Tuesday, December 12, 2023

the woes of the rich .......


Well shakira !!!!shakira!!!! ,,,,,,,,,it must be  hard to  decide .....oh well....... i guess  all is  well that ends  well ....you never  ended  up in  the  jail .....tin pail ....rusty  nail; .......the can .......porridge.....me personally with all that fame and fortune i would sell them there and start over fresh .....but hey tha's just me .....you can always buy another luxury car ......

Shakira Will Have To Pay An Obscene Amount To Move Her Cars

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Shakira Will Have To Pay An Obscene Amount To Move Her Cars
Shakira Will Have To Pay An Obscene Amount To Move Her Cars

After going through a messy ordeal with her tax fraud case in Spain, Shakira has been put through another messy legal situation thanks to her divorce from Gerard Pique, the Spanish soccer star. With their split, the musician has decided to head back across the Atlantic to settle with her two kids in Miami. However, moving all of her stuff there, especially her beloved car collection, could cost her dearly.

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According to reports, Shakira would have to shell out something like $14 or $15 million to ship all her vehicles and import them into the US legally. Even if those figures are a little inflated for dramatic effect, we wonder if even $1 million would be worthy of consideration for transport fees.

A lot of people think Shakira’s car collection is just amazing, but we’re honestly not all that impressed with what’s in her garage. It’s not a bad lineup. Reportedly, she has some solid vehicles like most notably a Mercedes SL 550, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A7 Sportback, Mercedes SLK 250, BMW X6, Tesla Model S, Audi Q7, and a Mini Cooper.

Those are all fine cars, but we wouldn’t drop even $1 million transporting them anywhere, let alone $14 or $15 million. It’s not our decision to make, but with that money she could pick up some even more impressive rides you see on the daily in the right parts of Miami.

Obviously, Shakira is going to make the decision whether to part ways with her rides like her former spouse, hopefully with the counsel of a financial manager, or to drop the big bucks and keep those toys for the long run. But we don’t see anything particularly rare or impressive in her collection which would warrant that kind of expenditure, so it’ll be interesting to see what she settles on.

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