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The ZR48 “Corvette Boat” is quite the nautical machine which admittedly looks like something Batman would use. Many have noted the Dark Knight aesthetic to the long, black ship which packs one hell of a punch thanks to two Mercury Racing twin-turbo marine engines pumping out about 2,700-horsepower combined.

California has a growing boat theft problem.

Wherever this thing appears, they command tons of attention. We’ve included a video of it speeding past a beach. Everyone by the shore stops and watches it blast past, a helicopter following close behind. We’re not sure what the situation was with the helicopter, but perhaps they were filming the boat for something else.

Image via YouTube bertramaf

Another video shows the ZR48 trolling through the water as it leaves a bay. Even going slowly through the water it’s an impressive boat. The way it sits with the nose pointed up and out, combined with the deep rumble of the engines and the sleek canopy enclosing the cabin makes the craft something you can’t just ignore.

Not only is this boat powerful, it doesn’t weigh much, which helps with the blistering acceleration. The hull is composed of carbon fiber, a material which not only weighs little but can be incredibly durable and strong. That kind of structural rigidity is necessary as this craft hits the waves with such force.

Overall, the shape of this boat is somewhat reminiscent of a Corvette Stingray, especially the C2. While the nose shares a little of that resemblance, as does the canopy when closed, the dead giveaway are the four circular taillights any ‘Vette enthusiast would recognize right away.

Image via YouTube bertramaf

You can see in one video how the boat has a huge sound system which can be raised up above the hull for when the owners want to party while floating. Included in the lavish cabin are racing seats with full harnesses, WiFi, a large TV screen, and even air conditioning.

This thing has unfortunately caught the eye of law enforcement in the past. A famous incident involving the ZR48 Corvette Boat and what’s reportedly the US Coast Guard was recorded by someone who can’t hold a camera steady. The authorities try chasing the errant craft but stand no chance keeping up with it.

People have pointed out the stupidity of running from the Coast Guard when you must return to the boat dock eventually. We assume these people were eventually caught, but if you were in open water and theoretically had enough fuel to make it to a number of ports, you just might be able to get away for real.

Unfortunately, the shaky Coast Guard chase video can only be viewed on YouTube here. We’ve embedded the other videos for your viewing pleasure.


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