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Laverne Cox Explains Why She Recently Ended ‘Healing Relationship’ With Boyfriend of Nearly 4 Years

Laverne Cox Recently Ended Longterm Relationship
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Laverne Cox is learning to cope with her recent breakup one day at a time.

“I am recently single,” Cox, 51, said during the Thursday, May 16, episode of Nick Viall’s “The Viall Files” podcast. “It’s really new, it’s literally over a month. It’s weird to talk about.”

Cox met her last boyfriend, whose name she never publicly shared, in 2020 when she traveled from Los Angeles to New York City to close on an apartment purchase. While she was initially looking for a “consistent, hot f–k buddy,” they had a connection that was difficult to ignore despite a 21-year age gap. The Orange Is the New Black alum even cut off her roster when she met her mystery man, thinking he’d be her “forever person.” Cox broke up with him on April 2.

“I am so grateful that, at this stage of my life, I’ve had a love of my dream [and] that I had an experience with a man that loved the f–k out of me and cared for me in ways that were so healing,” the actress explained, crediting therapy for helping her get through the breakup. “It was just such a healing relationship. I’ve had bad relationships, a lot of childhood trauma, attachment issues, shame, all that stuff. Love can heal that. I’ve done work on myself too … there’s been so much healing that happened.”

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She continued, “It was a dream and we had such a good time, wonderful adventures and it was incredible. It’s a shame that it’s over but also I’m so grateful that I love myself more than I love him.”

Cox ultimately decided to pull the plug on their relationship when she realized that she “had boundaries” and “a set of values” that she needed to honor first.

“I have an inner child that needs to be protected and needs to feel safe at all times,” Cox told Viall, 43. “He’s an amazing man, but I have to honor and protect my inner child [and] I have to set boundaries and I have to be aligned with my values. And when the alignment feels off, then I have to make an adjustment.”

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Cox does not know if she and her now-ex will “ever” reunite, but she doesn’t regret their time together.

“It’s been the love of my life [and] the love of my dreams,” she shared. “It was awesome, and I’m also aware that I’ve never really taken a break from dating men and sex for, like, more than a couple of months in the past 30 years.”

After Cox broke up with her boyfriend, she initiated a 30-day period of no contact. They recently spoke for the first time earlier this month, and according to Cox, her ex is “still processing” his heartbreak.

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