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 All you wanted to  know about elevator pics .....inexplicable ones  .......and were afraid to  ask ....well here they are ........i am always trawling for the nast ........well not really......... i just happen to stumble into a  column....... and  voila!!!!!....there you go !!!!!!!! i am just kidding  ...but i have to .........  do it them .....enjoy or not  ......but here are  some  elevator pics  for  your pleasure.........

People Captured With Elevator Cameras Doing Really Inexplicable Things

Hard To Resist

Imagine you’re thinking about something and in the next moment, you find someone staring at you. In our picture, a guy walks into this girl’s private zone and begins to gaze. Irritating, don’t you think? But, there’s a lot more going on here than first seems in this picture.

The following clip is taken from a skit that was uploaded to the “Loveliveserve” channel on YouTube. This guy pretended to play out a situation in which he meets the girl he has a crush on, who happened to be dressed in exposing attire. However, he was at a loss for words and could only look at her uncomfortably.

Britney Spears Got A Tough Competitor

Certain people suddenly become vocalists and performers when they enter the elevator, just as how some suddenly become singers and dancers when they approach their bathroom. A lift’s interior, with its abundance of mirrors and reflected surfaces, is an ideal location for dancers to work out their frustrations.

At one moment, the girl from the photo appears to be unleashing her inner Britney Spears as she performs an incredible, spontaneous dance routine. During her performance, she even used the handrails to her advantage. We hope she brought a smile to the safety guard’s face with her dance routine, even though she didn’t become a star.

Let The Elevator Romance Begin

Those who have experienced love are well aware of the “honeymoon phase.” Because they are still in the beginning stages of their connection, the couple can’t seem to get enough of one another. We are going to speculate that despite being in an open elevator, it didn’t prevent them from touching each other.

Before they kissed, they waited for their fellow passengers to exit. However, they were unaware that there was another pair of eyes observing them the entire time. If they had just waited a few more minutes, they would have been able to keep this memorable occasion all to themselves.

Well, That Was Tight

The fact that elevators can even take lives is something that many people are unaware of. When the one in Shenzhen, China became trapped with several people, dozens quickly changed their minds. One of the guys nearly didn’t make it out of the cramped box as they were making their way out.

A guy in the photo became trapped in the aperture since the only way out was a tight squeeze. He was already in a hazardous situation when the elevator began moving. The guys who pushed him through at the last minute saved him. Such actions can prevent terrible disasters to happen, like the one that could occur here.

Her Whole Life Played Out In Front Of Her Eyes

It’s a regular day at the office and you’re walking up the stairs of your building while conversing with a friend over the phone. Then, within a few brief minutes, you sense the elevator you’re on accelerate to potentially life-threatening speeds. As the events of your entire life play out in front of your eyes, the skyline outside begins to distort.

That is presumably how this poor woman felt when she fell victim to a collapsing elevator prank. Even though everything worked out nicely for her, it wasn’t that way. We’re guessing other folks weren’t too happy about getting on a ride that’s going to cause them a heart attack.

How Does It Feel Being The Third Wheel?

You are witnessing a snapshot taken from a video that was uploaded to YouTube by the channel known as JustAJoke. The woman in the red dress was seen making out in public with the man in the black suit as part of the stunt.

The overwhelming majority of individuals, who could be forgiven for being taken aback by their overbearing display of affection, left the elevator. Not this woman, though; she’s wearing a puffy jacket. It would appear that she is completely unconcerned about the fact that she is the third wheel. It sounds like she’s having a fairly serious conversation with whoever it is that she’s phoning.

Hmm, Do You Think The Same Way I Do?

It sure would be good if we could telepathically communicate with the people we care about, wouldn’t it? As it’s not possible, it seems as if this woman has instead turned to the more traditional methods of non-verbal communication. And we don’t need a degree in psychology to hazard a guess as to what she might be considering at this very second.

If you judge them, you can bet that she couldn’t wait to have some time alone with her partner. And with the help of this screenshot from the elevator footage, the rest of the people on the internet are onto this secret as well.

The Happiest As Possible A Woman Can Be

We are feeling perplexed as to precisely what is taking place in this circumstance. However, it seems that this woman appears to be enjoying a wonderful day based on the smile that can be seen on her face in this footage.

After hearing about some of the terrible storylines that come with several elevator images that we have seen so far, it is a breath of fresh air to see her so excited. Is she going to receive a pay increase? Did she go out on a date with a charming young man? Whatever it is, we hope that more positive news is on the horizon for her.

Could You Assume The Outcome Of The Presented Scenario?

Only a small portion of people’s daily activities are captured by elevator cameras. We can piece together a tale from the tiniest details seen on these devices. One example of this is the less than two-minute video of a Las Vegas hotel pair.

Their sexy behavior was recorded as they waited for their elevator. It was a good thing they didn’t get too far up because the woman discovered the elevator CCTV watching them. However, this is not the end of the narrative. According to NBCNewYork, the girl was attacked by a stranger who accompanied her back to her apartment house from the metro station.

Ahh, Modern Kids…

The American YouTuber Andrew Hales, better known by his online handle LAWHF, decided to have some fun in the year 2012. As a result, he went to tremendous measures to behave as weirdly as possible so that he could observe the responses of others. Then, he was met with some curious responses, including some condescending glances from an older guy.

While looking at Hales, a man from the photo was most likely thinking to himself, “Kids these days are very strange.” However, if he was more aware of the atmosphere of today’s schools, we are certain that the guy would attribute his conduct to stress and lack of sleep.

Stepping Into The Mortal Kombat Game On Your Own

This Mortal Kombat-based hoax that was uploaded to YouTube by Yousef Erakat, better known by his username FouseyTube, is still debatable in our eyes. This girl who was simply hoping to prevent the stairs was truly afraid of the execution, even though the idea itself is fascinating. When the Youtuber first began to show off his skills, she was first fairly amused but quickly started panicking.

Because he puts in so many hours at the gym, Erakat can pull off appearing threatening even though his outfit is ridiculous. The girl was also taken aback by the sound effects that accompanied his moves, which resulted in her being quite alarmed.

A Piece Of Cloggy Solution

Frequently many elevators are fitted with at least one camera, much to the disgust of those who place high importance on the secrecy of their personal lives. Many owners of businesses find that possessing one makes it much simpler for them to reduce the risk of damage and theft on their facilities.

However, one woman has had enough of always being watched by a computerized eye. She grabbed a piece of gum that she was chewing at the time and placed it on the gadget when she realized that she and her buddy were being monitored. This is the very last photograph that it managed to take before being rendered.

Having Patience Isn’t Always Considered As An Advantage

When this child got himself into such a precarious predicament, all he was doing was helping his father by holding open the elevator door for him. Because he was becoming worn out from having his finger on the standby button, he concluded that his umbrella might serve the same purpose as a door blocker.

The doors didn’t open, which led the umbrella handle to get jammed inside, which ultimately resulted in the inoperable elevator. The unfortunate youngster was left alone inside all by himself. He was fortunate enough to be found and brought back home unharmed. Hopefully, he realized that being patient can sometimes save your life.

Curiosity Can Be Weird

Our acquaintance who wears glasses most likely got the inspiration for this practical prank from the catchy title of a famous soap series in the United States. It appears that two people who didn’t know each other boarded the elevator and remained silent for several minutes. That is until the young guy seemed to get agitated and started moving randomly.

It would seem that he was attempting to dance along to music that nobody else could hear. Consequently, the elderly guy didn’t have a clear understanding of what was taking on. He could do nothing but gaze at the unusual young person while simultaneously casting a disparaging glance.

Bumping Onto A Cat In An Elevator Is Surprising, Right?

Cats are superior to dogs when it comes to their ability to fend for themselves, even though dogs are loving and clever animals too. It seems that this cat went for walks by herself without being accompanied.

She is so well trained that she knows how to enter and exit the elevator as well as ride it through the building that her owner possesses. As a result of the other tenants’ admiration for the astute cat, they decided to make it their mission to locate her. Knowing how deadly elevators can be, you would find yourself in the same predicament as everyone else.

Dancing Like In A Disco Club

The story of Tony Scherb will take you from being a little bit annoyed to feeling warm and fuzzy inside. He is best known as the viral dancing deputy because he gave pleasure to millions of people who witnessed him burst out dance routines in an elevator in 2016. In the video, he was joined by other deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

After nearly three decades of work, Scherb celebrated his retirement by dancing. That’s one way to go out with a whimper rather than a roar. Sadly, he passed away in 2019, having fought a valiant but ultimately fruitless struggle against his health condition.

Elevators Can’t Awaken Creativity? Think Twice!

Elevators are the fastest way to go between floors, taking just a few minutes at most. However, it seems that this has still given this group of pals a significant amount of time to get disinterested. They were armed with a can of spray paint and saw that there was no one else in the area, so they decided to use it.

They were unaware of the fact that they were being watched by a covertly installed security camera, which observed everything that went wrong. Vandalizing an elevator with anything even as harmless as a heart is considered to be unethical, even though loving someone isn’t a crime.

When An Irresistible Pie Calls, Everyone Answer

It’s understandable if the job causes one to overeat because it involves a lot of time-sensitive driving and walking. It has since been regretted after video evidence from a surveillance camera in Canada’s Surrey surfaced. When the lift doors close, the hungry employee can be seen scurrying out to get the pizza out of the delivery bag, according to TheSun.

At this point, he removes the lid from the pizza box and begins devouring the various toppings. For as long as it takes him to finish the box, his consumer won’t know anything about it. Fortunately, a surveillance camera caught the incident on January 21 in 2018.

Give Him A Medal For Taking Care Of An Animal

Probably numerous people wear gray hoodies, like this man, who spared this dog from a terrible future. Unnamed hero put his quick-thinking talents to work when he observed a dog whose leash got entangled between elevator doors in a surveillance camera video.

When he couldn’t get the elevator to reopen, he devised a means to liberate the animal before it was dragged up. Hopefully, his owner saw this as a learning opportunity and will pay more attention to his pet’s actions. After all, they can’t always rely on generous strangers like the gray-haired man to come to their rescue every time.

Police Officers Dropping Beats Like Professionals

As per DailyMail, an amusing video of New Zeeland’s police officers doing a terrific “running man” challenge went viral in 2016. A new attempt to dazzle the internet with their musical prowess has been made, with cops this time crafting a catchy tune in a lift.

More than a quarter of a million people have seen the video since it was posted by the police recruitment page on social media. At a police station, two officers are seen entering an elevator in full gear, including body armor. While pounding his feet and applauding along, one of the men shouts, “Listen to this,” and the party officially began.

Long-live Disco

Even though neither disco music nor fashion wasn’t particularly trendy in 2022, this doesn’t imply that the once-popular genre is devoid of followers. By incorporating disco into their modus operandi, these elevator pranksters are helping to ensure that the genre continues to thrive. Regrettably, it appears that both of them accomplishing alienating people from the subculture.

This woman was waiting for the elevator, and when it finally arrived, she seemed a little bit annoyed to see that it was full of people dancing in it. She gave an awkward smirk as she found her way to the other door to try her luck once more as soon as possible.

Dance Like No One Would’ve Notice

Attending school can be a source of mental strain. And what could be a more effective method to relax than to dance as if no one were watching? Consider this young woman as an illustration in point. She couldn’t help but break out into some dance movements while she was riding the elevator in what appeared to be a building on the Florida State University campus.

She was unaware of the fact that she was being observed. As a result, we have this photograph of her crouching as low as she possibly could. When she closes her eyes, she sees herself in a crowded nightclub with her friends, guaranteed!

Making A Speedy Meal

Numerous people are taking advantage of the privilege of having their go-to meals brought right to their doorsteps thanks to the proliferation of food delivery apps. Having said that, this does present several risks to consider.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but the person who brought your food to your door might have sampled a little bit of it. Take for example this worker from Meituan. He was probably a bit peckish, but he was discovered eating part of a customer’s meal without their knowledge. It has been reported that as a result of his deed becoming public knowledge, he was fired from his job.

That Went Beyond Fun

After arriving at their destination and seeing the elevator doors open, the two passengers got out of it in a leisurely manner. The man even went as far as picking up his companion to his arms and carrying her out of the room.

What seemed like it was going to be a fun night turned out to end on a note that was less than fun for this female. After she had left the man’s room, the cameras caught her appearing to be in pain and reaching for her stomach region. However, we are unable to know the specifics of what took place behind closed doors.

Chewing Gum Can’t Be Harmful, Right?

Chewing gum is an exercise that you are free to indulge into your heart’s content as much as you wish if you’re not situated in Singapore. Do you wonder why? Well, it’s been banned here, according to a BBC report. This man unquestionably does, as evidenced by the fact that he was blowing bubbles while hitchhiking on an elevator.

However, given that youngsters usually like chewing gum in public places, the practice may appear childish to someone. It is easy to understand why this man would have preferred to do it when he was by himself. It’s too bad he didn’t notice the camera in the elevator

Nice To Meet You, Slenderman!

Some people already experience anxiety just from entering the elevator. This individual seems unhappy to be forced to interact with a person who resembled Slenderman. This individual did the complete opposite of what was expected of him and terrified guests by donning a sinister mask. He was just warming up for his role in the upcoming season of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” but he shouldn’t have done that at work.

Even worse, his only means of evasion closed behind him before he had the chance to exit. People should laugh at pranks rather than having their worst nightmares confirmed like our guy probably had.

That’s Not Enough To Impress Her

When the girl in black decided to rehearse her standing schisms in an already crowded elevator, she most likely wanted to show off her gymnastic skills. She did this even though her shoes were dirty. The funny part is that the only other individual who was with her is completely ignoring her.

People who are trying to get a response from strangers should sometimes be ignored as they can run into this reply. Even though someone has invaded her personal space, the girl wearing the maroon jacket seems to be proceeding in this direction. Because the other girl came so close to touching her, this is a truly remarkable achievement.

Invasion Incoming

This individual’s reaction, upon seeing someone dressed as Darth Vader enter the elevator, could be described as not quite alarming. Health service users at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge were seen smiling after being visited by Stormtroopers. Several “Star Wars” characters, such as an Imperial TIE Pilot, an ATAT Pilot, and a BB-8 Droid, paid a visit to the inpatient and pediatric intensive care units of the hospital.

This activity has been carried out for a considerable amount of time by “Star Wars” fans belonging to the 501st Midwest Garrison. They are a part of the largest Imperial Costuming Group, which has at least one garrison in each state.

His Reaction Speaks For Itself

It appears that pranking people in elevators is a common YouTube video concept. It’s said the man in the hoodie panicked when his elevator began freefalling for four stories on Travel on TV.

As luck would have it, the machine came to a gentle halt. Is there anything to worry about? The man’s expression suggests that he is not amused by what has just occurred, as evidenced by his puzzled expression. However, he should be commended for taking a seat on the floor. If an elevator falls on someone, they should do just that, according to the advice of the experts.

Just A Few Seconds Before The Calamity Struck

Transporting glass is a near-impossible task and it’s quite delicate, to say the least. The aftermath of a single misstep is a downpour of shattered fragments. When he and his colleagues attempted to fit a huge piece of glass within an elevator, this worker learned the hard way.

When the white guy let go of the open door button, they were just about to secure the priceless cargo inside the container safely. As you might expect, the glass was wedged in between the doors for some reason. The workmen were shocked when the material in the elevator fractured as soon as it started moving.

When Michael Jackson’s Spirit Overwhelms You, It Looks Like This

In order not to dance to Michael Jackson’s songs, you must have a great deal of self-control. The music this bearded man was wearing on his headphones is probably as groovy as anything by the “King of Pop,” but we can’t be sure. Indeed, before exiting the elevator, he performed an impressive moonwalk.

There is no doubt that this man would enjoy meeting the Indian cop who moonwalks in the center of an extremely busy crossroads for the amusement of passing motorists. Over a decade after his death, it’s reasonable to say that Billie Jean author’s legacy continues to inspire generations.

It’s Hard To Find Engagement In The Elevator

Since listening to music in the elevator probably won’t make the trip to the top level any quicker, you might be wondering what you can do to pass the time while you’re waiting impatiently. You could dance to the music, which is likely to repeat itself, or you might press the buttons rapidly on the panel in the hope that the elevator will move more quickly.

Others engage in even more insane behaviors. These individuals dance, kiss, dine, and try to have fun in even more outrageous ways while they are unaware that the elevator cams are observing them constantly.

Problems Sometimes Cause Angry Reactions

It would appear that the girl in black became fed up with the immature antics that were being carried out by the gentleman who she was riding in the elevator with. It was stated that he was messing around with the doors and the buttons.

We don’t condone hitting strangers, but we can certainly see why she grew so angry over the circumstances she found herself in. For many people, time is equivalent to money, and it is not on their daily to-do list to waste the former. The woman most certainly had important obligations, so she didn’t allow anything to prevent her from accomplishing her goals.

Escape Isn’t An Option

When the man in the blue shirt tried to flee from the beekeeper and his army of flying insects, he couldn’t get far enough away. If the beekeepers were to escape their confinement, he would be stuck with nowhere to go.

When the beekeeper dropped the boxes he was carrying and accidentally released the bees on the helpless man, his worst nightmares came true. The problem is, there were no bees to be found. Even though the man in white was playing a joke, he went all out and threw confetti at his traveling companion. Before realizing a prank, he must have been in a true shock.

Seven Songful Robbers

If you only saw this screenshot, you could conclude that the man in the middle was in imminent danger because he was surrounded by several unknown men wearing masks. The would-be perpetrators of the crime took off their camouflage in the same manner as he did when he believed he would be the target of a robbery.

Soon enough, they were whistling a familiar sound, and the man dressed in business attire was being charmed by the seven “robbers” with the disco classic “I Will Survive.” After it all, he gave off the impression of being delighted by the performance that was taking place right in front of him.

Everyone Can Have A Bad Day In Duty, Including Her

There are days when you just can’t get out of bed. After all, it’s an unavoidable part of life. However, some people are simply more prone to them than others. Look at this woman, for example. In her best business attire, she was likely feeling confident. Despite this, the elevator was adamant about lowering her mild tone.

She seemed to have gotten her shoe jammed in the transport machine’s shaft. She had to go down on her hands and knees to free herself from her footwear, which was refusing to budge. The result was a ruined OOTD. However, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t look forward to the next day.

A Fall With No Bigger Consequences

In what may go down in history as the most horrific television prank ever, a woman fell through a trap door disguised within a lift. Her face contorts into a hysterical expression as the floor collapses around her. A man watched in horror as she fell to the ground after walking into a bogus lift shaft.

After that, the camera pans to a TV studio, where we witness the woman sliding down a long, nearly vertical slide. Later, we watch her thrashing helplessly as she crashes on what appears to be a plastic sheet coated in a slick liquid. Luckily, she didn’t get any severe bruises.

Twists And Turns Of Seemingly Dead-end Situation

In 2008, according to ABCNews, a man called Nicholas White was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours on his way out for a smoke break. Video of the incident that had been sped up and made public attracted attention from the media. His 39th-floor office was in jeopardy because of an unexpected elevator stop.

White let the alarm go off and on for what seemed like an eternity. However, the building was vacated by the time it was 11 p.m., and he would have to wait nearly two days before he could be saved. Every minute of his agony in the elevator was captured by the security cameras.

You Have Been Warned

When a person is in a hurry to get somewhere, you should avoid any unnecessary contact and distract him from his plans. This man found out the hard way when the elevator passenger who had been waiting for him patiently reached her breaking point.

When the doors were ready to close, the man in gray stuck his foot out to stop them. Surprisingly, it worked well. He continued to do this for a few moments before the woman in the lift immediately escorted him out. Pranksters are a nuisance, but it must be admitted that she dealt with them in the most efficient manner imaginable.

Love During Youth

It’s never too late to find love, and it’s never too early, either. Seeing this Chinese elementary schoolboy kiss his female friend on the hand would undoubtedly bring back happy memories from your past.

People who watched the clip, as was to be expected, found the action to be endearing. It’s also really humorous how the young couple’s friend walked in on them in the middle of their moment to let them know that they were being recorded. We can’t help but wonder what their parents thought as they watched the film of what happened to their children play out on the screen.

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