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Dentist in Florida fired after caught on camera ripping down posters of kidnapped Israeli children

Florida dentist is out of a job after he was fired after he was caught on camera ripping posters down of Israeli children who were kidnapped during the Hamas terrorist attack Oct. 7.

Blake Warman caught two men ripping down and crumpling up photos of hostages in the Brickell neighborhood in Miami on Tuesday.

"I watched them take it down and I recognized one of the men, and that’s when I freaked out and realized I needed to do something," Warman told WTVJ.

Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul
Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul were caught on camera ripping posters of Israeli hostages on the streets of Miami, Florida.

After posting the video, the video was reposted on the Stop Antisemitism social media platforms and the two men where identified s 31-year-old Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul.

ElKoussa, a dentist, was promptly fired by his former employer, CG Smile.



In a statement on social media, CG Smile condemned ElKoussa's actions and said that he was immediately fired after the owners saw the video.

"We are very sad to see this situation upon waking up. Our office CG Smiles is not in favor of any of the actions taken by Dr. ElKoussa," CJ Smiles wrote. "We do not support terrorist groups, actions, or supporters."

"He has been removed from our staff, all our pages and social media groups." the dentist office added.

Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul
Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul were seen crumpling up posters of Israeli children that were kidnapped by Hamas.

The dental practice's owner, Juan Carlos Izquierdo, said his practice has received severe backlash following the release of the video.

Izquierdo, who has Jewish family members, told WTVJ, that the disgraced dentist called him and wanted to explain the video.

"Later on, I got a call saying he wanted to explain and that after he explained, everything would be cleared, and I told him I don’t want to hear it," Izquierdo said.

CG Smile did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

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