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HOW THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>


I hate these two ......how the fuck did jenna bush hager get a show...... she was never a  reporter .....bush connection ....family money ....etc......and  hoda   is  totally fucking annoying........ with her two adopted kids ......... she  always  fucking drivels over .....who cares about kathie lee ....she is  old as fuck   ...hit when she was  younger -ish.....however  ....ask me do i give a  fuck !!!!!!!..........

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb Apologize to Kathie Lee Gifford for Making Remarks About Her Love Life

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb expressed remorse for airing out details about Kathie Lee Gifford’s private life on Today.

The cohosts publicly apologized to Kathie Lee, 70, after they nominated her to be the first ever lead on The Golden Bachelorette.

"Kathie, we want to apologize about the drama surrounding The Golden Bachelorette, but we stand by the fact that we think you’d be the best Golden Bachelorette of all time," Jenna, 42, told Kathie Lee during a rare TV appearance on Today on Tuesday, March 26.

The apology came after Hoda, 59, and Jenna explained in a previous episode why they thought Kathie Lee would be a good candidate for the ABC reality series.

“Oh, you never know! She might! By the way, she would be a 10 plus and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute,” Hoda said during a February 12 Today episode of the likelihood of Kathie Lee doing The Golden Bachelorette.

Now, it seems like the singer-songwriter has warmed up to the idea of being part of the dating show with a few minor adjustments.

"It would have to be completely different," Kathie Lee said. "We’d have to make them [the men] much younger."

Today's Kathie Lee Gifford on possibility of Golden Bachelorette
Today's Kathie Lee Gifford on possibility of Golden Bachelorette

The former broadcaster revealed that her son, Cody Gifford, has been very supportive of her potentially signing up for The Golden Bachelorette. However, her daughter, Cassidy Gifford, has expressed some concerns. She welcomed both kids with late husband Frank Gifford.

"Cody wants me to do it and she doesn’t want me to do it," Kathie Lee told Jenna and Hoda during the appearance.

Prior to the Today appearance, Kathie Lee went through a shocking breakup from Richard Spitz. The pair began dating after she purchased a home in Nashville, Tennessee, and he became her neighbor. Sadly, their relationship ran its course despite speculation that they were looking to get engaged. Kathie Lee has been leaning on her friends, including Hoda, during this time.

“Hoda has been calling her every day and planning a visit to Nashville soon,” an insider told Closer earlier this month after the split. “Kathie Lee is in a difficult place emotionally right now after getting dumped but is receiving love and support from those around her. Moving forward, she plans to focus on her family, friends and faith — not on men!”

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