Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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Well no sympathy from me ....the only donuts i like are the  ones  you can  eat  otherwise  simply a  waste of  time  money and  lives ......look at this  fucking putz ......someone is  gettiung licked on this   stunt .....dumb bastard  ......well you do not  get  too many   shots and  being a  stupid  cunt  ........like i always say there is not  shortage  of  dopey  cunts   with  social media................

Video Shows SUV Flip Over and Crush Its Five Passengers While Doing Donuts in Mall Parking Lot

  (Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

Five passengers of an SUV were seriously injured when the vehicle flipped over doing donuts in a Colorado parking lot.

In the video shared on social media, the vehicle can be seen pulling off the stunt with five people sitting outside the car in The Market at Spring Creek parking lot in. As the car picked up speed following a turn in reverse, it flipped over and crushed all five people.

Bystanders who saw the wild stunt ran to the car to help those who were under it. One person was pulled out of the wreck while others were trying to lift the SUV to get whoever was stuck out.

Twitter: @CollinRugg

The Colorado Springs Police Department responded to the scene and arrested Marisol Wentling, who was behind the wheel and uninjured, for vehicular assault. According to a statement by police, the five passengers were rushed to local hospitals and were treated for "serious, life-threatening injuries."

Francis Barclay who sells Christmas trees in the same parking lot for Jolly Christmas Trees, told KRDO13 that people doing donuts in that area is a frequent thing.

"It seems to me, since I've been doing this for five years, it's getting more and more frequent," said Barclay. "It's been like every third or fourth night out here, there's somebody out here squealing tires. I see a lot of activity."

He added, "I feel for those kids. I hope they survive, and if they survive, I hope they never do that again."

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