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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's Reported Separation May Have Happened Much Earlier Than Fans Realize

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reported separation seems to be escalating quickly with sources from both sides spilling the tea about what has been happening in their marriage. The Argo star’s departure from their $60 million Beverly Hills estate didn’t just occur overnight — the timeline of their troubles has been escalating for some time.

Affleck allegedly moved out of their home “several weeks ago,” according to an Us Weekly insider. While his exit from their residence hasn’t been confirmed by either party, he has been seen staying at a Brentwood property by the paparazzi. Lopez and Affleck are also trying couples therapy, per In Touch, but their sources also have the couple a lot further down the road with the split — there are whispers of a divorce on the horizon. The “On the Floor” singer might be “hiring crisis PR to help navigate the divorce.”

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck at arrivals for THE FLASH Premiere, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, CA June 12, 2023. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection
Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck at arrivals for THE FLASH Premiere, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, CA June 12, 2023.

A second insider for the media outlet is already claiming that Hollywood’s high-profile lawyer Laura Wasser “will be handling this divorce.” However, there is “history on both sides” because “Laura was the divorce lawyer who mediated Ben’s divorce with Jennifer Garner, and she represented J. Lo in her divorce with Marc Anthony.” Will they have to fight over who gets to work with Wasser if they do decide to make their split permanent?

Lopez and Affleck, who reunited in 2021 after 17 years apart, married in 2022 with two dreamy weddings that made fans believe that they were destined to be together all along. However, the situation behind the scenes may have been much different than what they showed us on social media. “They have gone through phases where things haven’t been as great between them due to their different personalities and not getting enough time together,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight. “They’re not always on the same page. They both have so much going on between taking care of their families and their work commitments and it can be a lot for them.”

Neither of the couple’s representatives have made a statement about their possible separation, but the paparazzi is keeping score with wedding rings. As of Friday, Lopez had her ring on while Affleck’s jewelry was noticeably absent from his left finger. Did he forget to put it on, or was he sending a signal to the press? The dynamic duo is going to keep us guessing.


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