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USUSALLY AT 57 ........


Usually a  57 ....... is over  but shania   is  hot........  for  an old  bint ......the average  hot blooded male   wants  club  18-'s the  game baby ....... the game ......57  is  cougar  old  .....ususally at 57  the  thighs are  chicken ......... you know  thin at the  top........  there is  flapping .of arms ..........sagging   .....the birth canal....... is  shot to  fuck......... after  years of stretching........... and  age  .....guys  do not  want that .......... they want  young spring is  true  ........ like it or  not   unless you are selma .....padmi .......shania ........jennifer lopez    they are hot  .........there are few  exceptions of  hotness in oldness ,,,,,,,,these  babes  have  it 

At 57, Shania Twain Bares It All in See-Through Dress Showing Off Toned Arms and Legs

At 57, Shania Twain Bares It All in See-Through Dress Showing Off Toned Arms and Legs
  • Shania Twain rocked a see-through dress and a platinum blonde wig in a recent Instagram post.

  • She wore the daring number on the stage in Dublin for her Queen of Me tour.

  • Fans are losing it over the stunning look.

Shania Twain has given us some unforgettable looks on her Queen of Me tour with a different stunning outfit in every city. Her recent stop in Dublin proved that she has plenty more looks up her sleeve, so to speak. Twain wore a stunning striped see-through dress paired with her favorite platinum blonde wig and fuchsia platform heels for her show in Ireland.

The singer shared photos of her look on the flaming hot stage (literally) on Instagram. In one snap, she posed in a powerful stance with flames engulfing the background, in others, she showed her iconic Shania smile while singing loud and proud, her guitar in hand.


“Dublin I had so much fun with you!! 🫶🥰” she captioned the post. “The best thing about a Shania Twain show is you never know what to expect at a Shania Twain show—Taking requests, meeting lots of you, and forgetting the lyrics of my own songs. 😂”

Fans could not get enough of Twain and her daring look. Flame and heart-eye emojis abound in the comments, as well as some written praise from her devoted followers. One wrote: “Killer pics, so beautiful,” while another hoped that she would break her outfit-changing streak and “OMG USE THIS HAIR AND THIS OUTFIT EVERYTIME ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Twain has said before that there’s a story behind every outfit on her tour. In a recent clip she shared on Instagram, she took fans through the story behind one of her looks for her Glasgow show.

In the video, she explained: “Well this dress was actually a jacket, so now this denim jacket has been ‘Shania’d.’ But a fan did all the patchwork, the embroidery, and everything on the denim jacket and I literally just modified it into a dress, and now it’s a mini dress! …The whole thing is a patchwork fashion so thank you very much to the fan that sent me the jacket. It inspired me to get glamorous and make it one of my numbers on the Queen of Me tour!”

She captioned the post with another thank you to her followers: “Fans do amazing things and I so appreciate it and I want to wear that on my sleeve… quite literally!! 🫶 Glasgow you’re up again—See you in just a few hours! Let’s party! 🤠”

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what Twain takes the stage in next. No matter what she wears, we know that it will no doubt be a look for the bo

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