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Maybe it's just me  ...but  at  80 .......if you live that long .......80 is a  long time today .....not unusual ........but  to still have  a drinking problem at   80 and  go driving think he  might have   to not give a  shit at  80 ........even  jail at 80....... is  not   bad.......  you get free  food  ......looked after  ..... ...a place to  live  .......and what prisoner   wants  to  fuck and   80 yr old  guy.....the mess alone back there ..... .......really the odds  are with you at   80 ......but  i guess at   80 what the  fuck  does it matter  ..........what you do are closer  to   the  end   than say a   35 year old .........anyways   who cares at  80   right .......

80-year-old driver arrested for DUI after allegedly crashing into wall of Jacksonville Publix

An 80-year-old man, Terry Wayne Leggett, was arrested June 5th for driving under the influence after allegedly crashing his vehicle into a wall at a Lakeshore Publix located at 4495 Roosevelt Blvd.


According to the arrest report released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Leggett was driving in the Publix parking lot when two pedestrians crossed in front of his vehicle. Leggett reportedly applied the brakes, causing the vehicle to collide with a wall. Emergency responders treated Leggett at the scene for an injury to his right arm, but he refused transportation to the hospital.

JSO Officer Misener noted multiple indicators of impairment in Leggett, including glossy eyes, instability when standing unsupported, bloodshot and watery eyes, and a distinct smell of alcohol on his breath. It’s worth highlighting that Leggett relies on a cane for mobility.

Despite denying alcohol consumption, Leggett performed poorly on standard field sobriety exercises and was unable to complete certain tests due to poor balance.

Witnesses, including the store manager, confirmed hearing a loud “boom” noise and finding Leggett in the driver’s seat after the crash. The vehicle sustained heavy damage, and the airbags deployed.

Due to concerns about the structural integrity of the pillar, Publix management requested that the vehicle not be towed.

After consulting with his superiors, Officer Misener agreed to leave the vehicle at the scene. Leggett’s wife, the registered owner of the vehicle, was present during the incident.

Leggett was arrested for DUI, searched, and transported to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility. According to the Department of Corrections website, he is not on probation.

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