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I used to be a bartender........many years ago ............hated it ........bars are not a  good place  never was ,,,,.....but in uk........ where you do not tip ...........there is a  better  atmosphere!!!!........all bartenders care about these  days  the  tip .....they do not  give a  fuck ..........they will be your freind  i know i was there .......its shallow ......existence ........when you go to a bar .......they frown upon you .......just  not spending much........ you are taking up space know a bar stool.....burn and turn .....the longer you are sitting there .....and not spending you are interfering with their tip jar ........once you paid the check they do not  care  try it will see .......bartending is a  terrible business   look at john taffer's  bar rescue  ....non stop thieving partying drinking   the fucking part i don't  mind  .....but alcohol  releases the demons ........its a fact can roll you eyes all you fucking want  ....but it is a  shite business .......thieving is  number  one  over pouring get tips  ...its all bartenders  care about  .......alcohol releases the real person .....i have seen it countless  time and  time again ........the movie  cocktail  it was  slightly over glamourized  but close enough uk pubs are slightly different the publican or landlord  used to stay on the premises  ......and  were  cheery   fellers ......and you could  do business in pubs   wink wink .....know what i mean,,,.......i had the privilege of  great  pubs in uk america   they lack  locale....neighborhood and  people  .......sports bars are just rotundas of food and  alcohol......i live in south Florida  so  you cannot  compare this  sandbar  of insanity...... to  anywhere  usa ........its a  fucking shothole that's all i can  go on ....but i have lived many places in america .......and  bars  were bars .......same old same old long as you tip owners   in america  do not pay their staff  fucking shit  so you have to .........its a shite business .......what an i say ......the worst in America is   wannabe  irish bars .......just because the  Irish are  drunks ....... they prey upon this fable .......  excuse  to  have a  shite place  .....i have yet  to  find a  decent  irish bar...... ,,,,or  authentic as  americans will call it ,.....look at st padys day ......they make a fortune  from drunks......and people just love to get pissed ....its escapism .................

What's The Difference Between A Bar And A Pub?

Friends clinking glasses at a bar
Friends clinking glasses at a bar - Drazen Zigic/Shutterstock

If you're an American who hears the phrase, "Let's go to the pub," you probably imagine it said in a British accent. After all, the term "pub" is commonly associated with our friends across the pond. But while many people may assume that a pub is just the British term for a bar, there are actually quite a few distinct differences between the two types of establishments — although they might be hard to differentiate at first glance.

From British taverns that served travelers to hidden speakeasies during Prohibition, society has long sought a place to sit and enjoy a boozy beverage. The origins of establishments that we recognize as pubs and bars date all the way back to ancient Greece. To this day, both spaces still serve as places for communities to gather, making them great for dates, after-work meet-ups, and even parties. So what's the difference between the two? While both primarily serve alcohol, pubs tend to offer a wider food menu, whereas it's not uncommon for bars to only serve drinks. If you're more into liquor and spirits, it's best to visit a bar — pubs are known for only having a few types of beer on tap. Menus vary greatly, but the biggest difference between a pub and a bar might boil down to the vibe they curate and the crowd they attract.

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Pubs Versus Bars: It's All About Atmosphere

Glass of whiskey on a bar
Glass of whiskey on a bar - Maksym93/Shutterstock

If you're wondering whether the establishment you've stumbled into is a bar or a pub, take a moment to look around. Are people having loud conversations, eating food, or even roughhousing? Then you're likely in a pub. If you can't hear anyone over the music that's playing, or you're struggling to see the menu in such dim lighting, you might be in a bar. Now this isn't always the case, but very often, bars will have a slightly more upscale feeling, whereas pubs are more casual. One TikToker even made a video (above) outlining the difference between patrons at a bar versus a pub. The clip depicts pub-goers as chatty and ordering for the whole table, unlike bars where it's every person for themselves. Pubs also tend to attract big personalities and familiar faces because the laid-back atmosphere encourages socializing. At a bar, you can scroll on your phone until your friend arrives — or even alone — and no one will bat an eye.

Interestingly, a user on Reddit claimed that "All pubs are bars, but not all bars and pubs." While there are various subcategories of bars — such as dive bars, cocktail bars, and even immersive themed bars — there's really only one kind of "pub." Both pubs and bars can be found all over the U.S. and U.K., although their characteristics may look a little bit different depending on where you are.

American Pubs Have A Few Distinct Differences From Their U.K. Neighbors

People sitting at a bar
People sitting at a bar - Skynesher/Getty Images

Stopping by a proper British pub is highly recommended to tourists who visit the U.K. But if you aren't able to make the trek across the pond, there are quite a few self-proclaimed "authentic" British and Irish pubs in America where you can grab a bite and a drink. U.K. locals, however, tend to disagree.

One Reddit poster scoped out a "U.K.-style" pub while visiting the States and discovered that the bar area had no seating. Instead, the pub was filled with sections of tables and chairs for different parties. The user found it odd, being used to pubs with bar stools for patrons to sit at and enjoy their drinks. Reddit had tons of responses, with many confirming that barstool seating seems to be slowly fading out of style. Some establishments also might not want customers lingering at the bar as others need to order, forcing them to either stand and enjoy their drink or find a place to sit down. In addition, while older, more traditional pubs (especially those in the U.K.) rarely redecorate, modern pubs in the U.S. are becoming more trendy.

Lovers of the classic pub feel that most modern establishments are moving toward a bar-like culture. Frequent pub dwellers in the Reddit community also mentioned sighting gimmicky menu items like "traditional Irish nachos" and adding words like "wee" before each dish. Clearly, not all American pubs are true to the source material.

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