Monday, March 25, 2024

BOO HOO .... HOO.HOO SOB ......


Well all i have to say is....... boo hoo!!! .....hoo hoo!!!!!.....fucking sob!!!!!.........ask me do i give a flying fuck.....

A MCLAREN supercar, apparently owned by a TikTok star, was left totally wrecked on the side of the road after a horror crash.

Terrifying video shows the flash £220,000 motor, thought to belong to social media star HSTikkyTokky, smashed and smoking in Surrey.

The smashed McLaren after the incident yesterday evening
The smashed McLaren after the incident yesterday evening
Social media star HSTikkyTokky pictured in the car in a previous video
Social media star HSTikkyTokky pictured in the car in a previous video
Three people were injured in the smash
Three people were injured in the smash

Three people were injured in the crash yesterday evening, including a pal of the TikTok star, known as General G.

Another clip shows General G writhing around on the roadside and clutching his ribs after the crash as he says: “I’ve heard something crack.”

Pictures of the car show the driver side’s door caved in as oil and petrol pour out and smoke fills the air.

The front of the vehicle is seen completely smashed, with parts of bumper and trim strewn across the road.


Police say the driver of the car fled the scene.

The McLaren 720S is believed to belong to HSTikkyTokky, whose real name is Harrison Sullivan. 

The British fitness influencer had bragged about owning the supercar in recent weeks and was seen in the car in a previous videos with General G. 

After the crash, the TikToker posted a photo of his pal in pain after the crash to promote a song the pair have released. 

On Instagram, he wrote: “New tune out now. 

“Glad to hear you’re cool General. Saw what happened. It was crazy.”

A police spokesperson told The Sun: “We were called to a collision involving two cars which took along the A30 London Road in Virginia Water yesterday evening.

Inside DJ Black Coffee's impressive car collection including classic Rolls-Royce as he poses with glitzy supercars

“The crash took place around 5.30pm near the Virginia Water car park.

“The cars involved included a black Audi and a purple McLaren. The driver of the McLaren left the scene following the incident and enquiries remain ongoing to locate him.

“The passenger in the McLaren and two people from the Audi were treated for minor injuries.

“We are appealing who witnessed the collision, or who saw the two cars being driven prior to the incident, or anyone with any other information which could assist our enquiries, to contact us straightaway. 

“If you can help, please contact us quoting ref PR/45240033550.”

The Sun has contacted HSTikkyTokky for comment.

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