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45. Don’t Worry, It’s Sugar-Free

The Job: Creating an accurate label for a bag of sugar
The Mess Up: Placing a sugar-free label on the bag of sugar
The Cost: Unknown 

So, what is the truth? One shopper noticed this amusing error when shopping for baking supplies. Sugar-free is the new fad, as people are realizing more and more that carbs are a huge cause of weight gain. Everything is sugar-free in the diet world now, though there are questions about whether aspartame and other fake sugars are really that much better for you.

Don't Worry, It's Sugar Free ©imgur.comDon't Worry, It's Sugar Free ©

Either way, we doubt this makes sense. One caption on the bag says “Pure Granulated Sugar,” and then the other caption, a few inches down from it, says “Sugar-Free.” Some brave soul will have to just taste-test it and see. 

46. Whoops

The Job: Creating a chocolate-covered ice cream cone
The Mess Up: Only covering half the cone with chocolate
The Cost: Unknown 

This is the epitome of visual dyslexia. Someone hoping to enjoy a chocolate-covered ice cream cone was quite disappointed when the ice cream cone was revealed to instead be a weird remix of the colors. The cone was partially chocolate-covered, while the ice cream had no chocolate in it.

Whoops @twylatime / Pinterest.comWhoops @twylatime /

The cheap “Galaxy” cone probably cost $0.50 at some random convenience store, and it still likely tastes pretty good, but the chocolate-covered part was subjective to whoever made these. We’re curious about whether the purchaser ate the cone or not (and whether it tasted even remotely edible).  

47. Snow Shoes

The Job: Creating an accurate shoe display sign
The Mess Up: Advertising flip-flops as snow shoes
The Cost: $8 per square foot* 

Maybe in the Bahamas, this would make sense. One shoe store encouraged everybody to “Get Ready for Winter”…by purchasing a nice, new pair of flip flops. Though not exactly winter gear, there’s no doubt that the sandals were way cheaper than a pair of winter boots.

Snow Shoes @pmcaine / Pinterest.comSnow Shoes @pmcaine /

Payless Shoes has some explaining to do with this sign, as it’s anyone’s guess what season it actually is when looking at the other shoes on display. If we were to guess, we’d say that it was fall, judging from the closed-toe flats. Fixing the sign display would involve printing a new sign, which could cost $8 per square foot.

48. Perfect Placement

The Job: Installing a working traffic system
The Mess Up: Traffic light installed facing away from traffic
The Cost: $250,000-$500,000*

This picture made a lot of the “daily fail” rounds, as some city planner, once again, was asleep on the job when setting up this traffic light. Instead of facing towards traffic, the light faces away from it and looks directly into a solid walkway.

Perfect Placement @theawesomedaily / Pinterest.comPerfect Placement @theawesomedaily /

What’s crazy is how expensive fixing this might be. It costs between $250,000 and $500,000 to install and purchase a traffic light, according to WSDOT. That doesn’t take into account the $8,000 a year in routine maintenance and bills. If something costs half a million to fix and it’s not life-threatening, maybe they should just leave it.

49. Yoga Ball Parking?

The Job: Accurately marking the handicapped parking position
The Mess Up: Painting abstract art instead
The Cost: $60*

Some painter had one job: to accurately identify and paint a handicap stencil, which would let disabled people know where the appropriate parking space was. Instead of doing that, they went in a completely different direction.

Yoga Ball Parking? @FrogDeOvelha / Pinterest.comYoga Ball Parking? @FrogDeOvelha /

It appears that the stencil was totally disregarded in favor of something that looks like a yoga ball on a weird stand. It also looks somewhat like a person doing a flip on a round sled. Either way, it’ll cost around $60 to fix this issue, including the cost to remove the abstract art and paint an actual handicap marker on the lot.

50. Almost Made It

The Job: Making a taco
The Mess Up: Creating an empty taco shell next to lettuce and cheese
The Cost: $1.19*

We’re not even sure how this happens. Taco Bell has some questionable food, but it’s really the best place to go at 3AM when you don’t want something healthy. There’s nothing more delicious than Taco Bell in the car at night.

Almost Made It @r/WTF / Reddit.comAlmost Made It @r/WTF /

Or at least, there usually isn’t. In one sad customer’s case, Taco Bell didn’t seem to really care whether they got their hard-shell taco or not. Unwrapping the taco revealed that the shell was empty and the lettuce and cheese (no meat, it would seem) was placed to the side of the shell. Either there was a rush and someone wasn’t really paying attention, or the worker was playing a mean prank. 

51. Red Hot Chilly Paper

The Job: Accurately labeling an RHCP CD
The Mess Up: “Red Hot Chilly Papers” label
The Cost: $0.05*

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the best bands of all time (subjective, we know), but they definitely weren’t paid the respect they deserved when they were labeled the “Red Hot Chilly Papers” in a label.

Red Hot Chilly Paper @SenseiMillia / Pinterest.comRed Hot Chilly Paper @SenseiMillia /