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60 Photos Of Epic Sport Moments – You’ll Either Laugh Out Loud Or Cringe In Embarrassment. Look Out For Number 45!

Do you know what’s even better than watching a regular match? Checking out Incredibly awkward sports photos and memes! It’s as much fun as the sports themselves, and players and fans have contributed to many of these hilarious photos.

While sportspeople cannot prevent many of these accidents and bloopers, some are just oversights and could have been avoided. In this gallery of epic sports pictures, you’ll find not just awkward moments in different sports but also the length sports fans will go to show their love and support for their beloved team.

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The Anchor

This Butler University cheerleader looks like she’s having the time of her life up there. Except she’s in a precarious position where one wrong move can send her flying to the ground. Her wide smile only shows how much of a consummate professional she is.

Many think cheerleading is all about fun and dance but what they don’t see is the effort, constant practice, and dedication required to pull a perfect routine that wows the crowd. Another thing is the trust they have in their teammates. To be balanced another’s palm like this, you have to have absolute faith in their ability to hold you up.

Cheerful Workers

The New York Islander’s ice girls here again. Back before they were scrapped, they were a sight to behold, with their always-cheerful countenance and uniform. We’ve never seen anyone sweep ice so enthusiastically as they do and in synchronization too! The work they did can’t be as visible as when you’re on the Long Island.

Well, it’s part of the job. One of their tryouts requirements did emphasize charisma and outgoing personality in addition to skating skills. Speak of the ultimate cheerleader. They were switched got co-eds ice crew when the Islanders moved to Brooklyn.

A Sip with a View

If you are a tennis fan, you’d remember this picture from the 2014 Rio Open tournament in Brazil when Rafael Nadal, one of the best Spanish tennis players, couldn’t take his eyes off the ball collector.

From the look on her face, though, the lady is not a fan of such attention, and we can just imagine how embarrassed she might have been. Today, Fernanda Maia Carelli is a sports journalist and TV presenter who is the official announcer of the Nilton Santos Stadium. She is married to a personal trainer with two daughters between them.

Cheeseheads, Not Braheads

Wondering why the Packers fans are called Cheeseheads? Well, it refers to the wearable wedge-shaped foam hats that look like a chunk of cheese. It’s also fitting because the state of Wisconsin is known for its production of cheese.

There’s always that person that puts the extra in the ordinary, and these ladies seem to have taken things to the extreme with their cheese bra. Well, as long as they are having fun and not disturbing others. As it looks, the people around them are minding their business; after all, such sights are not all that rare.

Cop a Feel

While it’s a well-known rule that fans are not allowed on the field, this woman seems to have a wish and is bent on fulfilling it right there and then without caring for the consequences.

This is a picture from June 2012 where Candice Sortino (the woman in question) rushes the playing field and pats Joey Richard, an Arizona center fielder, in the game against South Carolina in Omaha, Nebraska. Though it’s been happening for a while, this action of hers was what finally broke the camel’s back and made the authorities make it a law to prosecute trespassers.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

It’s no news that there are now male cheerleaders. It’s said to be a move toward gender inclusion which may or may not be a positive move depending on how you look at it. Already, many were against it from the onset, but in the world, we are in now, it’s just one of those things.

The stereotypes have been put to rest already, but looking at this picture, you’d think twice. This picture of the Oregon Ducks cheerleader may not be what it seems because photos can be deceiving. We all know that there’s nothing to see up there because cheerleaders are pretty covered up under their costumes.

Enjoying the View

If we were to pick a leaf from this lady’s handbook, it’d be to have fun whenever and wherever possible. No one who sees this picture will doubt that she’s enjoying herself. With one of the prime seats in the stadium, she definitely can afford to rock it away.

As she’s known, Alessandra Ambrosio is a model and TV personality famous for her work with Victoria’s Secret. She’s worked for renowned names and was ranked number five on the list of the highest-paid ones by Forbes and is one of the style industry’s icons.

Fans of the Fan

Someone is distracted, and it’s not this lady in blue! If you look closely, you will get what we’re talking about. It’s no wonder, though, Kayla Simmons is a sight to behold. An Ex-Volleyball player turned full-time Instagram model, she has the perfect look and poses to distract anyone.

Since she switched careers, her followers have grown massively, with over 500k Instagram followers and searches for her name increased. As seen in the above picture, she’s also a staunch Los Angeles Lakers fan, and she’s only retired from volleyball and not forgotten sports entirely.

Not Matching

Tan lines can be an embarrassment, especially when you’re an Olympic swimmer representing Great Britain. Getting some sun rays on the beach isn’t wrong, but not matching up the tan lines can be a sore sight, and here, Fran Halsall seems not to mind.

Though she’s retired now, Halsall not only represented the country in the Olympics, she was also a competitor in England at the Commonwealth Games, FINA world championships, and European championships. She’s got a long list of gold medals to her name, and her last games were in the 2016 Olympics.

Clever Advertising

What we wouldn’t give to see the look on Martin St. Louis and Sean Mahoney’s faces when they saw this image! If this was an advertising board, it’s a clever marketing strategy. The picture looks so strange that you’ll end taking a second look, and if you still don’t get it, a third.

Like we said earlier, still, images can be pretty deceiving, and this is one of those instances. The Canadian ice hockey players are probably just chatting about their game, and there they are, featuring in something entirely unrelated.

Mascot Privileges

While some believe that mascots are not as funny as annoying, others, like this cheerleader, will beg to differ. These guys in furry bear costumes sometimes go unnoticed until they do something out of the ordinary.

Such as performing some stunt, dancing amidst the cheerleaders, or simply scooping up a cheerleader who will probably be frowned at if it were someone else, but mascots get away with these things. The lady in question looks like she’s having a great time and doesn’t mind at all. It’s a win on both ends.

Figure Skating

Figure skating and ice dancing are two Olympics sports that are somewhat similar but different. Ice is under figure skating and is inspired by ballroom dancing. Unlike some other figure skating disciplines, ice dancers compete in pairs like the one seen in the picture above.

However, it doesn’t involve jumps and lifts like the couple here. Therefore it’s almost certain that they’re figure skating. For someone who’s not into the sport, we might fear that the lady’s position isn’t safe but looking at her up there; she seems perfectly at ease, thanks to her partner.

In the Dawg House

One of the things that are so fascinating about the Cleveland Browns is their constant enthusiasm and support for their team despite the pain and the heartache they go through every time their team lost, which is most time, by the way.

They are even referred to as the “Greatest Fans of the NFL” and can be seen in their multitudes, cheering and celebrating at the Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday afternoons. Browns Backers are said to be the largest sports-fan organization in the country, and they can even be found outside the United States.

Cheerleader Spirit

Cheerleaders are usually full of life and fervor. It’s their job to cheer, entertain, stunt, dance, jump or just do whatever it that’s on the agenda. From elementary school to college cheerleaders, one thing is common to all. Their uniform comprises the skirts, leotards, shorts, and of course, the unmistakable pompoms.

This lady here seems to be missing a bit of the element, but it doesn’t make her less of a cheerleader, and she can easily be recognized as one regardless. Her smile tells a story of its own, though.

Tough Break

Accidents happen all the time, and mistakes are made. However, these mistakes and accidents can make or break a team in the world of sports. Some accidents may not be as embarrassing as they are fatal.

We can only hope this is not one of the latter. Cheerleading may look all fun and pompoms until you fall headfirst in the middle of a pyramid. Whether she was dumped or she fell, the game for that day is undoubtedly over for her as it looks like a no-win situation. Her teammate doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about, though.

Just Checking

Pictures are not always what they look like, and here is an example of one. If you’re not familiar with this process or sport, you’d wonder what exactly is going on here and probably think the worst. However, we believe this is just a way of checking for a jockstrap; after all, the player wouldn’t be okay with it otherwise.

The groin area is delicate, especially for guys in contact sports like football, hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts, and others. The jockstrap is a way of protecting private parts from injury or trauma.

Up Close and Personal

More often than not, we’ve come across pictures of epic moments of NBA players doing their thing. While on the court, they put in their all, both strength and body, just to come out on top, not minding injuries or moments like this where they’re in each other’s personal space. If they weren’t playing, we’re sure they’ll try to avoid embarrassing poses like this.

Though it’s just a timely capturing on the part of the photographer. The two players in the picture, Alan Anderson and Lebron James are two of the best players in the NBA, so it’s pretty understandable why the game takes precedence over comfort.

Cheesy One

We understand how delicious grilled cheese hot dogs can be, and we don’t fault this lady for taking a bite while watching her favorite team play. However, what we find strange is how she’s eating the snack.

The way she’s going about is sure to grab not just our attention but those of people nearby. Not only is she putting the cart before the horse, but she’s also doing it in a way that brings other things to mind. This is probably the pretty part because this will surely get messy soon when the cheese starts to melt.

Number 3

Speaking of superfans, this guy right here is one. Unless he just likes the number three and likes to pull off his shirt while watching races which is very unlikely. Or perhaps he has someone in the Number 3 car that he’s rooting for. Whichever way it is, this probably counts as one of those extreme shows of solidarity.

Moving away from the number 3, can we talk about his body hair? The ultimate NASCAR fan, he’s put it into good use while some other people would probably shave it all off.

I Got It

Brad Mangin is one of the top-tier sports photographers responsible for many of the iconic moments pictures in the world of sports. He’s covered Major League Baseball and Sports Illustrated assignments over the past 30 years. Mangin is also the owner and founder of, an online sports photography resource.

This beautiful picture is one of the moments he captured. He took such a perfect shot that made it look like the catcher is showing the guy the ball. Something like, “see? You’re out!” Making it look like the catcher is taking his job a little too seriously.

Mavericks SuperFan

Things we do for love! One look at this man, and you’d never doubt that his head is clearly in the game. How much more can you do to show your affinity for the game? This basketball and maverick fan has decided to depict a basketball head literally.

Another thing that might have escaped your notice is David Stern’s signature. Such great attention to detail! We’d be heartbroken if we went all the way like this and our team ended up losing. We only hope such was not the case with this guy.

Rookie Duty

Rite of passage is a thing, and many organizations, sports, and groups have one. One of those rites in football is for the rookie to carry veterans’ shoulder pads after practice. This had once caused a ruckus when Dez Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams’ during his first couple of days at the Cowboys training camp. He just doesn’t believe in it; it’s not part of the game, after all.

On the other hand, here’s Travis Ivey, who had no qualms at all about carrying not just one but six shoulder pads after practice. Such a dedicated fellow!

The Sun Man

Fans of sports are one of the most extreme fandoms in the world. Some will do practically anything, no matter how painful, to show their dedication. Such is the case of Kenny Hunt, popularly known as the Sunburn man who’s a hardcore NASCAR fan at Watkins Glen International.

For about 18 years, this diehard fan writes the name of his favorite drivers on his body with mailbox letters and duct tapes and then lays down to bake. He started with Bill Elliott and ended with a Chase Elliott Sunburn. An Out-of-this-World kind of dedication!

Viking King

Syd Davy, or 100% Cheese-Free, as he’s famously known, is one of the greatest fans of the Vikings. A locomotive engineer from Manitoba, this guy shows up at Vikings games dressed like this: a horned helmet, purple face paint, a big replica championship belt with “vWo” (Vikings’ World Order), and some chain mail. He’s definitely the ultimate Viking king.

He’s said to have been a long-time fan since the time of Bud Grant, together with his wife, who alongside him have been season ticket holders since 1986 when they first acquired it.

Opening Pitch

In baseball, ceremonial first pitches are almost always thrown by hot women. It’s one of those time-honored baseball traditions, and here, Marissa Miller is doing the honors. She is famous for being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and she’s had plenty of other gigs with magazines and popular brands.

This picture was probably taken in 2008 when she was on a five-city tour for Victoria’s Secret. One of her stops was in Chicago, where she threw the opening pitch at a Chicago Cubs game. Well, seeing who’s throwing out the opening pitch, we don’t even care whether the ball goes over the plate or not.


NASCAR is not just one of the most popular sports in the United States but a maker part of its culture. The sport has vast audiences all over the country, and the sport is so loved it’s referred to as an unofficial sport in the country. It has gained various fans worldwide who have no problems presenting themselves anyhow they like.

Our man in this picture is one of those fans who put his need before what people think, or anything else for that matter. Talk of taking BYOB to another level.

Rough Landing

In sports, embarrassing moments are not all that rare. It’s even more hilarious when it’s captured just at the right time, and in this era of the Internet and social media, the picture will continue to make the rounds even until the person involved is old.

In this picture, the Carolina Hurricanes forward, Brent, had no idea he’d be staring up at the PNC Arena rafters moments after accepting a cross-ice pass from Jay Harrison. To make matters worse, he landed right where the photographers could have easy access to capture his embarrassing situation.

The Tundra Man

It’s no news that the Packers take pride in being able to play in any weather condition, even in harshly cold climates. And this superfan, popularly known as the Tundra Man, is depicting just that.

Jeff Kahlow is one of the most famous diehard fans of the team, and he’s often seen in his costumes at each match alongside his wife, Sandy. Known for his creative costumes, Kahlow was even nominated in November 2002 as Wisconsin’s Ultimate Packers Fan by ESPN. His novelty headwear has earned him a lot of recognition.

Epic Face

Synchronized swimming is usually performed by several girls in the water, performing all kinds of movements and dances. We don’t know where her partners are, but it appears like this lady is doing just that.

She is a member of Mexico’s synchronized-swimming team who competed at the Pan American Games in Toronto, where the country won silver in the event. It’s normal for athletes to make wild and funny faces during these events because of the concentration required. Though it looks like she suddenly just discovered her hand, it’s only a picture taken just in time.

Claude, She’s Legal

If you don’t know who Claude is, it’s Claude Giroux, Canadian ice hockey forward, who is also the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. Now, the banner the girl is carrying is an interesting one as it’s getting at something. She’s finally of age! To do what? Drive? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

Obviously, fans will go to any length to get noticed by their favorite player, which is exactly what is happening here. Well, we hope that she does get what she wants, else all that trouble will have been for nothing.

Rear Attack

Awkward moments in sports are almost as entertaining as the sport itself, and they can never not happen. On the hockey ice, many things happen, from players tripping over their own feet to goals that goalies should never have allowed to incidents like the one in this photo.

We don’t know if this is piggyback riding or a move gone wrong on the part of the players. It’s one of those embarrassing moments that’s more hilarious than threatening, and the players involved probably had a good laugh about it when they saw the picture.

Not Your Usual First Pitch

It’s an honor to have a celebrity, former player, or government official throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. Like we said earlier, it’s a tradition, and it was started in 1910 by President William Howard Taft.

Sometimes, you get very impressive throws, and other times, it’s just terrible. McKayla Maroney’s throw is one of the best as she showcases her acrobatic skills while at it. She threw her first pitch at the White Sox game in August 2014. She landed tens across the board after performing a cartwheel and flipping.

Do Ya Thing!

Nothing to see here, just the Phillie Phanatic doing what it does best, annoy! This mascot was actually rated as one of the most annoying not because of its city or team but because of its obnoxious behavior. In fact, it was named the most obnoxious mascot in the entire Major League Baseball, according to a survey shared by Play USA. It’s very much loved, though, especially by fans of the Philadelphia Phillies.

It was first introduced in 1977, and the furry green talisman has since become the most iconic—and most litigated against—mascot in sports.

Unintentional Crowding

If you’re an avid sports fan, you will find that being careful doesn’t work in sports. You can just always decide to make the right moves. It’s as unpredictable as the scores of the match. Such funny moments like the one in this picture are unavoidable.

If the photographer didn’t capture the moment on camera, it’d have been lost in motioñ like several others. But like many awkward pictures of sportspeople that we’ve come across, this is not what it looks like. Bg players probably find it as hilarious as we do after seeing the image.

Closing Speech?

The Islanders Ice Girls were seen as the cheerleaders of ice hockey, and they were a trend in 2001 when the New York Islanders team first introduced it. What do they do? They basically shovel loose snow off the ice at stoppages and perform various promotional duties.

However, there have been many complaints, especially from female fans, who think the crew is unnecessary and demeaning. Besides, there are a lot of copycats on other teams, following in the footsteps of the Islanders. Well, they were scrapped in the end, and this lady right is possibly saying her farewell speech.

Go, Team!

Speaking of fans of sports, this is another one. From all indications, this man here will go to any length for his Favorite team, including painting his face orange and sporting blue hair.

This costume and dressing are familiar with Denver Broncos fans. Our guy here shows his support by dressing the part before a game between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos on December 13, 2015, at Sports Authority Field, Mile High in Denver, Colorado. The Denver Broncos has done its fan proud often, so it’s only understandable that they, in turn, go all out to encourage their favorites.


This has to be one of the most painful figure skatings falls ever. Even the expressions on the players’ faces show that they already know what’s to come. Pain! Even as her partner, Karel Štefl, tried to help her break the fall, there was nothing that could be done for Olga Prokuronová as she plunged to the ground head first.

This happened at the European Championships in Lyon, France, in 2006. The fall led to her exit from the game in the same year, even though the doctor said she didn’t sustain any serious injury. It must be a traumatic experience for her!

Wrong End

Are you wondering how it is possible to forget how to use a water bottle? Well, you’ll have to ask Dustin Brown here. Apparently, Brown knows how to do things, like delivering checks or converting rainbow passes, but he struggles with properly operating a water bottle during an NHL game.

This happened during a game between St. Louis and Los Angeles, and he was caught on camera by a broadcaster mistaking one end of the bottle for the other! He was, however, a good sport about it when he found out he was caught.

Two Peas in a Pod

Just like the Green Bay Packers fans call themselves cheeseheads, the Minnesota Vikings fans are known for their purple and yellow horns. Apparently, the two fan bases have something like disdain for each other, and it’s a widely known rivalry.

This picture, therefore, depicts exactly what we just said. A Viking cutting the cheese on the Cheeseheads. Funny! Well, it’s all good-natured, and we love the moods these fans get into when it’s time to show their support. It also brings out the creativity in many folks, and we love to see it.

Another One Bites the Dust

Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time, especially in sports where each team tries to hustle their win. Robert Gronkowski, popularly known as Gronk, is a tight end for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Previously he was at the New England Patriots, where he played nine seasons.

During one of his games with the Patriots, he had this embarrassing moment where he nearly lost his pants. It was a divisional playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens; a Ravens cornerback, Rashaan Melvin, tried to tackle him down after catching a long pass from Tom Brady.


It’s just so heartbreaking when you’ve worked so hard for something and practiced with all your might, having high expectations, then it flops due to a little accident. We feel the pain of this Britain’s athlete who crashed into the first hurdle of a 400 meters race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in July 2021.

Jessie Knight had previously taken a break from athletics only to return to this. After that, she was left in tears, unable to even talk about the incident. She, however, had a chance at redemption in another race she took part in.

Awkward Proposals

Fans of the NFL are known for being notorious when it comes to fandom. They are a diehard band of sports enthusiasts who sees match days as days not just to watch games but to show up in their festive costuming, and vibrantly decorated faces with fan signs.

These signs are also one of the game-day traditions that spice up the day, especially when they make hilarious statements. Some of these signs are sometimes so bold that they garner attention and go viral, even online. We don’t think this woman here is looking to get the media’s attention, though. She certainly has someone in mind.

Split Second Photography

Talk of interesting coincidence, this picture is the definition of one. Being body checked is terrible enough; now add a picture of the moment to that. Worse! This picture says many things and can be interpreted in several ways. It’s salt on the injury.

The guy is already in trouble, and there is another visual enemy throwing punches at him. If that picture was accurate, our is most definitely gone because how do you survive two vicious enemies? One behind, one before? This is one of those pictures we’re glad it’s not real.

Dress for the Occasion

Fans of the Seattle Seahawks are known for their passion and loudness when it comes to the game. Tim Froemke, popularly known as Seahulk, is perhaps the most popular superfan of the team. His signature look is similar to The Incredible Hulk, which is probably how he came about the name.

A former bodybuilder now a construction worker, the Seahulk is recognized by his ripped body covered in green color. Becoming him takes about three hours for a professional body painter to work on him, and he does this before every game. What a dedicated superfan!

Another First Pitch

Looking at this picture without knowing who exactly it is, you’d find it somehow funny. From the supertight outfit to the pose, you’d know that this person is no sportsperson. If you are aware that the person doing the honors of the first pitch is none other than the former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, you will find it even more hilarious.

Sadly, the situation isn’t all that funny as this particular hand was held in honor of fallen NYPD officers: Brian Moore, Wejnian Liu, and Rafael Ramos. This was held for charity benefiting their families.


Are you looking for one of the most creative sports fans on the planet? They are football fans. From body paints and arts to chainsaw bonnets to cheese heads, you just name it, and you’ll find them.

You’d think Los Angeles Rams fans would go with something related to rams, like horns or antlers, but here we have these gentlemen with watermelons on their heads in support of their favorites. Though we don’t know where the melon comes to play, some Rams fans are actually called melonheads, and the carved out watermelon on their heads signifies that.

May Day!

If this awkward moment was to happen in female games, it might not be such a big deal as this. But knowing men, it’s kind of a big deal for them to maintain the whole stereotype of sports as a macho profession, and this is not it. Especially in a manly game like hockey.

The photographer did Brad May dirty when he immortalized one of his most awkward moments in sports. We know it’s all for laughs, and this was one of those moments, but he’ll probably continue to get ribbed for it.

Camera girl

This photographer is either not very tall, or that camera is one massive thing. It’s probably both, and she’s ambitious enough to go with it. Well, we don’t think the weight or size of the camera will be a problem seeing as an NFL photographer’s salary is said to be mouth-watering.

No surprises there, as the NFL is a pretty big deal in the United States and one of the highest-profile sports leagues in the world. The media coverage is intense, with games broadcasted on television and covered in newspapers and on the Internet.

Wrong shot!

When you play sports, you already know there are circumstances that you can’t foresee. Therefore, the photographers are there to try and capture almost every moment. Cameras, however, can play tricks with our eyes making the shot seem like what it’s not.

Athletes and sportspeople don’t think about what they look like because their whole focus is on winning. So, we can safely say that these wrestlers were also in that mindset. Their poses are a little painful, and we hope they came out okay in the end and didn’t bite each other’s heads off.

Don’t Miss

This picture demonstrates a real-life situation where pressure from family, peers, and society is on your neck. We can relate to how K.J. Mcdaniels felt at that moment when the crowd seemed to shout at him.

The other Clemson Tiger players probably wonder what’s taking him long to make a pass. This was a game against the Duke Blue Devils at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina. It’s no wonder that the Duke won 68-40. It’s a lot of pressure to deal with.

Swallowed Whole

NFL mascots are relatively new parts of the game that were never part of the invention 100 years ago. Unlike the century ago, the modern one is a slick one that does all it can to connect to their target audience. And mascots are part of that strategy.

They are used to connect to fan bases, especially younger fans, to prevent cases of fan depletion. One of the jobs of mascots is to entertain, and that is what’s happening here. Do you think this Titans cheerleader is being swallowed up by the Tennessee Titans mascot for real?

Whatever It Takes

Trayce Thompson is a baseball outfielder for the Chicago cubs, and here we find him taking his job really seriously. That fall must have been quite painful, but not to worry, he caught the ball in the end.

Outfielders are ones who play in the field and are responsible for catching deep fly balls like this one, or ones that make it past the infielders. This picture was taken earlier in his career when he was still at White Sox. This picture may look painful; it actually shows his skills.

Want Some Burger with Those Condiments?

This is one weird way of showing support seeing as he’s the odd one out. Whatever made the others bathe him with this condiment-looking liquid, he’s probably down with it judging by his expression.

It’s not clear what team these ones are supporting. One clear thing, though, is that fans will always be fans. We’re sure that if it was on a typical day and he’s asked to look this way, he will decline, but here he is, having fun and even taking pictures with weird-looking substance dripping down his body.

Go, Titans!

Mascots are a part of most teams’ game day experience, as well as promotional material. They are loved caricatures roaming the field while pranking and entertaining the younger fans in attendance. This Titan T-Rac is one of the cutest (in our books).

From its name, you’d expect something like a dino, but because the raccoon is Tennessee’s state animal, it’s understandable. The T-Rac debuted in 1999 in a game against Atlanta Falcons, and it was played by Pete Nelson, who’s now retired. At a time, the mascot won “Most Awesome Mascot.”

A Fan and His Mullet

NASCAR fans aren’t your everyday sports fans. There’s always something different about them, from their costumes to their attitude; you’d know a fan when you see one. This guy’s impressive mullet is a clear indication of who he is, although this is one mullet we do envy. Pretty neat and luscious, we’re sure it takes a good amount of work and dedication, and it sure does worth it.

Going shirtless at a public event like this? It’s part of the game. NASCAR fans are a unique set of people, though they’re often stereotyped in the motorsport world.

Just a Little Chilly

Some people go to the extreme to prove a point, and this man is one of them. While every other person is dressed to keep warm in the biting cold, he runs around in nothing but his hats, boots, and the barrel that keeps him decent.

In other places but Mile High Stadium, he could have been arrested for several reasons, but here, he’s an icon who got recognized all over the country for his getups. The most hilarious thing about this whole costume is that while others can sit comfortably to watch the match, he had to remain standing. Speaking of the ultimate fan!

Tennis Man

While looking at this photo, we don’t want to believe that this tennis player is actually trying to catch the ball with his mouth. Though it’s easier just to take this photo at face value, it’s undoubtedly one of those shots captured at just the right time.

Even if we’re sure the player is not about to swallow the ball, what happened in the next second is probably not so good; seeing the speed at which the ball is coming towards him, unless that too, is also a trick of the camera.

Dueling Signs

As hilarious as some fan signs can be, some can be pretty annoying and taunting. It’s like these fans come well prepared for every scenario, hence the signs. While the one with the more peaceful sign may seem ordinary enough, the other is definitely out for war.

He’s not holding back on what he thinks, and he’s not giving the referee a break at all. Imagine what the look on the referee’s face will be if he turns back and finds this. He knows better than to look back, anyways.

The Hit

Baseball injuries are not as common as that of other sports, especially full-contact sports. They do happen in some situations, though. Muscles can be ripped, tendons torn, and shoulders can be blown out. However, getting hit right in the face is one of the most brutal injuries in baseball, and Jimmy Rollins can certainly testify to that.

This happened before he won the National League MVP in 2007 when the Philadelphia Phillies played the Cleveland Indians. Cliff Lee from the other team sent the 90 miles per hour fastball straight into Rollins’s face. Though he wasn’t severely injured, we’re sure it’s an incident he wouldn’t forget soon.


The Astro seems to be getting the short end of the stick as they seem to be on the rear both in the standing and on the field. Wrong calculation and decision have brought their shortstop, Jonathan Villar, in contact with a full serving of another’s backside.

He was trying to stretch a single into a double in an aggressive way, probably because his team was already on the losing end, and he figured he could be a hero. However, the heroin in this game was the Referee, who had to make this call.

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