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Well i hate cocaine........ for so many reasons .......unless it is  used in sex .....nah !!!!just kidding........ or am i ......well who knows........  all i know it is one shitty narcasisstic drug .....and  i personally think america has lost the war on  cocaine ......after the erased pablo escabor.....he warned america......... they would have a war like nothing else on their doorstep .....but hey!!!!!! america the bully......... you know they always right ......i mean look at veitnam....... korea ........and  the  indians .....ooops!!!!!!!! yes the seminoles.......  that went  sour.......... now they are  gambling........ and   doing fine .......however  that is  another day ......another story........but swiss coaine llthe druggies will move there  i mean the  rick ones  ...poor  proplr  cannot  afford it  ....unless you are in switzerland .....or  swiss.......this will put a new  term in life  ....lets go ski-ing in switzerland  .....sniff sniff ......

Swiss cocaine so cheap and widely used they’re considering legalising it

Switzerland has one of the highest levels of cocaine use in Europe
Switzerland has one of the highest levels of cocaine use in Europe

Switzerland’s capital is considering legalising cocaine after admitting the “war on drugs has failed”.

Bern is weighing up a pilot scheme to allow the sale of the class A narcotic for recreational use – a radical approach which is thought to be a worldwide first.

Switzerland has one of the highest levels of cocaine use in Europe, according to the levels of illicit drugs and their metabolites measured in waste water, with Zurich, Basel and Geneva all featuring in the top 10 cities in Europe.

Prices of the drug have halved in the country in the last five years, according to Addiction Switzerland, and usage is rising. Some politicians and experts have criticised complete bans as an ineffective means of addressing the crisis.

“We have a lot of cocaine in Switzerland right now, at the cheapest prices and the highest quality we have ever seen,” said Frank Zobel, deputy director at Addiction Switzerland.

“You can get a dose of cocaine for about 10 francs these days, not much more than the price for a beer.”

Cocaine prices have fallen because the market is flooded with large amounts of the drug.

In 2022, more than 160 tons of cocaine were confiscated in Antwerp and Rotterdam alone, and much more got into Europe undetected.

While prices have dropped, purity has increased. In Switzerland, 70 to 80 per cent of the substances sold are now pure cocaine.

‘Legalisation can do better than repression’

Many European countries, including Spain, Italy and Portugal, no longer impose prison sentences for possession of cocaine, which is highly addictive, but nowhere has gone so far as to legalise it.

The plan will require existing national law banning recreational use of the drug to be changed, but Bern’s parliament supports the scheme, which would follow trials now under way to permit the legal sale of cannabis.

“The war on drugs has failed, and we have to look at new ideas,” said Eva Chen, a member of the Bern council from the Alternative Left Party, which co-sponsored the proposal. “Control and legalisation can do better than mere repression.”

She said it was too early to say how the scientifically supervised pilot scheme would develop, including where the drug would be sold or how it would be sourced.

The sale of cocaine could be based on the model for selling cannabis but with stricter rules.

Any legislation would be accompanied by quality controls and information campaigns, Ms Chen added, with the aim being to curtail a currently lucrative criminal market.

Bern’s education, social affairs and sports directorate is preparing a report on the possible cocaine trial, although this does not mean it will definitely take place.

There will be many political hurdles for the proposal to clear before it can be implemented.

Concern about potential dangers

Bern’s parliament leans towards the Left but the government of the canton of Bern, one of 26 member states of the Swiss confederation, tacks to the Right and may yet be able to block the required change in national law.

Still, the decision to go ahead could come in a matter of years, or earlier if the current cannabis schemes - where the drug is on sale at pharmacies - show successful results.

But opponents of the plan have voiced concern about the potential dangers.

“Cocaine is one of the most strongly addictive substances known,” said Boris Quednow, group leader of the University of Zurich’s Centre for Psychiatric Research.

He said its risks were in a completely different league to alcohol or cannabis, citing links to heart damage, strokes, depression and anxiety.

“Cocaine can be life-threatening for both first-time and long-term users. The consequences of an overdose, but also individual intolerance to even the smallest amounts, can lead to death,” the Bern government said.

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