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BAN EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......


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Video Shows Passenger’s Tirade Against Delta Employees: ‘I’m on My Period, Do You Know What a Uterus Is?’

NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images

Another day, another video showing someone making life hell for airline and airport employees.

In a wild video recorded at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a woman could be seen yelling at Delta employees and seemingly using her period as an excuse for her behavior, per View from the Wing. The clip first started circulating on Sunday, December 31 and showed her cursing out the staff at gate B14 after flight 2097 from Atlanta to Rochester was hit with a one-hour delay.

"You guys are terrible! I want to speak to your manager!" she's heard at one point saying in the video. "I want to talk to your boss, moron! ... You guys are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself leaving someone in a situation like this!" At another point, she requested the police. "Where are the police? Where fucking are they?" she said, slamming her bag on the counter at the gate. "I got irate when you told me you were kicking me off the fucking plane, you stupid bitch!"

She then felt the need to announce to everyone trying to mind their business that she was on her period. "I'm on my period, do you know what a uterus is?" she told a man. "You stupid little prick, you little weasel." Eventually, a police officer responded and led her away, with other passengers cheering in relief.


It's unclear, exactly, what prompted her outburst, but a representative for Delta told British tabloid The Daily Mail that it was "looking into the matter." They are seeking more information from the customer, too, in an effort to "understand more about what occurred."

For whatever reason, be it a lack of adequate social interaction amid the COVID-19 pandemic or a general sense of entitlement among Americans, 2023 proved to be a wild year for misbehaving airplane passengers. Among the highlights include a woman who suggested a man on her flight "wasn't real," an unknown woman who was kicked off a flight and claimed to be "Instagram famous," and a man who stubbornly imitated a crying child.

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