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How Melania Trump Is Allegedly Making Husband Donald 'Worried' Ahead Of Stormy Daniels Trial

How Melania Trump Will Play Key Role In Donald Trump's Defense In The Stormy Daniels Trial

Melania Trump's ex-employee, Stephanie Grisham, has revealed what the former first lady did after hearing of Donald Trump's alleged one-night stand with Stormy Daniels.

In a recent interview, Grisham shared that Melania did not take "lightly" and decided to pull a solo walk in the State of the Union at the time.

The former White House official also noted that as the trial for Trump paying off Daniels approaches, Melania finds the situation "very embarrassing" and "humiliating."

Melania Trump Didn't Take The Stormy Daniels News 'Lightly At All'

Republicans Furious Over Donald Trump's Son Barron Being Labeled 'Fair Game' After Turning 18

Speaking with CNN, Grisham told the news outlet that when news about Trump's alleged involvement with Daniels broke out, Melania reacted very strongly to it.

According to the former aide, Melania "didn't take it lightly at all," leading to tensions in the White House at the time.

"We went to the State of the Union separately. She refused to walk out to Marine One with him because she didn't want to be like Hillary Clinton and standing by her man," said the former White House press secretary. "She's a very independent and strong woman."

Those tensions have allegedly resurfaced as the trial date looms closer, straining the ties of the couple's marriage, which many have rumored is only now a business arrangement. Grisham now predicts that Melania will "push" her husband to take the stand and defend himself to clear up the situation.

Ex-Aide Claims Melania Trump Finds The Drama 'Very Embarrassing' And 'Humiliating'

Donald Trump Calls Melania's Mother 'An Incredible Woman' In Tribute After Her Demise

During the interview, Grisham also claimed that the situation raised worry in Trump, as she alleged that his wife had found it "very embarrassing" and "humiliating" to be in the middle of such a drama.

"This is very, very embarrassing for her. It's humiliating for her," she said. "And I can guarantee you that she's not happy right now and that he's quite worried about that."

Meanwhile, Grisham's claims about Melania's reaction tallies with what she wrote in her bombshell memoir, which she debuted in 2021.

In the book, Grisham said she received a call from Melania asking her to arrange logistics to prevent her from joining her husband on the motorcade to Air Force One ahead of the State of The Union.

According to the former White House staff, Melnia's reason was that she was "embarrassed" and wanted to avoid looking like Hillary Clinton when her husband got embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Has Melania Trump Spoken About The Stormy Daniels Affair?

Trump returns White House Cutting Short His Vacation

Melania has only once commented about the alleged affair since it broke in 2018, per Newsweek.

At the time, the former model appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, where she revealed that it was not a "concern and focus" of hers.

She also claimed that she had "much more important things to think about and to do," referencing her roles as a mother and the then-first lady.

Still, on the matter, Melania noted that outsiders and media like to "speculate" about her marriage to the billionaire mogul, suggesting that she did not find it surprising that the news went viral.

As to whether Trump did have an affair or not, Melania claimed that she "believes her husband," referencing his well-known stance that he had nothing to do with the adult star. She concluded, "I know what is right and what is wrong and what is true or not true."

When Is The Stormy Daniels Trial Starting?

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are seen driving away in the motorcade after arriving on Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport

Back in March 2023, Trump was indicted in the Stormy Daniels case for falsifying business records that point to him allegedly paying off the adult film star $130,000 via his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, in order not to affect his 2016 presidential campaign.

Two months later, the trial date was then set for March 2024. However, after an influx of evidence close to the trial date,  it was pushed back until April 15.

Amid the delay, Trump's lawyers filed a series of motions to further delay the start. These motions have all been rejected, including a last-ditch effort on Wednesday.

If Trump is convicted of the 34 felony counts in the case, he faces up to 136 years in prison or $170,000 in fines, although it is believed that he would not serve any prison time since he is a first-time offender.

Stormy Daniels Recounts 'Awful' Experience With Donald Trump

Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels Likens Donald Trump's MAGA Fans To 'Suicide Bombers' On 'The View'

The former adult film star recounted her experience with the Republican presidential hopeful in her recent documentary, "Stormy."

In a 2018 interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," Daniels gave her side of the alleged sexual encounter with the 77-year-old. She said at the time that it was consensual, but in the new documentary, Daniels gave a slightly different story.

She claimed in the documentary that after her initial meeting with the former president in his hotel room, she briefly used the bathroom, and on getting out, Trump cornered her and started "humping away."

"I don't remember how I got on the bed, and then the next thing I know, he was humping away and telling me how great I was. It was awful. But I didn't say no," Daniels said, per the LA Times.

"But I didn't say no because I was nine years old again," the 44-year-old added. Daniels used this to recount the sexual abuse she experienced by a neighbor as a child, which she'd previously revealed in her "Full Disclosure" memoir.

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