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Ariana Grande’s ‘Wicked’ Poster Gets Roasted After Fan Makes 1 Hilarious Observation

Ariana Grande is definitely going to win an Oscar Mayer.

On Sunday, Universal released its official poster for the first of its two upcoming “Wicked” movies. The film adaptation of Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman’s Tony-winning musical ― itself adapted from a 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire ― will be released in two parts, with the first scheduled for Thanksgiving and the second planned for 2025.

Universal’s poster features Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba (who eventually becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, of “The Wizard of Oz” fame) and Ariana Grande as Glinda (the Good). Elphaba is draped in traditional black witch garb, while Glinda looks ethereal in a pink ruffled gown. Their combined shadows form a looming letter W.

Yet, when one fan took a look at the poster of Erivo and Grande in full costume, they couldn’t help but treat the “7 Rings” singer like a piece of meat — literally.

“Why does her dress look like prosciutto,” the fan wondered in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Once this was pointed out, other folks had to admit they didn’t think the observation was complete baloney.

Although Grande’s deli dress got mocked online, it’s chopped liver in comparison to another controversy she’s currently embroiled in.

Last week, the “Thank U, Next” singer lost hundreds of thousands of Instagram followersafter she seemed to reference her rumored romance with her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater in her new song “Yes, And?”

“Your business is yours and mine is mine,” Grande sings on the track. “Why do you care so much whose dick I ride?”

Grande doesn’t name any names in the song, but most assume she’s referring to her reported boyfriend, Slater.

Grande and Slater were each married to other people when they first met on the set of “Wicked,” and both filed for divorcefrom their respective spouses in July. Slater’s divorce seemed especially odd considering his ex-wife, Lilly Jay, had given birth to their son just the year before.

Shortly after their divorces were made public, it was reported that Slater and Grande were dating.

And if it’s true, that’s certainly a cold cut — any way you slice it.


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