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How many horny guys will try to climb it and  finger it i wonder  ....that is ,my only though ........


A Huge Statue Of Shakira Was Unveiled In Colombia, And Now Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About It

Move over, old lady. There's a new girl in town.

  John Twynam / Getty Images
John Twynam / Getty Images

And that new girl is a giant statue of Shakira.

Twitter: @shakira

Shakira's family was on hand for the unveiling of the statue dedicated to the pop legend in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Twitter: @Shakira_Radio

The stunning 20-foot-tall statue is made of bronze and will open to the public in spring 2024.

Twitter: @carla_dirty

The statue may not be open to the public yet, but it's already causing a major buzz.

Twitter: @carla_dirty

The reaction online has been very funny.

Twitter: @omgheytoro

"The statue is bigger than Pique's entire career," this person joked.

Twitter: @keiirawolf1

Other people are planning their pilgrimages to the newly sacred site.

Twitter: @luquin_ricardo

"Not me begging to go with my mom and dad next time they go to Colombia just for the Shakira statue," this person said.

Twitter: @EstellaRosa__

Another thing I've been seeing over and over again is comparisons to the Statue of Liberty.

Twitter: @umcornell

"Ended the ugly hag of liberty," this Lady Liberty hater said.

Twitter: @SomaKazima

"The Statue of Liberty wishes," another Shakira fan chimed in.

Twitter: @shakirastuff_

In my opinion, we shouldn't pit two successful women against each other!

  Str / AFP via Getty Images
Str / AFP via Getty Images

Only one of them has platinum albums and worldwide number-one hits, so they're not even comparable!!!!


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