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Live updates: Total solar eclipse photos, videos and reactions from the path of totality

A total solar eclipse is seen from MazatlΓ‘n, Mexico on April 8, 2024. (Henry Romero/Reuters)
A total solar eclipse is seen from MazatlΓ‘n, Mexico on April 8, 2024. (Henry Romero/Reuters)

A total solar eclipse dazzled citizens of the United States, Mexico and Canada on Monday, giving those lucky enough to have experienced clear skies with a somewhat rare celestial show.

People in MazatlΓ‘n, Mexico were the first to see the total solar eclipse at 2:07 p.m. ET. It then continued into Texas and along a “path of totality” spanning more than 100 miles across the width of the continent.

In the U.S., the sun was fully obscured by the moon for a few minutes in 15 states from Texas to Maine, but the eclipse was at least partially visible in 49 states. Alaska was the only state where the eclipse wasn't visible.

Follow along below for Yahoo News’s live coverage of Monday’s total solar eclipse. For those unable to view the eclipse in person, you can watch it in real time by clicking here.

LIVE72 updates
  • College students across the country took a break from class to gaze at the sky

    University students, faculty and fellow onlookers gathered at campuses across the United States to watch Monday's solar eclipse. It may have lasted only a few minutes, but based on the numerous posts shared on X, the memories they gained will last a lifetime.

  • A time-lapse video of the eclipse captures day-to-night effect

    As students and faculty gathered at Baylor University’s Fountain Mall in Waco, Texas, a very wise techie decided to set up their phone on the roof of a building and capture a time-lapse video of the eclipse.

    In the video, you see the sky go from bright to dark as the moon travels past the sun.

    The university later shared photos of onlookers gazing at the sky on its official X account: "No matter how you prepare — a total solar eclipse is truly, in every sense of the word, awesome," the post read.

  • Darkness falls over Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

    Yahoo News' Colin Campbell documented the scene during the eclipse in Sylvan Beach, N.Y. Slide the bar on the photo below to see how dark the sky became.

  • Elementary schools host eclipse viewing parties

    Elementary schools across the United States hosted solar eclipse viewing parties. Schools that weren't on the path of totality livestreamed the event with eclipse-themed snacks.

  • Here's how dark the sky got above Niagara Falls during the eclipse

    In Niagara Falls, N.Y., a popular eclipse viewing destination, photographer Scott Gable captured images of the sky above the falls showing just how dark it got during the eclipse. Slide the bar over the photo below to see how the sky changed.

  • 'Underwhelming and anti-climactic': Social media users voice disappointment over clouds obscuring eclipse

    Unfortunately, due to cloud cover, not everyone had a clear view of Monday's solar eclipse. Some people used social media to express their dissatisfaction with their viewing experiences.

  • Did the eclipse damage your eyes? Here are the telltale signs.

    NASA and medical experts urged people to wear proper eclipse glasses or a "safe handheld solar viewer" while viewing the solar eclipse. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, looking at the sun during the eclipse could burn a person's retina and lead to serious vision complications.

    The Miami Herald reports:

    If your eyes hurt after the eclipse, how do you know if it’s a sign of something more serious? The eclipse may cause discomfort — but likely won’t since the retina doesn’t have pain nerves.

    Instead, symptoms you may want to watch out for include blurred vision, headache, sensitivity, distortion, discolored vision or a blind spot. Experts say those symptoms could start appearing within about four hours.

    “Many people recover after three to six months, but some will suffer permanent vision loss in the form of a small blind spot and distortion,” the American Academy of Ophthalmology wrote on its website in 2023.

    Instead of having a black spot in their vision, a person might not see their facial features clearly in a mirror or might see a newspaper without words on it, reported in 2017.

    Read more from the Miami Herald.

  • 'Once in a lifetime' group wedding ceremonies held during eclipse

    Couples hold hands outside as they wed during a solar eclipse in Trenton, Ohio.
    Couples wed during the solar eclipse in Trenton, Ohio, on Monday. (Jon Cherry/AP)

    Couples in Trenton, Ohio, and Russellville, Ark., got married Monday against the celestial backdrop of a solar eclipse.

    Participants in Ohio were told to bring their eclipse glasses and marriage licenses to the "once in a lifetime wedding." The town's mayor officiated the mass wedding ceremony at Trenton Community Park, about 240 miles from Cleveland. After the ceremony, the newlyweds received a souvenir and a Bundt cake. The next eclipse in Ohio won't happen until 2099.

    More than 200 couples in the Arkansas "Elope at the Eclipse" ceremony exchanged vows just before the eclipse reached totality at 1:50 p.m. CT. The ceremony was free and newlyweds were reimbursed their $60 marriage license fee, according to The Hill. The mass wedding capped the weekend's Total Eclipse of the Heart festival.

    A bride and groom kiss before an outdoor mass wedding in Russellville, Arkansas.
    A bride and groom kiss before a mass wedding on Monday in Russellville, Ark. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
    Two couples look up to view the solar eclipse during totality in Russellville.
    Couples view the solar eclipse during totality in Russellville. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
    A newlywed couple looks up at the total solar eclipse in Trenton.
    A newlywed couple looks up at the total solar eclipse in Trenton. (Jon Cherry/AP)
  • When will the next total solar eclipse occur in the U.S.?

    The moon partially covers the sun during a total solar eclipse.
    The eclipse as seen from Andrews Air Force Base in Prince George's County, Md., on Monday. (Susan Walsh/AP)

    Unless you live or plan to be in Alaska, you're going to have to wait a little while to see another total solar eclipse in the United States.

    After Alaska's total solar eclipse on March 30, 2033, the next one visible in the U.S. is not due to occur until Aug. 22, 2044, in North Dakota and Montana. And the next total solar eclipse to be visible across the U.S. won't happen until Aug. 12, 2045, with the path of totality stretching across 10 states, from California to Florida.

  • Moon throws deep shade and blocks the sun on NASA's social media

    NASA had some fun on the X account for the moon on Monday, throwing figurative and literal shade at the Earth's sun by blocking its social media page during the total solar eclipse.

  • Here's how dark the sky got in Arkansas during the eclipse

    In Greers Ferry, Ark., just north of Little Rock, photographer Brad Vest captured images for Yahoo News of the sky above Greers Ferry Dam along the Little Red River. The lights on the dam came on briefly during totality.

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