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'The Income Tax Is Just Killing Me,' — Wealthy People Are Ditching These States And Moving To Places Where Their Money Goes Further

The concept of wealth in America is undergoing significant transformation, highlighted by the increasing movement of high-income earners in search of financial prosperity and a better quality of life.

This shift, exemplified by moves like Jeff Bezos’s relocation from Washington to Florida, illuminates a broader pursuit of favorable tax policies, lifestyle preferences and burgeoning business opportunities. Bezos’s strategic decision to move, potentially saving up to $600 million in taxes, encapsulates a growing sentiment among America’s affluent: The quest for fiscal efficiency and quality of life is reshaping the country’s demographic map​.

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In recent years, IRS data revealed an exodus of wealth from major urban centers. Large coastal cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles saw over $68 billion in taxable income depart because of net migration between 2020 and 2021. This migration wasn’t random; high earners were drawn to states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, attracted by the promise of no personal income tax, thriving business environments and a quality of life unattainable in their previous locales​​.

In California, personal income taxes are as high as 12.3%. Todd Litman, an estate planning attorney in Tustin, reflects a growing concern among high-income earners in California. Litman’s observation that an increasing number of his clients, particularly those with significant retirement savings, are considering leaving California because of the state’s high income tax rates illustrates a broader trend of tax-driven migration. "They're saying, ‘Hey, I'm working hard and the income tax is just killing me,'" he told the Napa Valley Register.

Florida emerged as the leading beneficiary of this net income migration, with Texas and Arizona close behind. These states offer a financial haven with their lack of income tax and boast attributes that resonate with those seeking a balance between work and leisure. The allure of these states is so strong that even cities like Tucson, Arizona; Charleston, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and Raleigh, North Carolina, became magnets for those fleeing the high cost of living and restrictive tax regimes of their former homes​​.

What drives this significant shift in residency among the affluent? Beyond the financial benefits, the migration trend reveals a deeper narrative about Americans reevaluating what constitutes a desirable life. The states seeing the highest inflows offer more than tax relief; they promise a lifestyle that aligns with modern priorities: space, accessibility to nature and a sense of community lost in the hustle of major urban centers.

This narrative is further supported by the states people are leaving. New Jersey, Illinois and New York lead the list, with residents citing high taxes, cost of living and in some cases, weather and climate change concerns as primary motivators for their departure. These moves are not merely financial decisions but profound statements on seeking a better quality of life​​.

As America’s wealthy navigate these changes, their moves underscore a critical redefinition of wealth. It’s no longer just about income but the quality of life that income can secure. With states like Florida and Texas leading the charge in attracting the affluent, the American dream is being reimagined, reshaping the nation’s economic landscape in profound and far-reaching ways​​​​.

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