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It takes me  more than a pic....... to get rage induced ....unless it is of  ...whoopi goldberg taking a shit  ,,,,,..that  would make me nuts  ........  and physically  sick .......i mean  real pavement  pizza/sidewalk salad/blvd Bolognese.......  ....or hilary clinton's cankles ......or joyce behars nose.......or rosie o Donnell topless get my drift .........that you cannot unsee  .....but  hey takes all sort of folks ........ to make the  world go round apparently here are  16  pics.....  that  will enrage you ........ or not  .....your choice ......i need something worse ......

These 16 Rage-Inducing Photos Will Make Your Blood Boil With Shared Frustration

Everyone has a bad day once in a while. If you're having one right now, maybe these 16 photos from r/mildlyinfuriating will make you realize that things could actually be a lot worse:

1."Where my soundbar remote ended up after my wife shook a cloth outside of a condo window."

View from above showing a misplaced remote control on a building ledge overlooking a park
u/GtheCi / Via

2."I work at a small boutique hotel with rooms costing upwards of $1,000 USD/night. This is the toilet paper."

Hand with a translucent toilet paper roll held up, seemingly insufficient in thickness
u/Sapphoinastripclub / Via

3."I made an appointment for 11:45. It's 1:10 and I haven't been seen."

Person's feet in boots resting on a medical examination bed in a room
u/Archaneoses / Via

4."I lost my dad last year, so my mom moved in with me in my condo and has made it her personal project/therapy to beautify my building’s flower beds. [The only problem] is some D-bag keeps stealing them. Some don’t even last two days before being ripped out. She’s about ready to give up."

A dug-up patch in a garden bed beside various plants
Silveeto / Via

5."This was the 'sink' in a restaurant."

Kitchen sink with residue forming a smiley face on granite countertop, cleaning supplies nearby
u/CoolBDPhenom03 / Via

6."I asked my boyfriend to freeze the leftover meat, and this is how he did it."

Freezer with open packages of ground meat and other assorted items
u/_pastelbunny / Via

7."*Stares in tired.*"

A pan on the stove with broccoli and a large amount of unidentified seasoning, next to a salt container
u/SmallTownPickle / Via

8."I ordered a pizza and they forgot the SAUCE."

Person holding an unusually large and thick pizza crust slice
u/Sylph_Co / Via

9."My 'walk-in' clinic doesn't take walk-ins..."

Sign at a walk-in clinic with instructions for patients with and without appointments
u/Fit_Decision2988 / Via

10."People are desperately trying to access my wife's Hotmail account."

Screenshot of a device security log showing multiple unsuccessful sign-in attempts
u/PassionateParrot / Via

11."Went to an AJR concert. This was my view."

Audience members facing a brightly lit stage at a concert venue, some standing
u/rogue780 / Via

12."A lady was going aisle to aisle with her child, encouraging them to pull things off shelves and play with them."

Toys and clothes scattered on the floor in a disorganized retail store aisle
u/fatherlongleg / Via

13."My burger patty was empty."

Person holding a bitten sandwich with lettuce and a thin slice of meat; appears unusual, possibly humorously so
u/EpiphanieDeStephanie / Via

14."How my weekend went."

SUV parked in lot with back end lifted onto the trunk of another car beside a discarded sofa
u/matthewdirks9191 / Via

15."My new desk at work."

A makeshift desk made of stacked cardboard boxes with a phone on top and an office chair beside it
u/RHEmarketing / Via

16.And finally, "Fell down the stairs and landed on my elbow. Now it looks like a boob."

Person blows a large bubble with bubblegum, obscuring part of their face
u/Closefromadistance / Via

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