Wednesday, April 10, 2024

RAP ....DON'T HATE THE PLAYER...........


Well as they say in showbiz ......don't hate the player!!!!!! .....hate the  game !!!!!!!.....and it's coming back to bite him in the arse !!!!!!.......literally

Meek Mill Says Rumors About His Sexuality Have Started To Affect His 12-Year-Old Son

Meek Mill has had enough when it comes to recent rumors about his sexuality, which stem from a lawsuit filed against Diddy. The Philly rapper now claims that the perpetuating allegations are causing confusion for his 12-year-old son.

“I don’t believe no Diddy story once they lied about me now!” he wrote on Monday (April 8) via X. “Anybody try to sexually assault me it will be a bang out on the spot how yall don’t know that lol I don’t care but yall confusing my son he’s 12 with people saying his dad gay it’s sick now outchea so f**k it lol.”

The 36-year-old had responded to someone who claimed that Diddy once dangled Wale from a balcony, to which the DMV rapper’s team refuted repeatedly.

In the lawsuit, where Meek is named, Lil Rod claimed that the Dream Chasers founder had a sexual relationship with the former Revolt TV boss. Seemingly denying all claims, Meek has continued to defend himself.

Following the lawsuit, social media began to troll the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper, pushing Meek to demand that his followers stop asking him about his sexuality.

“Stop asking me if I’m straight I’m just gonna play it raw how the world is … I’m blessed I’m okay but I ain’t hearing nothing good looking!” he wrote.

Additionally, social media gave Meek a hard time over the weekend as he attended Wrestlemania and recorded The Rock and Cody Rhodes. In the video he can be heard yelling at the seasoned entertainer to “get up,” but of course the net made a joke out of it.

“You never gonna beat the allegations,” one person wrote on X as another said, “You didn’t have to say it zesty like that to be ‘funny’ but gon head.”

In true Meek fashion, he responded with a run-on sentence, saying, “Because I’m being funny with my kids and friends and I want yall to keep posting stuff like this so I can help normal people figure they these mental phone agendas faster! I’ll take the hit yall seen me survive every internet attack.”

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