equipment like a bomb blast. These dogs are usually trained to jump off the land and rescue people. Dog breeds most equipped for the task include Labrador retrievers and Newfoundlands because they naturally love water.

Cloud Of Waves

It is only up in the air or down in the ocean where we see how the beauty of clouds and waves meet. Looking at the picture, we might be confused if she was on her way to surf up in the clouds or down in the waves. The outfit and surfing board revealed the mystery.

Huge waves can be terrifying for many, yet it is the principal element that makes any surfer’s experience complete. When surfers see a wave, they paddle quickly to catch it and glide with the wave until it reaches the shore. According to National Geographic, rolling waves are the type that most surfers prefer.

That’s What Friends Are For

Doggy Saurus has advised that it is perfectly okay to take a puppy to the beach, providing they are healthy enough. This means they had to have their shots and vaccinations first from a veterinarian. With that said, this puppy might have undergone all these precautions and is living his life in nature.

However, it seemed like being out on the beach did not mean he’d get rid of some habits. This puppy found the perfect piece of string to maintain his love for chewing and denting anything he saw. But who knows, maybe he was just tying it closer for his owner. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Glimpse Of The Past

It’s finally time for the obligatory photo during the beach holidays. We can see their excitement and momentum in giving the best poses, plus the nice waves and wind complemented it all! Not until we catch grandma in the background who fits well between these two best friends.

Perhaps she paused as she remembered a glimpse of her past with her friends, too, when she was younger. Cota Insurance explains why people love flocking to the beach with friends. Doing such makes them experience new things, creates stronger friendships, and is more affordable. We can assume they let grandma party with them, though.

Up For The Challenge

These surfers looked like they had been planning this day for quite some time already. Judging from their determination to walk towards the crashing waves and their personalized surfboard, we believe they can do wonders in the waters. It turns out that choosing the right surfboard contributes a lot to the surfing experience.

Yet, choosing the right one requires time and thought too. Surfer Today has laid out steps to determine the right surfboard, especially for anyone’s body type. The factors to consider include experience level, weight, and height. For first-timers, thicker and longer boards are advised. The most important is that the design suits you and makes you comfortable.

The Ultimate Camel Experience

Camels are among the most famous animals that people like to ride on. Although they are categorized as gentle and friendly creatures, they can get varying emotions too. Take a look at this camel and the couple riding on it, for example. Their expressions say it all, with the couple being horrified for their life and the camel being unamused.

This is also why experts advise people to wear something loose like long sleeves when riding on a camel. There’s just so much that can happen, and what we wear should be the least of our concerns. Better luck next time, love birds! Now it’s time to swim.

Age Does Not Matter

We agree with this to a certain extent: no one is too old to experience life and have fun. That is why the adventure of this one gentleman right here is not surprising, and we commend his strength and confidence to show up at the beach and have fun. After all, beaches have that natural power that gives off relief, calmness, and rejuvenation.

As Psychology Today noted, age as a number cannot be all that matters. As people’s age increases, happiness also increases. Experts have explained this by stating that when people get older, their attention shifts more to the present than to younger adults who focus on the future.

Moves Like Jagger

We give appreciation to these two generations. To the younger ones for proving confidence and charm are sexy, and to the older grandmas who aren’t afraid to flaunt what they still have. We can’t deny they are having a good time under the sunny shade in front of a beach, but studies have a surprising fact for us.

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry concluded that older people are happier than younger adults. More senior people report higher levels of happiness, satisfaction, and well-being. One explanation is that older people are more focused on what matters in their lives, which are wisdom and emotions.

Caught On Cam

Spring Holidays are among the most awaited time for most adults and young adults people. It is a time for parties, beaches, festivals, friends, and generally anything fun! You can even combine these different activities and make the most out of them, which this young boy was able to do.

However, too much fun is not without some consequences. It just happened that he was captured in a photograph taken by this group of friends who decided to post it for the whole world to see. We hope he hasn’t done anything too bad and would have the opportunity to photograph his happy memories too.

Not Cool, Buddy

Bringing your furry friend to the beach is mostly a good idea. The vast ocean and sand can make them exercise, play, or chill. However, it becomes a bad idea when they do something unlikely, and they do that thing right in front of your face! Regret could come gushing in an instant.

If we try to look at the silver lining, it’s at least he didn’t consume or swallow sand. When a dog eats enough sand, it can cause blockage and damage its intestines, which require immediate attention and treatment. Maybe we could try checking their bowel schedule before booking a beach trip next time.

Could Be A Movie Poster

If a picture could say a thousand words, these three people could have filled this up immediately. The guy seemed it wasn’t the best day of his life as he forgot to bring his personal picnic chair. As soon as he thought he had borrowed the perfect one, it didn’t fit nicely, and these two girls were contemplating if they could be a help or something.

May this serve as a lesson to always bring the handy beach equipment we should use. Eagle Creek has listed them, and the list includes sandals, bathing suits, hats, shorts, sunglasses, and some personal touches like novels, chairs, or food.

Life Is A Movie

A beach is a place where all people flock for many different reasons. Others could be going there to simply relax, to distress from work, to get the perfect tan, or to flaunt their hard-earned physique. This lovely couple in the middle could be going there for a relationship celebration.

However, it is kind of difficult to fix our gaze on the couple even though they are in the middle. Too much stuff is happening in the background that forces our eyes to stretch. This should not be surprising, though, as most people love the beach for its cooling effect on the brain and warm touches on the skin.

Oops! My Bad, Mister

One occurrence is enough, but coming back twice to steal another stuff is already different. Seagulls are not as friendly, and it seems they have taken pride in their reputation as intrusive, impatient, and acting like thieves in the air. In fact, they develop more interest in anything that humans have already touched.

Take this scenario, for example; the seagull was determined to snatch the guy’s hat even if there’s no reason it can wear the thing. Daily Mail has laid out some tips to stop seagulls from stealing stuff. Researchers have claimed that staring them straight in the eye will make them not continue their plan.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Wherever we go, public urination is discouraged, and more so on the beach. That’s why establishments are required to have private comfort rooms for everyone. However, this world is not without stubborn law-breakers, and many of them are found on the ocean. As such, this resort resorted to an extraordinary warning.

Although we doubt YouTube allows footprints of people’s private parts, maybe we should still take this post seriously. Remember that it’s always better safe than sorry and not overthink if you have an unreleased footprint. Think about the sea creatures too! Nitrogen and other chemicals from urine cause algae and contribute to the damage to coral reefs.

Mind Your Own Business

No sand, nice cushion, perfect setup, and natural seaside view— what’s not to like? This guy is ultimately living his comfortable plans. We bet he got extra serotonin for that day from all the happy chemicals the beach and the sun gave him. However, we’re worried that he felt the moment so much that the rising tide would carry him away.

Although this can be the most relaxing feeling, it’s still important to note that it is not safe to sleep on the beach for too long, especially at night. Apart from the lurking danger of criminals and thieves, the uncontrollable effect of strong winds and rising tides are unsafe.


From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Eiffel Tower, people have become increasingly creative with playing in front of the camera and the space around them. This picture proved we don’t have to book a trip to these famous destinations just yet, because even a quick journey to your nearest beach can do something.

The simplest advice in taking optical illusion photos would be to move the subjects farther apart and make sure they don’t straightly point at each other. Photo tricks like this also benefit the viewer because, as Zen Business noted, this visual creativity gives the brain a mental activity and helps solve problems more easily.

If There’s A Will, There’s A Way

It’s hard to assume he’s just joking around because he looks determined and experienced to face the waters with all his questionable equipment. Surely there’s air in there, but even the most inexperienced divers know it does not contain the highly regulated mix to keep you alive down there.

The most commonly used mixture in scuba tanks includes nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, neon, and helium, among others. These components are very important because it gives a person a high-pressure breathing gas, allowing him to breathe underwater. After all, the wonderful activity is meant to be maximized without traces of danger and regret.

Supreme All In One

Everybody is advised to hit the beach prepared, and while everyone around him is bringing out their picnic snacks and tools, he is full-dressed on a quiet shoreline. What stood out the most was his metal detector, which can find valuable items on the beach. It can detect iron, nickel, and cobalt, among others.

Apart from such, we hope he had the good intentions of cleaning the shoreline as much as finding something valuable. Beach clean-ups are beneficial in minimizing problems that our marine animals experience, such as being affected by plastic pollution. Plus, with his mini basket and cap, he looked set to make the beach clean.

Your All-Around Trip

One glance and this looked like an emergency, but the smiles beneath that shocking faces tell something else. The truth is this is just a normal day at Maho Beach in Sint Maarten, the beach that is famous for being adjacent to the Princess Juliana International Airport.

Approximately every 15 minutes, planes land in the area on a busy afternoon. This setup is because of the unique proximity of low-flying airlines that arrive and depart from the airport. Nevertheless, it has become a tourist attraction for tourists and a fun activity for the residents. After all, the sight of beaches, sand, sun, and airplanes is something you can’t find anywhere.

It’s Worth The Dollar

You know what they say, that every dollar is worthy at all times because you never know when you’ll need it. It seemed that this crab received the memo, and it took him some time to let go of this treasure before swimming back home.

However, who knows if he held on for that dollar because he wanted to have some feast? Crabs are omnivores and primarily feed on algae or anything that is available on land or in the waters. Yet, they also love eating meat, fish, shrimp, crustaceans, and other small animals that do not always come in handy.

What A Time To Be Alive

Although there is no written dress code law on beaches, it has become a worldwide understanding that wearing loose and less are the norms. Most websites even list out their suggestions on what to wear on the beach, such as swimsuits, sundresses, short-sleeved shirts, or rompers.

Yet, this guy is out and about to break some norms. Instead of opting for the loose and less concept, he showed up in a full chef costume. Not to mention the headdress, footwear, and color that did not contrast well. Who knows, maybe he was just preventing himself from sunburn and just wanted to enjoy the scenery.

Because It Is For Everyone

Scuba diving used to be one of the most nerve-wracking underwater activities, as you are taught to descend below the water’s surface. It is also the closest thing to flying because being underwater makes you not deal with gravity, which is another reason it’s terrifying.

However, this scuba diving chair makes the activity easier and less nerve-wracking for everyone. You have to learn to navigate the tool and follow the basic rules of underwater activities. Most important would never be holding your breath and never exceed your trained level. We would have to wonder what would happen if a shark sneaks from the back, though.

Few Is Better Than None

Deck chairs complete any beach trip experience. With its adjustable and lightweight features, we can position it anywhere we want to while ensuring comfort. This little boy seemed like he’s got enough of the heat, and he had no more energy to move the chair elsewhere. He decided to get some shed there and then.

Well, at least his head was protected from heat, and it will not take too long before he could get ready to swim again. Having our deck and beach chairs are great ideas because they keep the sand out of shorts, also relieves backache, and are a perfect aide to get that flawless tan!

Dropping By For A Drink

By setting up that mini party with drinks on the seashore, they should have expected some lovely visitors from the sky. After all, where there are beaches, there are seagulls too. They love the beach for two main reasons. First, it gives them the most stable place to rest and relax. Second, it is the best place for them to take off instantly.

We hope they had a good day’s rest despite an abrupt visitor dropping by for some snacks. Perhaps it served as a lesson to learn that they should bring some treats to seagulls next time, too. Their favorite food options range from organic chips to low-salt nuts.

Living Young And Free

After days of just crawling and tantrums in his air-conditioned space, he finally got his well-deserved break. We have to commend his preparedness for having some diapers, too. He embodied the perfect definition of living young and free.

Still, we hope his parents didn’t let him be out in the sun for too long. Pediatricians advise putting babies under the heat of the sun for long periods of time is not good because their skin is still adjusting to direct sunlight. Just a few minutes of exposure to get vitamin D would be enough. Then maybe he can enjoy the rest of the day in a lighter shade.

I’m In, Hooman!

Guess it’s not just dogs that enjoy beaches because even horses look forward to the day their owner would bring them on a break. Bringing horses to the beach has many benefits. The sand stretches their bones and legs, builds physique levels, and strengthens muscle tone.

More importantly, playing in the sea and sand can make horses relax. After all, they are among the most hardworking animals in the field out there, and surely they deserve some relaxation treat. As Waterhouse recorded, it gives horses something else to do other than walking and running back in forth. It gets them rejuvenated and prepares them for further training or activities.

What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!

We probably found a couple of research and theories that explain how monkeys are the most similar animal to human beings. One characteristic that’s quite surprising is that monkeys consume alcohol, can tolerate significant levels, and may even actually crave it, as humans do.

A researcher from the University of California stated that rhesus monkeys showed highly variable drinking behavior. Their study also found that moderate animal drinkers had better immune responses compared to heavy drinkers and non-drinkers. Similarly, they also get buzzed when drinking and can even pass out— they get louder, are more sleepy, and get confused. No wonder this parent and child pair was savoring the moment.

Nothing Is Impossible

A trip to the beach is surely memorable, and there is no better way to maximize the experience than to capture a picture-perfect shot. It seemed like these boys took good notes and proved to us that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard for it; because, for sure, it took quite some tries to get this perfect snap.

Expert Photography has noted that playing with camera angles does not only happen on towers or buildings but also on beaches. This would only require good equipment and adequate knowledge of using forced perspective in optical illusion. We wonder what kind of trick these boys had up their sleeves, though!

Come Thy Waves

With all the exhaustion of the modern world, going to the beach has become a free therapy. That is why we completely understand any stint people have been pulling off. Take this man, for example, who positioned himself perfectly to receive that substantial amount of sun and waves.

Research has long ended this debate that staying under the sun combined with the healing touches of water waves benefits many. Doing so boosts mood, gives better sleep, and produces more vitamin D, strengthening immunity. There is even an activity called “surf therapy,” where doctors encourage patients to go under the sun and get in the water, as it contributes to mental wellness.

Not Your Typical Jaws

The Hollywood blockbuster “Jaws” implies fear of the great white shark in the midst of a public beach that everyone loves. That said, artist Jimmy Swift found the perfect stone sculpture beside the sea at Palolem Beach in South Goa, India. He painted the rock and admitted it was one of his hardest works.

The great white shark was painted in 2015, and instead of igniting fear, tourists have come to love the sculpture and won’t leave the place without a photo opportunity. This piece of art has become one of the many landmarks within Palolem Beach in South Goa. The island is famous for its crescent-like shape.

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