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These Beautiful Stars Have Aged Flawlessly – We Can’t Get Over Their Lifetime Of Beauty

Lisa Whelchel: 60, Facts Of Life, $3 Million

Lisa Whelchel rose to fame in the early 1980s playing the preppy and oh-so-slightly snobby Blair Warner on the hit sitcom “The Facts of Life.” The show followed a group of girls at Eastland School, an all-girls boarding school in New York.

Her character, Blair, was a constant source of amusement, navigating friendships, teenage troubles, and all the awkwardness that comes with growing up. While she was known for her privileged persona on screen, Lisa herself is known to be much more down-to-earth! Even after “The Facts of Life” ended, she continued to act, appearing in various TV shows and movies

Kate Jackson: 75, Charlie’s Angels, $5 Million

Kate Jackson rose to fame in the 1970s after landing the role of Sabrina Duncan in the iconic television series “Charlie’s Angels” which followed three gorgeous, undercover private investigators. The show became a pop culture phenomenon, propelling her and her co-stars to international recognition.

She appeared on “Charlie’s Angels” for three seasons, leaving in 1979 to pursue other acting opportunities. She continued to star in movies and TV shows throughout the 1980s and 1990s, building a successful career that continues to this day. Even though she hasn’t been in the spotlight as much recently, Kate remains a beloved figure in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman: 56, Moulin Rouge! $250 Million

Nicole Kidman is an Aussie actress who’s been a massive name in Hollywood for decades. She started out young and broke into Hollywood in the early 1990s with a movie called “Days of Thunder.”

Through the years, she starred in a ton of flicks, from thrillers like “Dead Calm” to tearjerkers like “Rabbit Hole.” But it was the sparkling musical “Moulin Rouge!” in 2001 that really showed off her singing and dancing chops, along with those fantastic red dresses. Today, Nicole is still going strong. She’s been in hit HBO shows like “Big Little Lies” and keeps picking up awards, including an Oscar for “The Hours” in 2003.

Jane Fonda: 86, Period of Adjustment, $200 Million

Jane Fonda is a powerhouse in Hollywood. She began on Broadway in 1960, but it was films that made her a star. Roles in “Barbarella” turned heads, while “Klute” showed her dramatic chops, earning her the first of two Oscars. She wasn’t afraid to take on serious topics. “Coming Home,” another Oscar winner, tackled the Vietnam War.

But Jane’s influence goes beyond the big screen. In the 1980s, she became a fitness phenomenon with her wildly popular workout videos. These weren’t just about exercise; they were a cultural touchstone, empowering women and redefining what it meant to be fit. And even today, Jane remains active in Hollywood.

Shannon Tweed: 67, Playboy Playmate, $50 Million

Shannon Tweed’s journey to fame wasn’t an overnight thing. Back in 1982, she launched a successful career by becoming Playboy’s Playmate of the Year. She smartly parlayed her Playboy fame into acting. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, She landed roles in shows like “Baywatch” and even snagged guest spots on iconic programs like “The Tonight Show.”

She even appeared in some films alongside her now-husband, the legendary rock star Gene Simmons.! In 2006, she and Gene took the plunge into reality TV with their show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” The show ran for seven seasons, giving fans a hilarious and unfiltered look into their life as a family.

Catherine Bach: 70, The Dukes of Hazzard, $10 Million

Catherine Bach rose to fame for her unforgettable portrayal of Daisy Duke in the hit television series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Daisy’s iconic denim cut-offs became a pop culture phenomenon, propelling her into the spotlight.

While “The Dukes” made her a household name, Catherine wasn’t a complete newcomer. Throughout the 1970s, she honed her craft with guest appearances on shows like “Starsky and Hutch” and even landed a role in the wacky comedy film “Cannonball Run.” She continued to act throughout the 1980s and 1990s, appearing in numerous television movies and series. Though none quite matched the mega-stardom of “The Dukes,” she carved out a successful career in Hollywood.

Barbara Bach: 76, The Spy Who Loved Me, $20 Million

Barbara Bach was a double threat in the world of entertainment. In 1965, she started turning heads as a model in New York City. Her face became a familiar sight on the covers of major magazines, launching a successful modeling career. Her big break in acting came in 1977 with the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

The movie was a hit, turning Barbara into a star. She went on to share the screen with Hollywood A-listers like Harrison Ford in films like “Force 10 From Navarone.” Proving her intelligence goes beyond captivating audiences, she even went back to school in 1993 and earned a Master’s degree in Psychology!

Sybil Danning: 76, Battle Beyond the Stars, $2 Million

Sybil Danning wasn’t your typical Hollywood leading woman. This Austrian-American actress rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s, starring in what are known as B-movies. These were films with lower budgets and more focus on action or cult themes.

She wasn’t afraid to get tough on screen. She battled aliens in “Battle Beyond the Stars” in 1980, faced off against werewolves in “Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf” in 1985, and even became a fierce prison inmate in “Reform School Girls” in 1986. While these films might not have been blockbusters, they earned Sybil a dedicated fanbase who loved her action-hero persona and undeniable charisma.

Mia Farrow: 79, Rosemary’s Baby, $60 Million

Mia Farrow is an actress who rose to fame in the late 1960s with her chilling performance in the horror classic “Rosemary’s Baby.” This Roman Polanski-directed film launched her into Hollywood and established her as a scream queen.

Throughout the 1980s, she became a muse for director Woody Allen, starring in many of his films like “Hannah and Her Sisters” in 1986 and “Alice” in 1990. Their personal and professional partnership was a major talking point during that era. Mia is also known for her humanitarian work and activism. She’s a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has tirelessly advocated for children’s rights around the world.

Meryl Streep: 74, Kramer vs. Kramer, $100 Million

Meryl Streep is an acting legend. Back in the 1970s, she landed a supporting role in a war drama called “The Deer Hunter” which rocketed her to fame. She wasn’t done there. The very next year, she won her first Academy Award for playing a troubled wife in “Kramer vs. Kramer.” Throughout the 1980s, she continued to impress with unforgettable performances in movies like “Sophie’s Choice” and “Out of Africa.”

Even with a little career lull in the early 1990s, she bounced right back and kept delivering powerful performances. Meryl is basically Hollywood royalty, and with dozens of hit movies under her belt, it’s no wonder!

Sally Field: 77, Norma Rae, $50 Million

Sally Field’s journey in Hollywood began in the swinging sixties when she charmed audiences as the quintessential California surfer girl, Gidget. Her breakthrough came in 1979 with “Norma Rae,” a powerful performance that earned her a well-deserved Academy Award, solidifying her place as a dramatic heavyweight.

Five years later, she delivered another Oscar-worthy performance in “Places in the Heart.” She isn’t just about dramatic chops. She’s equally adept at comedic timing, bringing warmth and humor to films like “Steel Magnolias” and the side-splitting “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Over six decades, Sally has carved out a unique space in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her versatility and raw talent.

Sophia Loren: 89, Two Women, $150 Million

Sophia Loren is an Italian legend whose life story is a testament to perseverance and talent. Born into poverty, she dreamt of a life beyond her limitations. At 14, she entered a beauty contest, a turning point that led her to be noticed by a film producer.

Early on, she landed mostly bit parts, but the 1960s marked a golden era for Sophia. Her dramatic performance in “Two Women” resonated deeply, earning her the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress. Despite her Hollywood success, Sophia never strayed far from her Italian roots. She continued to star in European films, captivating audiences with her charm and acting prowess.

Christy Turlington: 55, Calvin Klein Eternity Campaign, $40 Million

Christy Turlington rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s, gracing the covers of countless magazines and becoming a face of the supermodel era. You might recognize her from Calvin Klein’s iconic Eternity campaign, a timeless image that solidified her status as a fashion icon.

Apart from modeling, Christy has always been passionate about social activism. She founded Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit dedicated to improving maternal health around the world. She continued to grace runways throughout the 1990s, walking for top designers like Chanel and Versace Despite stepping back from the runway, Christy remains a powerful voice in the fashion industry and a true advocate for change.

Priscilla Presley: 78, Dallas, $10 Million

Priscilla Presley’s life has been intertwined with stardom since she met Elvis Presley as a teenager in Germany during the 1950s.
In the 1980s, she defied expectations by showcasing her dramatic talent on the hugely popular soap opera “Dallas.” Her portrayal of the conniving Jenna Wade became a fan favorite, proving she was more than just a pretty face.

Priscilla’s most significant contribution arguably came after Elvis’s passing when she took the reins of Elvis Presley Enterprises. Facing financial difficulties, she spearheaded the transformation of Graceland, Elvis’s iconic Memphis mansion, into a successful tourist attraction. Her vision and business acumen ensured Elvis’s legacy would endure for future generations.

Cassandra Peterson: 72, Elvira, $3 Million

Cassandra Peterson is best known for her outrageous on-screen persona, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Created in the 1980s, Elvira became a cult icon with her teased black hair, plunging neckline, and wicked wit. She hosted horror movie marathons, injecting dark humor and campy fun into cheesy classics.

Elvira even landed her own movie in 1988, “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,” solidifying her place in pop culture. Beyond Elvira, Cassandra has had a long career as an actress, appearing in everything from soap operas to Italian westerns. But it’s the creepy, kooky Elvira who truly captured audiences’ imaginations, making her a horror legend.

Anjelica Huston: 72, The Addams Family, $60 Million

Anjelica Huston comes from Hollywood royalty. Anjelica started out as a model in the 1970s, but by the 1980s, she was acting up a storm. Her breakthrough role came in 1985 with “Prizzi’s Honor,” a gangster flick directed by her dad, and she won an Oscar.

Then came the spooky and kooky fun of “The Addams Family” in 1991. She played Morticia Addams to creepy perfection, a role that cemented her place in pop culture history. She’s kept busy ever since, acting in films like “The Witches” and “French Exit.” With a successful career, Anjelica has carved out her own space in Hollywood, separate from her famous family.

Catherine Bell: 52, JAG, $15 Million

Catherine Bell gets lauded for her stunning appearance time and time again. And despite the passing years, the artist looks as beautiful as she did at the time of her debut. Of course, the actress often finds herself quipped about her beauty secrets.

It turns out, Catherine has Persian genes that make her skin so flawless. But to maintain the youthfulness of her face, the model swears by Maybelline products. So maybe, next time you want to imitate the youthfulness of this producer, you might want to run to your local store and get some of the affordable cosmetic products of the famed brand for yourself!

Alice Beer: 56, Watchdog, $14 Million

Alice Beer lit our screens with her sublime short blonde hair through the show Watchdog, and ever since her first appearance, the sensation has been giving us beauty goals! But when we discovered that the BBC One star is actually in her fifties, and it took us some time to process it!

The presenter’s youthful skin and girlish charms are enough to fool just about anyone into thinking that she is younger than her actual age. Though the journalist hasn’t revealed what skincare products she swears by, we do know that Alice loves Jo Malone‘s Red Roses Body Lotion.

Amanda Bearse: 62, Married… with Children, $16 Million

Amanda Bearse became the talk of the town when she appeared in the sitcom Married… with Children. But the reason why the artist caught everyone’s eye was Bearse’s majestic looks, which somehow got even better now that she is in her sixties.

The beautiful pixie haircut of the star, marked with a hint of bright grey, adds to the overall allure of the comedian, which makes her ever-popular even today. If you want some tips on evergreen beauty, you better book your counseling session with Amanda! The actress can give you invaluable advice on how to retain a vibrant vibe.

Amanda Holden: 50, Britain’s Got Talent, $6 Million

Amanda Holden kept us in the loop through her evergreen beauty for years. Finally, the Britain’s Got Talent star spilled the beans on how she maintains her youthful skin.

The actress revealed blushes to be her go-to tool to daily loveliness. Even when Amanda has no mood to put on makeup, she counts on it to make the day. In addition to this, the media personality also approaches food more sustainably. Holden advocates that everyone should eat wholeheartedly. And why not? People look trifold more beautiful when they feel satisfied and happy!’

Annie Lennox: 66, Why, $60 Million

Annie Lennox is undeniably one of the most distinctly alluring women in the entertainment industry. The strange part is, she doesn’t even try to look beautiful. The songwriter appears effortlessly amazing! And we assume the reason lies in how well the star has been aging.

Even though the famous singer is well in her sixties, her face refuses to betray her age. And trust us when we say that surgeries play no role in maintaining Annie’s timeless appearance. In fact, she has confessed to abhor plastic treatments because why mess with nature? It’s not like this sensation needs to go under the knife anyway; Annie’s perfect!

Catherine Disher: 61, Snakes and Ladders, $2 Million

Catherine Disher is the two-time Gemini Award-winning star behind Snakes and Ladders, a hit show that became popular in 2005. And while she’s a great actress onscreen, Disher is just as awesome even when she’s just voice acting.

Anyway, what we’d really like to know is how did Disher manage to stay fresh-faced after all these years? No one would ever assume Catherine’s already 61! Sadly, the British comedian didn’t reveal any of her beauty tips. But fans are hopeful she’ll spill the beans soon – we all want to look this pretty when we hit that age too!

Catherine Zeta-Jones: 51, The Mask of Zorro, $150 Million

One look at Catherine Zeta-Jones, and you would never think she’s already in her fifties! But it turns out the secret behind her ravishing beauty is quite simple – eating healthy food, moisturizing, and drinking lots of water. Apparently, the Entrapment actress loves to pamper her skin with inexpensive yet effective products – and the results are showing!

Aside from a beauty regimen, Catherine keeps a steady flow of endorphins throughout her body from exercising regularly. With her toned figure and radiant face, we can only hope we age even halfway as well as her!

Damian Lewis: 50, Homeland, $25 Million

Homeland star Damien Lewis looks incredibly fit for someone who just turned fifty. Time has been pretty kind on him, and it’s as if he’s barely aging at all! It leaves room to wonder what Damien’s key to the fountain of youth could be. Simple – a consistent exercise routine.

The dashing actor signed up a fitness trainer to help him maintain a trim figure by doing various resistance training activities. Working out 90 minutes a day can get exhausting, but we’re sure Damien doesn’t mind since it shaved years off his appearance.

Dawn French: 63, French and Saunders, $10 Million

Dawn French won the hearts of many not for her beauty but for her fantastic wit and humor! People can’t help but laugh every time she cracks a joke or two – she’s just funny by nature. Now in her early sixties, you’d expect her to be filled with wrinkles with grey hair; however, it’s the complete opposite.

Thanks to Dawn’s healthy eating habits, she didn’t need to undergo a single cosmetic surgery to retain her youthful glow – although she did undergo a medical procedure to help manage her weight. In any case, Dawn looks stunning and younger than ever!

Eileen Atkins: 87, Doc Martin, $1.7 Million

Eileen Atkins is undoubtedly one of Great Britain’s most celebrated actresses. Most fans remember her as the endearing Aunt Ruth in the hit comedy show Doc Martin; she portrayed the role for eight years! People thought Atkins was ready to bow out and retire after she was diagnosed with a severe illness – but she’s still fairly active in the industry after conquering the disease.

So, what keeps this award-winning actress young and sprightly at 87? While Atkins doesn’t follow a workout routine or any other fitness plans, she credits her positive mindset and outlook in life for her beautiful aura. We wish her nothing but the best!

Emily Blunt: 38, A Quiet Place, $80 Million

Silently living in an eerie dystopian world, Emily Blunt’s character went through a lot in the movie A Quiet Place. In real life, she’s living vibrantly and humbly alongside her husband, John Krasinski. It’s probably this lifestyle and a solid beauty routine that keeps Blunt looking as gorgeous as ever.

Every morning she applies toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to her face. At night, the actress will remove her make-up without fail and do the same routine she does in the mornings. Emily also makes sure she eats healthy and drinks supplements. Everyone can probably agree that this routine is very doable!

Ewan McGregor: 50, Star Wars, $25 Million

If you look at Ewan McGregor, you’ll probably think that this actor has altogether dispensed with growing older entirely. What’s the secret to this? It’s face serum. McGregor traveled to different countries on a UNICEF tour under extreme heat and pollution while enjoying healthy skin with this product.

At 50, the acclaimed star shows no signs of stopping. Recently, Ewan confidently reprised his role as Obi-Won Kenobi in the Disney series of the same name. Aside from him, familiar face Hayden Christensen will return as Anakin Skywalker. We’re as excited as you are; trust us!

Felicity Jones: 37, The Theory of Everything, $6 Million

Actress Felicity Jones established herself as a bankable actor with The Theory of Everything and A Monster Calls. As a famous star, her life probably consists of navigating through demanding schedules. However, Felicity still manages to effortlessly good despite this.

Through all this, a facial roller is her best friend. Jones can’t get enough of it and is obsessed with it! We can’t blame her because it can put anyone into a zen mode. Now with a baby to raise, this new mother might consider ordering her favorite product in bulk for those sleepless nights.

Helen Mirren: 75, The Long Good Friday, $100 Million

Ageless! This statement best describes Helen Mirren. This timeless actor keeps her youthful looks by wearing minimal make-up, regularly washing her face, and putting on some moisturizer. Looking back at her old photos, the dame realized that she had worn too much make-up over the years.

Therefore, she decided to wear fewer cosmetics in the future.
The celebrity never used expensive products and focused more on what works for her skin. The star never approved creams that promise miracle glow at a high price, finding it “terrible.” Well, whoever said that beauty comes at a high cost never met Mirren.

Helena Bonham Carter: 54, The Crown, $60 Million

Helena Bonham Carter recently made waves again playing Princess Margaret in the Netflix show The Crown. Despite working on a hit show, she still manages to rest, which Carter considers the best collagen booster. The Brit performer claims that she takes naps during the day and ensures that she has an eight or nine-hour sleep at night, using night oils to ensure a good night’s sleep.

When Helena wakes up every day, the celebrity ensures that she lives healthy by drinking tea and eating porridge, yogurt, and fruits. It safe to say that it’s best to go all natural!

J.K. Rowling: 55, Harry Potter series, $60 million

Crafting page-turners for children has always been a passion for the incredible British author, who in no time was tagged ‘the world’s first billionaire author’ by Forbes. Having penned the greatly loved series of seven global bestsellers Harry Potter novels, J.K Rowling received worldwide appreciation and bagged several prestigious accolades.

We’re not surprised that her masterpiece was declared the best-selling novel series to date. But what surprises us is Rowling’s age-defying glamour even in her mid-50s. With the writer’s eternal love for supporting charities, we believe that her radiant skin is nothing but a reflection of her inner beauty!

Jacqueline Bisset: 76, Day for Night, $20 Million

Fans might remember Jacqueline Bisset from the famous movie The Sweet Ride, which won her a Golden Globe Award nomination. The English actress grabbed the spotlight with her role in The Detective and soon won hearts starring in hit films like M***** on the Orient Express and Bullitt.

When it comes to a beauty regime, Bisset prefers it to be simple by primarily practicing meditation and yoga. To your surprise, the divine glow on the Day for Night star’s skin results from her healthy eating habits. Ready to shove your highlighters and bronzers aside and embrace a gluten-free diet?

Jane Seymour: 70, East of Eden, $60 Million

Despite turning seventy this year, it seems as if the actress is doing miracles to slow down her aging process. The Somewhere in Time star indeed has a timeless grace! Seymour credits her sugar-free, no-carb diet and a regular eight hours of sleep for her ever-dazzling beauty.

You might remember Jane for her notable appearances in high-grossing films like East of EdenThe Woman He Loved, and Live and Let D**. The talented diva has also garnered a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, among other prestigious awards and honors in her illustrious career.

Joanna Lumley: 75, Absolutely Fabulous, $20 Million

Have you ever wondered the secret behind Joanna Lumley’s flawless skin? Her fresh-faced phenomenal grace surely cannot go unnoticed! The 74-year-old sensation swears by a £4 Astral moisturizer to keep her skin nourished and supple throughout the day. Indeed beauty doesn’t come with heavy price tags!

The British actress grabbed the audiences’ attention by starring in the phenomenal BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, for which she won two BAFTA Awards. You’d be fascinated to know that the Sensitive Skin star generously contributes to charities and animal welfare groups. Lumley’s beautiful inside and out, isn’t she?

Judi Dench: 86, GoldenEye, $45 Million

Significantly hailed as one of the world’s greatest actresses of all time, Judy Dench earned appreciation and accolades for her theatrical performances in Macbeth and Hamlet. But we all remember Dench’s dictatorial role as M in the James Bond film GoldenEye. Having enjoyed a successful five decades in the limelight, the former actress is undeniably the epitome of natural beauty.

In a world where celebrities are afraid to age, the 86-year-old Dame joyously carries wrinkles on her spritely ebullient skin! Strongly against going under the knife, Dench’s simple skincare routine includes exfoliation, moisturization, and wearing sunscreen. That’s enough to inspire us!

Julie Walters: 71, Educating Rita, $2 Million

Dame Julie Walters is not only one of Britain’s most famous actors, but she enjoys equal praise for her everlasting beauty. The star of Educating Rita is now 71 years old and looking youthful and glowing.

The Calendar Girls performer isn’t a fan of make-up, finding it unnatural and over-compensating. Julie loves to dress in a glamorous and striking way rather than dramatic eye shadows or bright lipstick. She also stays active and tries new things, especially in acting roles. Once, Walters had to portray the role of a ballerina, and even with absolutely no experience, she gave the part her all, impressing everyone. That’s Julie for you!

Kate Beckinsale: 47, Much Ado About Nothing, $16 Million

The 47-year-old English actress Kate Beckinsale is one of the world’s most beautiful women. Her secret – daily cleansing and protection from the sun.

You don’t need expensive products to get healthy-looking skin. A cleansing soap bar, some facial oils, and sunscreen are what Kate uses in her everyday skincare regime to look young and fresh. However, as she has time in her busy schedule, Beckinsale meets with a beautician for a micro-needling session to close pores and light up the skin. After that, some red light therapy to relieve any irritations. Going to the gym and trampolining are also part of Kate’s everyday schedule.

Kate Bush: 62, Wuthering Heights, $60 Million

The phenomenal English singer Kate Bush still wows the fans with her talent and ageless skin. At the age of 62, this superstar looks better than ever before.

They say age is but a number, and for Kate Bush, it seems to be the absolute truth. Her style is as unpredictable and unique as her music, and she is not one to conform to the expected standards of what beauty should look like. Kate’s luscious dark hair and piercing brown eyes are her most prominent features. Bush admits to being a vegetarian and keeping fit by dancing. She is also passionate about the importance of facial creams to look youthful.

Kate Garraway: 53, GMTV, $2.1 Million

The presenter and journalist from Oxfordshire, Kate Garroway, grabbed the media’s attention with a breakout broadcasting debut in the 1990s. You won’t believe what she looks like today at the age of 53.

Living your life in front of the cameras turns the pressure on when it comes to looking gorgeous and desirable constantly. Kate Garroway never seems to disappoint when it comes to skincare and showing off her stunning features. Possibly one of the most bizarre facials in the world is responsible for Kate’s rejuvenated skin – a fork facial! Furthermore, she sticks to a healthy diet and combats stress by taking a silent breather for about 15 minutes.

Kate Winslet: 45, Mildred Pierce, $65 Million

Kate Winslet is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking actresses on the planet. Her inherent beauty truly withstands the test of time.

When it comes to cosmetics and makeup, Winslet feels less is more. Her daily routine consists of a barely-there layer of foundation and no mascara- only curled lashes. Kate believes that regular exercise and outdoor activities keep her feeling young and her skin in excellent condition as it releases much-needed endorphins. The Titanic star revealed that she keeps a positive and loving mindset about her body now that she’s in her 40s and that it is essential to have healthy habits like drinking lots of water.

Kay Parker: 76, N/A, Est. $2 Million

After many years as a top player, Kay Parker successfully transitioned from the movie industry to metaphysical counseling. Today she’s answered several questions from many of her fans on subjects relating to spiritual exercises and spirituality for personal growth.

While there have been changes to her career, Parker’s flawless skin seems to be constant. Even though currently at age 76, she certainly looks older than before, her glow is still the same. We cannot say how Kay maintains this look, but perhaps it has something to do with a healthy lifestyle and spiritual nourishment!

Keeley Hawes: 45, Spooks, Est. $2.5 Million

Keeley Hawes appears for events and remains a sight to behold. Her breathtaking looks are indeed enough to make anyone stare for longer than usual, and this has always been the case even while Hawes was a young actress.

Keeley first came into the public eye in the ‘90s, playing supporting roles in HeartbeatKaraokeTroublemakers, and The Beggar Bride before she finally won her first significant role in 1998 to portray Tamara in The Avengers. But not long after, she rose to fame for playing Zoe Reynolds in the TV series Spooks, and from then on, every appearance has been a hit.

Kim Cattrall: 64, Big Trouble In Little China, $40 Million

Even though the trend among other actresses in her age bracket tends towards plastic surgery, Kim Cattrall has always talked about not being interested in it. For her, there is no need to want to appear 20 years younger, when in fact, she already looks like it.

At 64, she appears just like the Kim we saw in SATC and gives credits to daily workouts and eight cups of water intake per day. With no signs of retirement anywhere on her horizon yet, we expect to see more of the mesmerizing Catrall in the years to come.

Kim Wilde: 60, Kids In America, $20 Million

One of Kim Wilde’s most incredible qualities in terms of her beauty is to let nature do it all. Ever since her youth, the British pop singer, TV presenter, and DJ has always enjoyed herself with a head and style.

Wilde rose to fame with her 1981 debut single Kids In America, and news of her prowess spread far and fast that she was awarded the Best British Female solo artist in 1983. Other projects to her credit include Now & ForeverSnapshot, and Here Come The Aliens. The ‘80s music icon up to date still flaunts her undimmed glow on the red carpet; good for you, Kim!

Kirsty Young: 52, Desert Island Discs, Unknown

The Scottish TV presenter, Kirsty Young, who casts stars away to island retreats, never fails to look composed and groomed. Answering an interviewer on how she’s managed to look unique and flawless through her many shows, Kirsty revealed she spends her last cent on a good cut and color. The celebrated RJ prefers the cheap mascara to the pricey ones and tries her best to be nice to the lighting director.

From 2008 to 2015, Kirsty was also the main presenter of BBC One’s Crimewatch series before presenting Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 from 2006 to 2018.

Leslie Ash: 61, C.A.T.S. Eyes, Est. $1-5 Million

In the ’80s to early 2000s, Leslie Ash reigned the airwaves when she starred in various entertaining TV shows and sitcoms such as C.A.TS. EyesMen Behaving Badly and Where The Heart Is. Ash’s roles made her a household name granting her a mammoth following.

Aside from her acting, the actress served incredible looks leading to both envy and admiration from fans and peers alike. Surprisingly, despite gaining some years under her belt and giving birth to two children, the actress has done an outstanding job maintaining her fabulous visage. It seems her genes and beauty regiment must be really effective.

Letitia Dean: 53, EastEnders, $8 Million

After starring in over 1800 episodes in EastEnders, we just had to include her on this list. Letitia Dean portrayed Sharon for more than a decade, making her one of the rare celebrities who have maintained relevancy throughout their career. Moreover, her acting skills are not the only thing Letitia managed to retain so effortlessly.

If we count her years on screen, we can confidently say Dean has aged before our eyes, but it seems numbers do lie if you look at the actress and her bio. We won’t fault you for thinking Letitia is still as spry as when she started.

Lita Ford: 62, Howie, $3 Million

Lita Ford has had such an impressive music career that she even managed to dabble in acting at some point. When Ford went solo for a bit, she took up several roles in pictures such as Howie and Highway to Hell. Surprisingly, despite her very active and engaging life, the musician can still turn heads at her mature age.

Lita still tours with her band and does performances leaving everyone speechless. Her looks and grace make her look younger than she actually is, making Ford a formidable name on this list. Some people indeed have it all.

Maggie Smith: 86, Gosford Park, $20 Million

If we are to go through Maggie Smith’s acting credits, we’d be stuck here for a whole day at least. The actress has had an incredibly successful career that has seen her transition into various roles showcasing her versatility. One thing that makes Maggie stand out is that her age is not a hindrance; in fact, it feels like the older she gets, the more attractive and impressive the Quartet star becomes.

Smith looks at least 20 years younger than she already is, and whenever we catch her on-screen, we can’t help but wonder why the actress doesn’t age. Maybe Hogwarts is real after all.

Meghan Markle: 39, Suits, $60 Million

The Duchess of Sussex is a head-turner any day of the week, and this has nothing to do with her title. Meghan Markle will always be a darling to us after stealing our hearts when she portrayed Rachel Zane in Suits. Since then, the lady has managed to maintain her graceful poise and looks.

It seems Hollywood has an elixir, and if the queen is to go by, the British monarchy has its very own concoction. Meghan must be a beneficiary of both programs, which means we will probably be back here in a few years, wondering how and why she does it.

Michelle Marsh: 38, Celebrity Big Brother, Est. $1-5 Million

Michelle Marsh has been in the modeling industry from her late teens, automatically warranting her a spot on this list. Marsh has managed to appear on various reality TV shows, meaning her maturity has been happening right before our eyes.

The gorgeous models recently clocked her late thirties, but she can still pass any casting call. Even during Michelle’s stint in the various reality series, you couldn’t help but wonder if she was her own younger sister. The Brit celeb’s skin was a soft and supple as ever. It seems modeling is not for the faint-hearted after all.

Michelle Ryan: 38, EastEnders, Est. $86.6 K

Michelle Ryan is one beautiful lady. Looking at her pictures, you’d be surprised to find out the star is in her late thirties. The former EastEnders diva has been in the limelight for a while, and her unchanging visage is still a mystery.

Michelle makes aging look like a joke as she doesn’t have any visible signs. No wrinkles, no blemishes, none of that. It is nothing short of a miracle. Honestly, Ryan must be the subject of an impressive biological experiment or has some unique genes. On the other hand, maybe she has finally cracked the code for aging, in which case, help, ma’am?

Naomi Campbell: 50, The Face, $80 Million

This celebrity continues to reign supreme in the modeling industry year in and year out. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Naomi Campbell invested smartly in her looks. Despite turning 50, the model is still relevant and glamorous as always, and younger models always flock around her, trying to gain some advice from the veteran legend.

Campbell is truly one of those who make us want to live a fairytale existence and invest in our self-care. Her non-aging flawless skin is nothing short of an enigma making her the proverbial unicorn. Thanks to her near-magical aging, this supermodel will continue to slay the runway for decades more still.

Naomie Harris: 44, Pirates of the Caribbean, $4 Million

Before hopping onto this story, look up Naomie Harris and try to guess how old she is. Just like us, you probably fell to the same conclusion as us. Naomie doesn’t look a day over 30. However, that is far from her actual age, which stands at 44 years.

Moreover, Naomie’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean as a witch is a stark contrast to her actual looks, which surprised fans worldwide. We don’t know what this woman is taking, but we need some of it in our lives. If you have her number, don’t hesitate to let us know; we just want to talk.

Olivia Newton-John: 72, Dancing With the Stars, $40 Million

We believe something sinister is going on at the registry, and no, we didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, neither are we wearing a tinfoil hat. There’s no way Olivia Newton-John is in her mid-seventies. At most, we can confidently state she looks 50.

Olivia has been in the industry for several decades, but she can still manage to clinch leading roles here and there. Many people would pay good money to have a movie showcasing her make-up and skincare routine. Maybe we haven’t done enough research, and it’s somewhere on the internet. If we don’t post anything for a while, just know we are looking out for you guys.

Pam St Clement: 78, EastEnders, $5 Million

Pam St Clement is an English actress, and she is famously known for playing the iconic and unforgettable Pat Butcher on BBC‘s EastEnders, which ran for a record-breaking 26 years. Pam is also one of the veterans in the industry, having worked in over 20 shows and movies.

Officially 79 since past May, you’d think Pam would be showing her years, but the passing time hasn’t affected her beauty. She still possesses the charm and appeal which vowed her fans back in the 80s and 90s’. And on top of it, Clement still rocks her iconic short-haired hairstyle

PJ Harvey: 51, Rid of Me, $3 Million

We all remember joyfully vibing to tunes like Rid of Me and Dry, the PJ Harvey singles, which were some of the biggest hits of the 90s’. She is surely one of the most iconic singers of her era, and she also earned herself an esteemed rank in the Order of British Empire through an incredible body of work.

It would come as a surprise to many, but PJ Harvey is 51 years now. The British singer remains one of the most effortlessly gorgeous performers in the industry and still does live concerts and shows around the globe

Elaine Lordan – 54 – Keeps Fit

Elaine Lordan has gained fame as the character Sugar Walls in Gimme Gimme Gimme and Lynne Hobbs in EastEnders. These roles would land her on other popular reality show like I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. Unfortunately, she was hit by multiple tragedies, all between 2005 to 2008.

Her mother committed suicide, followed by her baby son dying not long after she got married. She also lost her father and had another miscarriage. After releasing her autobiography Whatever It Takes: A Story of Family Survival, Lordan then left acting behind to retreat from public life. She’s been seen out for runs, which undoubtedly contribute to her youthful look.

Samantha Fox: 55, Touch Me, $20 Million

Samantha Fox is one of the most polarising figures to ever work in the industry. The celeb was always class-apart, thanks to her alluring looks and bold personality, both undimmed to date. Sam recently celebrated her 55th birthday, but she rarely looks the part.

It may come as a surprise to many, but Fox started her career as a model. She used to work with tabloid publications like The Sun and Page 3. At the age of 20, Samantha successfully transitioned her career into pop music and became a legend in the field with songs like Touch Me and Naughty Girls.

Sharon Maughan: 70, Kidnap and Ransom, $1 Million

Sharon Maughan is a celebrated British actor who has worked in several prominent movies, such as D**** of a FarmerKidnap and Ransom, and The Flame Trees of Thika. Sharon started her career working in the theatre back in the 70s’ which helped her in cracking her first role in a television series.

Sharon left the interviewer stunned in one of her recent Q&A sessions when the actress stated that she is almost 70 years old. Not only that interviewer, but even her fans are also still in awe of how gorgeous and striking Shannon looks in her 70s’. You can add us to that list of amazed folks!

Sienna Miller: 39, The Girl, $18 Million

The British-American actor Sienna Miller started her career as a photography model and shot to fame after her movie Alfie. Generously blessed with beauty and talent, the critically acclaimed star is always at the receiving end of the undying affection of her fans. Who wouldn’t want to know the secret to Miller’s perfect skin? The ever-radian performer attributes it to the simple routine of nourishing and using natural products.

Sienna has somehow managed to stop time and refuses to age even in her late 30’s. One might envy Miller’s flawless complexion, for few are as lucky as the American Sniper starlet when it comes to aging so gracefully.

Susan Tully: 53, EastEnders, Est. $1-5 Million

Did you know the Line of Duty director Susan Tully played a pivotal role on television in the BBC drama EastEnders? Tully ruled over our hearts for over a decade by giving her very best to the part of Michelle Fowler in the iconic soap opera.

Despite her good looks, the former actress decided to step out of the limelight and chose to try her hands at directing. It is not surprising that Tully managed to excel even at that. Today we genuinely miss this beauty on our television screens, hoping that she would make a come-back soon!

Susanna Reid: 50, Good Morning Britain, $7.3 Million

Susanna Reid hit our screens daily on weekdays in the early hours of the morning, mesmerizing us with her beautiful smile as a co-presenter of Good Morning Britain. Reid has not only defied aging but, this mother of three seems to be getting younger by the day. With or without makeup – she looks incredibly flawless, and her long trail of fans can vouch for the same.

The chic presenter leaves us in awe of her for those good looks and her enviable fashion sense. A regular beauty routine and an altered lifestyle choice for rejuvenating her skin have worked wonders for this ageless beauty.

Tamsin Greig: 54, Black Books, $6 Million

Age is just a number- it fits best for this immensely talented actress and comedian, Tamsin Greig. An unconventional beauty, Greig has constantly challenged the societal convention’s set-up for fellow female actors concerning ageism by sporting her greys gracefully. This 54- year-old looks younger than her age and is undoubtedly aging at her own pace.

Greig is one of those ladies who are comfortable in their skin, and the idea of going under a knife does not allure her. And all we got to say is that we appreciate Tamsin for being vocal when it comes to gender-based issues within the industry.

Thandie Newton: 48, Westworld, $14 Million

Surprisingly, Thandie Newton, known for winning Emmy Award for her stint in Westworld, also used to be a beauty blogger. Keeping it simple, Newton reveals all she does before leaving the house is a tint of lip balm and a bit of rouge.

Thandie’s beauty regime includes staying hydrated and no caffeine intake, so mind you, coffee lovers better cut down on that extra cup for radiant and glowing skin like the stunning diva. Instead of popping the pills, the star believes in having a gentle approach towards skincare and treatment. Therefore, we suggest that you shove those insanely expensive medications out the window this very moment.

Tina O’Brien: 37, Coronation Street, $6 Million

Many fans know Tina O’Brien for playing Sarah Platt in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street. After joining the cast of the hit drama show during her teenage years, supporters saw how she grew up to become an outspoken actress. In September 2020, she slammed critics who insulted her for wearing shorts and highlighted the need for body positivity.

It may be hard to believe that she’s turning 40 in three years’ time because of her flawless skin, which may be credited to her habit of using micellar water to remove any trace of makeup. O’Brien also stays in shape by squeezing in sweat sessions in her busy schedule.

Maria Whittaker: 51, Tank Malling, $1.5 Million

Along with Linda Lusardi and Sam Fox, Maria Whittaker was one of the biggest glamor models in the ’80s and was even named Page 3 Girl Of The Year. But before she entered this field, she was first seen in the show The Benny Hill Show. She also starred in Whoops Apocalypse and Tank Malling.

However, Whittaker, who also successfully launched a singing career, has kept a private life in recent years after turning her back on the entertainment industry. Now 51, she has changed her name to Maria Tafari and is now a nutritionist, which may be why she looks younger than her age.

Rachel Weisz: 51, The Mummy, $36 Million

Fans and critics alike have always admired Rachel Weisz for her stunning looks and on-screen charm. Her breakthrough performance came in the 2000 blockbuster The Mummy, where she portrayed an awkward librarian turned treasure-hunter, Evelyn. The British actor is also a recipient of an Academy Award for her movie The Constant Gardener.

Adding to her list of achievements, Weisz recently became the oldest model to be featured in the Burberry London fragrance campaign as one of their brand faces at the age of 51. Happily married to Daniel Craig, the forever-aglow Rachel is busy raising their son these days.

Sheree Murphy: 46, Emmerdale, $4 Million

Sheree Murphy came to prominence for her role on “Emmerdale” as Tricia Dingle and Eva Strong on “Hollyoaks.” She also portrayed Dakota Davies on “Neighbours” between 2014 and 2018. Away from the box, she’s the mother of four children whom she lovingly raises alongside her husband Harry Kewell.

Talking to Made For Mums when she was expecting her last child, Murphy admitted to pregnancy weight which she fully embraced. Weight Watchers helped her drop the extra pounds after birth. She added also said that she’s made peace with some of the irreversible changes to her body that came with welcoming her bundles of joy.

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