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The problem i have when people say do not  go there ........i have to  ....because i am one  curious  bastard of  epic proportions ......and  nosiness..... is  in my  genetic  dysfunction....... of  all things .......i was in vegas........ and  people said not  go to the bad  part....... it is  really bad i went  .......why well i did not believe them .......i  survived a bamboo village in Thailand everything else is a  walk in the park ......i think ........but hey  boils   down  to    ....if you listen  to  people ....... they   may  be afraid of anything ......and  you miss out on something really ....really .....good ......

17 Deeply Unsettling Places Across America People Think You Should Avoid

17 Deeply Unsettling Places Across America People Think You Should Avoid

Note: This post contains mentions of racism and childhood sexual abuse.

Have you ever pulled over to get gas or grab a snack, only to find yourself in a town that just felt wrong in a way you couldn't put your finger on? Well, recently, u/scrambl987 asked people on Reddit to share the creepiest town they've visited in the United States, and people had so many unsettling stories to tell. Here are some of the top replies:

1."Elgin, Kansas. The motto of the town is 'A town too tough to die.' A person told me a story about a time they stopped there on a cross-country motorcycle trip. When they parked, they could see people peaking around the corners of buildings. Shortly after, a woman in an old dirty wedding dress came around a building pushing an old Victorian baby stroller. There wasn’t a baby in the stroller — it was a baby doll. There are trees growing out of buildings. The Main Street is an out of place, super wide, brick road for herding cattle through the town back in the way back times. For such a small town of nothing, in the middle of nothing. It was, for a short time, 'one of the world’s busiest cattle shipping towns.' It’s a creepy place."


"I’ve driven through there, and it’s as cool and weird as it is creepy. The view of Main Street, like you were talking about, is just so weird. It's like a block long but a block wide, just all grandiose in the middle of shitsville."


"Drove through there on the same cross-country motorcycle trip (the Trans America Trail).

I didn’t see a single soul, and the town looked abandoned. I do remember there being this weird tower randomly in town in some guy's house. Wish I took a picture of it."


2."Tonopah, Nevada. Clown Motel next to a cemetery full of infants and workers who died in a silver mine."

Clown-themed motel with large sign and clown figures outside; adjacent to a mountainous backdrop

3."Shreveport is like The Last Of Us at night time."


"I spent a week there for work training a few years ago. I thought the place was oddly cool. Much of it was a dystopian wasteland, but you'd find small pockets of people working hard to resurrect the place.

I got a room in one of the casinos, which was odd, too. $50/night for a really nice room because I was there during the week when the place was empty.

It wasn't a bad experience except for the smell of piss whenever you left the casino to go to your car. That and driving past the Hustler Club and Stripper Supply Super Store on my way to training every day."


"Aye!!! That’s my hometown right there. I was born and raised in Shreveport, dammit. Just cause everything you just said is 100% true don’t mean you have to say it."


4."Salton Sea, California. I went to clean out a family member's house after they passed. Didn’t see a single car on the road…or a human…that whole weekend. Felt sooo creepy."

Deserted shore with abandoned building ruins and scattered debris near calm water with distant mountains

5."Barstow, California. It’s the convergence of highways in the middle of nowhere. It’s like an entire town of unhinged hitchhikers who got dumped there. Freaky shit."


"I was once driving on Highway 58 late at night outside Barstow and stopped on the side of the road to pee and let my dog pee. While we were out of the car, a disheveled-looking man with long hair and a beard suddenly appeared out of nowhere, walking toward us quite quickly. He didn’t say anything; he just had this super creepy stare. I grabbed the pup and threw the two of us back in the car, managing to start the car and pull away just as he reached the rear door. It was fucking terrifying."


"Stopped late at night at a Jack in the Box there on my way back from the Sierra Nevadas. While we were ordering in the drive-thru, we started hearing gunshots in the motel complex nearby. We asked the drive-thru worker if we could come inside because we didn’t feel safe, and she laughed and said, 'You must not be from around here, huh?' Never going back to that shit-hole town ever again."


6."East St Louis, Illinois. Never seen a town that looked post-apocalyptic before going through there."

Row of dilapidated urban buildings with boarded-up storefronts on a deserted street

7."My wife and I were vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine, and decided to drive to the easternmost point in the U.S. So we made it Lubec, Maine. It was kind of foggy and looked totally deserted. I get Stephen King novels now."


"My pick was a town in Maine as well. We stopped off the highway looking for a place to eat and wound up in a town called Jonesport. We got followed by two cars the entire time we were there, and the whole town felt exactly like something you would see in a Stephen King novel. Really weird vibes."


8."Centralia, Pennsylvania. It has been on fire for over 50 years."

Smoke rises from the ground in a barren landscape with damaged trees and abandoned buildings in the background

9."Colorado City, Arizona. Fuck you, Warren Jeffs."


"Born and raised there, can confirm. Sketchy as fuck, especially since I grew up on the inside of that shit. You'd never know child abuse till you saw it there."


"Passed through there once on a Grand Canyon road trip. The women and children would gather along the balconies of those massive compounds, unsmilingly watching as we drove by. My friend who had lived in the area mentioned the futility of attempts to rescue the pregnant children because they would hide and move them."


10."Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Mothman is hiding there, somewhere."

Statue of the Mothman, a legendary creature, displayed in a public space with a plaque at the base

11."Most towns in East Texas close to the Louisiana border. They don't want you there, and they'll let you know it. I'm a white Texas native, and I don't even feel welcome."


"When you drive through, get gas, or walk into a store or restaurant, everyone stops and stares like you are an enemy."



The difference in vibes from the Texas border to the Louisiana border is night and day. During a long cross-country road trip, we stopped on the TX side of the TX/LA border, and we were so fucking creeped out by the hostility (from literally every person we encountered) that we got back in the car and kept driving, choosing to rest stop in LA instead.

Crossed over into LA, and it was a completely different thing, almost like we were in another country. Gone was the intense, unfiltered hostility, and in its place were smiling gas station attendants saying, 'Hey baby, whatchu need today?' and when getting food nearby, 'Y'all ready to order? Okay, sugar, I'll get that right out.'

People on the LA side were WAY friendlier, happier, and welcoming in the most wholesome, charming way.

When friends road trip to visit me, I always tell them to gas up in Texas and DO NOT STOP until they're in LA."


12."Picher, Oklahoma. It’s an EPA superfund site that was being cleaned up and bought out. The town was dying literally and figuratively, then a tornado came through and took care of enough that whoever had remained left. Now it’s a ghost town."


13."Danville, Illinois. It is also dangerous as fuck."


"I’ve lived in Danville for one month. I keep my head down to and from work. No major issues up til now, but I always have my eyes open and moving."


"I stopped there once with an injury due to trying to straighten a load that shifted on the interstate. I definitely will be driving to the next hospital if it happens again. It was like going to a hospital 50 years ago.

The doctor cleaned up the wound with a rag, not sterile, just a towel from a pile. The doctor didn't have gloves on, and he had blood all over his hands. I said something about this, and he said, 'Blood washes off easily.' Then he just threw all the bloody stuff on the counter and left. Then he came back in and said here is your prescription for 30 days of Vicodin. I didn't even ask for painkillers.

While leaving, EMTs were bringing in a patient, saying he was having a heart attack. The nurse said, 'Just put him in the hallway. We will get to him later.' As I was staring at her, she said, 'It's ok. He comes in every day but is a little late today.'"


14."Cairo, Illinois."

A dilapidated two-story house with a cupola and a collapsed porch surrounded by overgrown vegetation

15."I stopped in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on a road trip two years ago. Downtown doing a little sightseeing on foot, and I approached a four-way intersection. Three matching black SUVs pulled up to the stop sign, blackout tinted windows and full-length Punisher logos on their hoods. The lead car stopped, and someone on the passenger side rolled their window down just far enough that I could see a ball cap and a pair of sunglasses. Stared me down for a few seconds and drove on. The whole experience felt so far off. I went back to my car and left. Later, I did an internet search on the town and found info on the Aryan Nation's compound, the bombings, arsons, attacks on Jewish businesses, and the America First white supremacists that still operate there."


"This city was in the news recently. The Utah women’s basketball team stayed there when March Madness was in Spokane, 35 minutes away. They had pickup trucks rev their engines outside the hotel and yell the the n-word at their players. It sounds like an awful place."


"I'm a Black man with a white female partner. We stopped in Couer d'Alene on our way back home from a road trip. The hotel front desk asked my partner out loud, in front of me, if she was okay.

My girlfriend was confused, but I knew immediately what the guy meant. 'Why are you with a Black man?' We were refused service at a local diner for no reason the next morning."


16."Whittier, Alaska. Most of the town’s residents live in a single apartment building. There’s nothing else there. The town is accessible by water and a one-lane tunnel through the mountain."

Person standing in front of a multi-story building in heavy snowfall at dusk

17.And finally, "Gettysburg has a thickness I can't explain."


"I don't know that I believe in ghosts, but I camped on the battlefield once as a boy scout many years ago. It was part of a trip where we hiked around the area kind of memorializing the battle that took place. In the dead middle of the night, my tentmate and I were woken up by the sounds of cannons firing, men shouting, and horses neighing/galloping past our tent. This was before technology was really capable of producing these sounds in a mobile delivery method easily, so I honestly can't imagine that we were being pranked in any sort of way. The fact that we both experienced it and talked about it the next day really makes me think it wasn't a dream, and it still gives me chills to this day."


"I was born there. Love going on the haunted tours that actually go into older buildings. Went into this old war hospital one night with a group of 20. I'm not one that scares or frightens easily, but nobody else would go in the basement. I got down to the bottom of the stairs and that thickness is exactly what I felt. Have you ever been on a crowded train on a hot day with no place to move? Yeah, it felt like that... but nobody was down there but me."

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