Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Well .......princess xeni gabriella sophie iris of  saxony  fucking hot   AF......good  job ......and of course playboy  .....thank god for  playboy ........enjoy or  not  ........

THE reality of stripping royals of their titles has been laid bare - they end up stripping off for Playboy magazine and appearing on reality shows.

Princess Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris of Saxony has become the first royal to pose naked for the magazine.

Princess Xenia of Saxony on front cover of the latest German Playboy
Princess Xenia of Saxony on front cover of the latest German PlayboyCredit: Ana Dias for PLAYBOY Germany March 2024
Xenia on the BBC Three show Undercover Princesses
Xenia on the BBC Three show Undercover PrincessesCredit: BBC

She is on the cover of the March edition of Germany’s Playboy, with just a white sheet barely concealing her modesty.

And it's not the first time she's raised eyebrows.

The 37-year-old great, who hails from a family with distant links to King Charles, has become a party princess who sings in nightclubs in revealing outfits and pole dances in bikini tops.

Xenia is the great, great granddaughter of the last King of Saxony - and despite Germany ceasing any financial support for its aristocracy over 100 years ago, she continues to milk her royal connection.


She's appeared on countless reality shows, including the German version of I’m A Celebrity, a pop star contest, and even a BBC3 programme called Undercover Princesses in 2010, where she selected an Essex hairdresser to date from potential suitors.

Xenia reckons the last king of Saxony “would have definitely approved” of her showing off her boobs in Playboy.

She told the magazine she wished to celebrate her natural beauty, saying: "You don't have to conform to trends or have surgery on your body just to please someone.

"I have stretch marks, and I'm proud to show them."

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