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Halle Berry Posts Photo Without Pants in Elevator to Kick Off 2024: ‘Breaking the Internet’

Wearing pants seems to be a trend of the past for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars! Halle Berry is the latest celebrity to decide to go pants-free to kick off 2024, posting a stunning photo in an elevator on Instagram.

“Heelllllloooooo 2024!” Halle, 57, captioned a photo in which she wore only a green lace bodysuit with a gold blazer on top. She paired the look with a pair of classic black pumps and simple gold necklaces.

“Halle’s out here breaking the internet on Day 1! LFG!!!!!!” one person commented underneath the New Year's post.

Another asked, “How does it feel to have been beautiful your whole entire life?”

A few days later, Halle once again went pantsless in another picture, this time lounging in a bathtub on Thursday, January 4. “Sometimes all I need is a bath and for everyone to shut the hell up!” she captioned the sultry snap.

Halle Berry wears lace bodysuit and gold blazer
Halle Berry wears lace bodysuit and gold blazer

Halle joins a list of celebrities who have bared it all on Instagram in recent weeks. Kelly Ripa shared a holiday photo posing alongside her husband, Mark Consueloswithout any pants on. The photo sparked a debate with her fans about whether or not “wearing underwear” was appropriate for a Christmas photo.

“Kelly forgot to put on pants,” one follower commented underneath the talk show star’s post. Several others pointed out that it appeared Kelly, 53, was wearing a bathing suit.

Just days after Kelly broke the internet by going pants-free, Lisa Rinna shared a completely nude selfie to ring in 2024. Her comments section was flooded with mixed reactions to her figure-baring photo.

"Y'all. She's not embarrassed. Her children are grown. Her husband doesn't mind. This is her thing lol," one person wrote in a comment.

It appears Hollywood’s finest aren’t phased by some of the criticism they receive online. Lately, Halle’s Instagram page has been full of gorgeous snapshots from her holiday celebrations with her boyfriend, Van Hunt. The Oscar winner, who is a mom to kids Nahla and Maceo, shared a look at her beautifully decorated Christmas tree ahead of Christmas in 2023.

“Merry Christmas and peace on Earth to all!” she wrote on the social media platform at the time. “I love to gift wrap. It doesn’t matter what is in the boxes, really, the joy for me is making special packages with love to go give!”

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