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These Holiday Pictures Went Horribly Wrong – No One Expected This

A Flip And A Fall

Most people love playing with pool toys in the swimming pool. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy out into the water. However, what if your water toys are just too complicated?

And you don’t know how to get on it and how to get off it? This girl, in particular, is in a dilemma, and although at first thought of riding a flamingo, she decided it was too much of a task as she fell off it, flat on her face into the water.

We know her fall was far from dignified, but it made for a fun photo, isn’t it? However, we do think she is not going to try some strange-looking tubes the next time she hits the waters. What do you think? Her friend made the wiser choice and chose a simple and staid tube.

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Share With Us Too, Dear Lady

Just in case you thought monkeying around before monkeys are cool, it isn’t. At least, this picture will prove it before you. This gorgeous woman in blue did not care much when she decided to snack. And then came the bunch in the hope of stealing few (not bananas merely).

Refusal will never go down well with monkeys. We hope she was kind enough to share or else her plight might have resulted in more damages that she didn’t even think of!

Travel plans go awry and sometimes we laugh many years later when we see such amazing clicks. We hope she did that too with her friends who perhaps enjoyed every bit of this moment unless of course, she lost her precious diamond ring while trying to save the snacks! Never mind, what’s gone is gone. Besides, why cry over spilled milk?

Tomatoes For Sunburn? Seriously?

Have the experts come up with new advice which states that tomatoes can help the sunburned skin heal? Did the lifestyle magazines recommend this? Is this remedy so useful? We have no idea since we have never heard anything like this. Whatever the situation is, the dissatisfaction on the girl’s face reveals a lot about how the remedy has failed big time.

But we really feel sorry for her because when she will take the tomato slices off, she would probably have six large white circles right on top of the place where she had sunburns. That’s definitely going to upset her.

Hopefully, she will have more sense and wouldn’t apply anything and everything on her skin for recovery. She should bank more on her sunscreens if she wishes to protect her skin from the sun. All the best, darling.

The Stingray Says Hi!

If you are thinking of snorkeling and not ready to welcome unwanted guests, then you better not opt for it. Otherwise, who knows a stingray might drop in to say hi and you wouldn’t have a pleasant experience like this woman in the snap.

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She seems to be terrified of the creature’s presence, while the others are having a good laugh at her. Stingrays are not that harmful as it seems, until and unless you mean any harm to it. This seems to be a friendly one. But the woman doesn’t seem to take a liking to it anyhow.

It’s pretty common to meet these animals when you are having a great time underwater on your weekend getaways. If you love marine life, snorkeling or deep-sea diving is bound to be a grand excursion for you. Meanwhile, we feel sorry for this lady.

Pinch It Up

Ouch! We bet the father of the little boy felt the pinch and that silent cry of agony! The kid had a fun time, the way he is looking at the camera. His grin is actually really naughty.

Look at the way he is having fun at his expense. The kid latched on to the closest thing he could find. And going by his expression, the dad may have recovered, but that tweak may have caught him unawares.

We are wondering what the father is going to say to his naughty kid post the image click? We bet everyone is going to have a good laugh over this epic photo! Well, he tried to be the cool dude with his stylish sunglasses and all, but the last-minute pinch did him in. Next time he clicks one with his son, there are surely going to be few instructions before the photoshoot.

The Worst Photographer Ever?

We know how difficult it can be to derive the perfect click. From the lighting to the exact angle, it’s only with practice that you can win. While we’re not sure how far this click satiates the subject, but our attention certainly drifts towards those talons!

The love for sporting long nails isn’t something out of the ordinary, but this huge? Besides are they for real or fake? Whatever be- those black varnished nails can be ‘eww’ for many. Don’t be surprised to learn that they can even snatch a person’s eyeballs!

Perhaps the shutterbug is a pro at handling her nails, but we’re sad for she hasn’t (definitely) nailed this shot. Pity our red bikini-adorned lady who seems all elated coming out of the waters. We wonder what’ll happen when she sees her luxurious holiday plan is almost ruined.

No Sunscreen Or Bad Sunscreen?

This picture clearly displays the importance of a sunscreen lotion. We are not sure whether this couple forgot to apply sunscreen or applied one of inferior quality, the sunburn really hurts our eyes.

This is one example when basking under the sun goes wrong, making these guys look like aliens. The expression on their faces tells a lot about the pain of getting sunburnt this way. But we guess this is one snap they will display in the future and ask their next generation to tread on the same path.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t want to follow in their footstep. So, guys make sure that you have proper sunscreen to apply whenever you are thinking of going out in the sun and enjoy the warmth. That’s the thing to bank upon if you don’t want the sun to burn you.

She Is Just Next Level

You should never judge a person by the clothes they wear. But this lady here has forced us to do so. We mean, who takes along such a costume to a beach holiday? How many times have you seen people wearing a whole black dress to the beach?

We have seen none. A bathing suit is what you need here. What we have figured out is that either she had no idea or she is wearing or she is a rebel of sorts and wants to look different from the rest. But why black?

Doesn’t she know that black absorbs heat more than any color? Perhaps we have dug more into this and it is not needed. The lady probably wanted to stand out among the crowd by doing something that looks in no way normal. Also, she certainly has a deep love for black.

What A Booty-Ful Day!

A family vacation is everything, it packs in generous dozes of excitement and adventure. This cute yet funny picture is guaranteed to induce some belly laughs, courtesy of the Speedo man at the back.

While the son and dad may be grinning away to glory oblivious of bootylicious background, the man behind is the picture of confidence. While you are enjoying the holiday, you might as well enjoy it to the hilt! Well, that seems to be the mantra of this man’s life.

We mean the man at the back, and we think that’s the mantra we must all share. Enjoy to the fullest without having to think about what other people may be thinking about you. His very stance speaks of confidence and poise. All he needs now is that elusive tan! Although the father and son may be thinking otherwise!

The Back View!

While the entire family was trying to get the perfect family picture with a lovely backdrop, one member of the family though decided that he would take in the sights first before posing for a photo. When you take a look at this picture, there is one point that will hog all the attention.

To think the man was so enamored by the beauty all around the place, he completely forgot about being a part of the photo. Well, one look at this picture will make the man completely embarrassed by his actions.

The other members of the family will also show their anger over how he single-handedly ruined a perfect holiday photo. After their anger ebbs down, they would have a good laugh over the entire photo experience. We bet his family would continue to tease him about the view.

One Animal Too Many

Traveling helps you add to your treasure trove of experiences. This woman in the picture may love wildlife, but her pleasant experience turned out to be unpleasant, thanks to her furry and feathered friends who tried to shower their love on the perplexed woman.

Well, in this picture, she is not the only one scared, the llama seems to be petrified too. The large bird though thought this was the opportune moment to photobomb his fellow living beings. The only living being who is confident about this photo is the bird.

The poor llama seems that he wants to run for his dear life, so does the woman. Well, we are guessing both ran away as soon as they heard the click sound. Hope the bird left his perch and let go of the woman’s shoulder. So much for a wonderful holiday experience.

Far From Perfect

When there are kids all together posing for the perfect family picture, more often than not, some of the kids will play truant. Either they would make faces, or look away and invariably spoil the perfect image.

Well, this photo is no different, when most of the kids are smiling pretty at the camera, there is this one girl who lets out her goofy instincts and spoiling the photo. However, we find the girl’s expression particularly funny. While she was busy unleashing her naughty self, the wind did the rest.

We are guessing a strong gust of wind blew over and she suddenly felt a strong urge to sneeze. And that photo which was supposed to be just right for a Christmas card became just fun and goofy photo. We feel the pain of the photographer, getting together a bunch of kids and getting a normal image seems next to impossible.

Tread Over Choppy Waters

Wearing heels and posing in the water with your beau may be Instagram material but has the girl in the question considered the aftermath? Isn’t it dangerous to wear heels out in the sea?

Most women will ditch their heels to wear comfortable crocs or slippers to the beach. This is one time when they are not bothered about what they are wearing on their feet. However, this woman begs to differ, she is wearing heels and looking to channelize her inner fashionista.

While she looks all stylish, hip, and happening in the photo, but we are afraid there would be some amused onlookers who would look at her and wonder why has she traded her flip flop for those enormous heels. We have to applaud the confidence levels of the girl though! She does not care what the world thinks as long as she has the look spot on.

Swimsuit Or Not

Are you someone who loves wearing the perfect beach outfit? Well, not everybody believes in that though. The man in question here does not know what to do with his outer cover. Should he keep it on or discard it? In the end, he decides to keep on both.

He makes for a strange sight. If he has his swimming trunks on why does he need to keep on his colorful-looking pants? Is he trying to make a fashion statement of some sort? If that is his idea it is certainly not working.

Instead, he is making a laughing stock of himself. Well, we believe the photographer thought so too. So, he clicked it at the opportune moment. Well, of all the strange outfits we have seen people wearing on the beach, this one beats the lot! Don’t you agree?

Stop Posing And Look Behind Dude!

It seems that these guys’ love for the lens can outweigh anything else on this planet and therefore, prefers to overlook what’s happening behind them. With one hand in his packet and holding his elder child with the other, the dad is trying hard to look cool in front of the camera.

However, he is completely oblivious to what his younger one is up to. We are not sure whether the baby is attempting to dive into the sea, but one look at this snap makes you feel so. Of course, the cameraman might have passed out witnessing that.

We are hopeful that nothing untoward like that happened, otherwise the guy’s wife would surely have called up a divorce lawyer or sued her man for being so careless. But, why isn’t anybody asking the woman why she didn’t keep her eye on the little one, eh?

Poker Face

It looks like a family photo, isn’t it? But, when everyone in this snap is smiling, you are bound to notice that one face which isn’t. Look at the kid on your left. The smart guy either wanted to look different from the rest or he isn’t pleased with whatever is happening around him.

But anyway, he is endearing enough to make you want to shake his hands and ask him how he is doing. However, we are wondering what his mom would do to him if she finds out that her son has ruined such a fantastic family portrait.

The baby would have a hearty laugh when he takes a look at this photo when he grows up and enters college. But we can’t really blame the child because we can’t help but notice the sarcastic chuckle on his mom’s face. Did you guys notice that?

Addicted To Star Trek

This family is simply addicted to Star Trek. Otherwise, who would dress up in these retro-spacesuits and pose for a family portrait? If you take one glance at this snap, things will seem a little weird and we are sure that the kids would want to delete this photo once they step into their colleges.

Of course, who would want their friends to discover this anyway! While everyone is grinning, the frown on the girl’s face says it all. She isn’t liking one bit of what she has been told to do. The thought that might have crossed her mind we believe was, “What on earth am I doing here!?”

We burst into laughter when we tried to decipher her expressions. Anyway, this is one for the collection and we surely wouldn’t want this photo to get deleted any time.

Take A Look At The Rockstars

This snap is for real and we are loving every bit of it. Three Rockstars in one frame. The little guy is having a whale of a time lying on the sand. While the monkey is looking absolutely chilled out sitting on the top of the little boy, the parrot with all his royal attitude is perched on his knee.

Can you manage to look so cool? The relationship between these three mates is bound to catch everyone’s imagination and we are quite sure that the kid would treasure this moment for years to come.

If you think that Dr. Doolittle has competition now, we wouldn’t blame you for that as we too are on the same boat. Of course, you can’t miss the background as it makes this photo all the more appealing. Take a bow, guys! You rocked it!

Don’t Disturb

What would be your feeling when someone snaps you at a time when you are trying to get close to your partner or make love? Now, keep these turtles in your position and try to figure out what they might feel when a bunch of people has gathered around them and one tries to click them.

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Disturbing these adorable creatures is not a very kind thing to do. Nature has a lot to offer and there is nothing wrong to explore them. However, there is timing. Did these two turtles choose an inconvenient time or is it the photographer who has bad timing?

We leave that to you. Having said that, we hope that the guys allowed the two to find some peace. That will be a sign of respect for nature and all the creatures out there.

How Terrible Can It Get?

Burying someone under the sand at the beach is against the law. But this guy has given two hoots to it and was enjoying his time until a trio of seagulls ruined everything. He surely didn’t like the gift, but he must thank his sunglasses for saving his eyes.

We really pity him. The scene had his kids in splits and everyone around guffawed. The man certainly didn’t want to stay underneath the sand anymore. The dissatisfaction on his face is quite visible. He, of course, wouldn’t relax the same way on the beach ever again.

Even if he does, he would make sure that no seagulls are around. Also, if he had any love or adoration for these creatures, all that would have vanished after this incident. But you can’t blame these lovely seagulls for the mishap, can you?

Traveling In Style

If you are traveling on a tight budget and don’t have enough money to afford a suite, you need not worry. Just take a look at this man and his confidence with which he spends his night on the luggage counter. We don’t know how he managed to do it, nor are we sure whether the driver is aware of it.

However, he deserves standing applause for seeking out this smart way to travel. Did you notice the pair of slippers near the bus? He can easily slip into it whenever he feels like getting out of there and roaming around the place.

In case you are looking forward to raking in some great savings during holidays, this is the way to do it. You may try this out next time you are out, provided you are ready to adjust yourself to whatever option you have at hand.

That’s Awful

If you want to figure out how sunburns are like, check this out. This guy put on these pair of slippers and was roaming around to his heart’s content until he discovered what has happened. He was not at all aware of it, but when he had a look at his sunburnt feet, he was definitely in for a shock!

This is a lesson for everyone that they should be careful what they are putting on when going out in the sun. Sunscreens are definitely a must. Otherwise, your skin will have to bear the brunt of the harmful UV rays of the sun.

We are sure this guy wouldn’t go out without sneakers for at least a month. He has had enough and that is what he will bank upon to save himself from the sun. Oh yes! He won’t forget the sunscreen back at home too!

Ignoring The Chippendales Is Tough

If you consider the fun factor that all the tourists on this list have had till now, this woman is way ahead of the rest. While on her holiday, she noticed this group of studs while she was passing by with her family. She was determined to have fun and decided that she shouldn’t let this opportunity go out of her hand.

The lady quickly made her way to the group and made sure she has a portrait she would be somewhat proud of. She got herself clicked with the Chippendales and the smile on her face reveals that she is enjoying the photo session to the core.

We don’t know whether her husband frowned at her and made up his mind to give her a divorce or had a good laugh every at her antics. Whatever be the case, this lady seems to be least bothered.

Disney Remains A Distant Dream

Have you ever thought of promising your kids a holiday and choose a landfill as a tourist destination? If you are thinking of doing it, then drop the idea immediately or your kids will never forgive you. We mean, just look at the faces of these guys.

They are shocked to visit a landfill as their dad promised to take them to a better place than Disney. With those helmets, they are looking no less than visiting a site on a workday. Who does it to this bundle of innocence?

The disappointment, irritation, and anger-mixed reaction really make you feel bad for them. You surely wouldn’t want to keep all the money you have in your banks and put your little ones in such a state of misery, would you? Our heart goes out to the kids. Don’t feel sad, guys!

What On Earth Is Happening!

In an attempt to have some moments of fun, this man has done a blunder. He took his baby to show a camel for the first time. He had no idea whatsoever of what was coming up. The daddy took his son so close to the camel that his efforts had dreadful results.

In a moment of carelessness, the baby’s hand almost went inside the animal’s mouth. The camel attempted to eat the little one’s hand and the baby started crying out for help. The daddy is at his wit’s end hurriedly trying to move his son away from it.

We hope nothing bad has happened to the baby. However, parents should be more careful when they take their kids to show animals. His wife would certainly have given him a divorce if the baby would have harmed.

Hello Guys!

This is one kind of trouble that no one would want to get into. Either, this one is out and out one of the worst cases that we hadn’t had a look at for a long time, or this family is eager to have a rocking time with the mama bear and her little one.

In both cases, moving off from there is much needed as they have no idea what they can get into. The family’s love for the wild would have vanished. By the way, is it just our minds that are being apprehensive of the imminent danger, or is it something else that we fail to see?

Maybe the mama bear has lost her way in the woods and has strayed away from her home? Perhaps she just saw a car passing by and stopped it to ask for directions. It can be anything. You never know.

What’s Making Them Grin?

How many times do you see people grinning when a member of the family is being shifted away by the ambulance to the hospital? When we come across such instances, we have no other option but to be bewildered.

So, we are trying to figure what’s the big deal with those grins in such a critical situation. The family must be thinking that she would be fine anyhow, so why should we miss out on the opportunity to click a family portrait.

After all, you don’t get to have your full family together every time. Probably they asked the paramedics to do the favor. There comes a full family photo completely free of cost. We like the confidence they have in the medical team which has kept their romance with the camera intact. They will just sit back and relax, waiting for her to come back.

Pickaxes And A Polar Bear For A Family Photo?

In Canada, things sometimes can get really amusing. Take this family photo for example. This Canadian family decided to spice up the portrait. Hence, they decided to take up pickaxes in their hands and asked the spooky polar bear to join them.

They have kept the ice cave as the backdrop. We can’t tell you, what’s more, terrifying for us. Is it the smile of the polar bear or the father’s grin? We are not sure. But our amusement has no end whenever we take a look at this photo.

On top of that, the family looks stranger to us every time. Please forgive us, but we are not to be blamed. Why can’t a family photo be straight and simple? Is it necessary to make it weird? Will the kids love to show this picture to their friends in college?

It Can’t Get Funnier Than This

Don’t ask us which aspect of this family photo seems hilarious to us because we won’t be able to answer. This family has left us speechless. We mean, just look at the dresses. They are all same. Look at the father’s smile. Extremely awkward. We found no one looking in the same direction.

The only two out of the bunch who are looking at the shutter are the dad himself and the kid on your extreme right. The photo seems to have been inspired by the Revenge of the Nerds. Now, who gave them the idea to pose in such a manner?

Did the family decide themselves or is it the photographer who came up with such a weird idea? For us, nothing can beat this snap if we consider the fun aspect. The guys can do better we think as there is always room for improvement.

Don’t Be So Shy Little One!

A trip to France is supposed to be the best trip one can make. Visiting a host of wonderful places in the country can create lifetime memories. Moreover, who would want to miss out on the opportunity to romance the Eiffel Tower and get snapped in front of it?

This family is all smiling when their time came and they gave their best efforts, smiling and posing for the lens. However, the child seems to have ruined it. He probably didn’t get the essence and instead, hid his face in the plastic bag. Was he camera shy? Maybe.

But we really hope that his parents made him pose and smile for a second photo. Such moments do not come often and letting them go is utter foolishness. We are sure that this portrait could have been a wonderful one had the kid not crouched.

Bad Timing

When you have such a wonderful backdrop for a photo, ruining it with your bad timing can really hurt. The couple was holidaying amidst nature and decided to get snapped. He was in command and posing perfectly in front of the lens.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of what was happening behind him. Even though almost everything was in order here, the lady’s sudden jump into the water proved to be the damper. She will be utterly disappointed for the mishap and would be cursing herself for this.

No doubt she was trying to make the snap livelier, but things went wrong. Nevertheless, they would laugh their hearts out and have a great time when they reminisce the time later on. Of course, the duo might have sought out another way to come up with a perfect photo the second time.

Moments Better Be Forgotten

When kids go on a trip with their parents, they are more excited than anyone. They wait with bated breath for it. But, when their expectations take a hit, they are bound to have heartbreaks. Sometimes the parents, with the hope of taking some incredible snaps just to make the trip memorable push their kids to do something that later on puts them under stress, exhaustion, and also a meltdown on certain occasions.

Their romance with the trip ends then and there. Here, the kids might have witnessed something unpleasant and were far from being amused. The little girls were in such a state of shock that they started crying.

It’s not a photo that the couple would want to tear in their memory bank. However, you can’t deny the fact that good or bad, memories are memories. Maybe this snap would keep them reminding of what happened on that particular trip.

Mud Bath?

Mud baths are amazing that keeps you going throughout the day. Experts have vouched for it. When you haven’t applied sunscreen on your skin before taking a sunbath, mud will shield your skin from the UV rays of the sun and prevent your skin from getting burnt.

However, there is a limit to everything. This guy went too far and covered his whole body in mud, that too in such a way that he is completely unrecognizable. Kids might yell in terror if their eyes fall upon this guy.

But he seems to be absolutely cool with it and is least bothered with who is thinking what. As long as the heat isn’t burning him down, who cares? He opted for a natural sunscreen and is minding his own business. The funny part is, even his wife would be terrified with this look and might even contemplate a divorce. Winks.

Not A Fascinating Sunset

Kids can be painstaking at times. Yes, during holidays specifically. Take a look at this hapless mom who came all dressed and decked in white, and made her kids do the same too. Against the amazing background of the sunset and the waves kissing the beach, a click would have been truly priceless. But just then she realized they weren’t one or two, but three in number.

While the boys stood firm, this little darling fell with a thud. Quite a candid shot by the husband! Wonder how this woman reacted upon seeing this one. Worse, her siblings maintained their respective poses, staring at her!

Marriage is no mean feat, especially when kids come into the picture. But then, life goes on. The couple’s daughter surely wouldn’t have forgiven them if the next picture didn’t come proper. But above everything, we hope she didn’t hurt herself much.

Someone ‘Smelled’ Mischief

You would never doubt your furry friend. So when it comes to a typical family photo, your pet would ensure no outsider gets a chance to spoil the mood and feel of it. Or maybe he’s another naughty kid in action who wanted to photobomb this moment and the intelligent dog ‘sniffed’ it!

Happy as everyone looks here, the dog would have also given a quick pose (as clear from the boy seated in front, who seems to hold it) had not the naughty one created mischief. And as ill-luck would have it, the click came at a time when it bit him.

Most members in the family have crossed their retirement age and they would cherish this beautiful moment till they live- only to get this in return. We would like to believe that the lensman played smart by taking another quick picture, to compensate for this.

Toppled Over

Well, the background looks great. The setting is also perfect for taking some great shots. But destiny might have some other plans. This man didn’t know that, and look where fate led him to.

The Chinese dragons cut a pretty picture in the stone engraving and anyone would have loved to take a picture against it. We don’t blame this old couple who wanted to make the most of this place and time. But seems they were careful enough while sitting on the solid surface. Contrasted to that is their son, who tried to play a little experimental and disregarded all such rules.

The next time you wish to get clicked and act bold enough, do some homework beforehand. Or else you’ll topple like this. Life does teach us how to be safe than sorry. So why not make haste in mastering that?

Deer-Love Might Not Always Be Dear

Too much affection can be dangerous. This picture seems to essay that to the core. So here we have a boy hugging the fawn dearly, and just at the back is his sister mauled by the bucks and does. In fact, he seems to be completely oblivious to the action at the back.

We know the herd wouldn’t harm her, but then nothing can be guaranteed right? We wonder where the parents are. Possibly this is their real son and the daughter was given up for adoption. At least, that’s what the attitude tells us.

Little kids can become close to animals. Sometimes they might even carry alluring food (guess this is one of those). You don’t expect wild animals to be disciplined always, but a sure thing- you can keep a vigil on your child’s safety. Hope she returned home safe.

Holiday Spot – The Hospital

Accidents do happen when you are holidaying. If you are busy vacationing with your family, one member or the other will probably face at least one mishap. Falls, slips, trips, sunburn, heatstroke, road accidents, food poisoning, high fever, etc. are some of the common accidents that can ruin your vacation.

Therefore, visiting the emergency at a hospital nearby becomes mandatory and therefore, all the fun comes to null. However, this family here has no mood to spoil their holiday. They have decided to keep all the fun and frolic intact.

They look jovial while posing for the lens in front of the hospital and taking their expressions into account, these guys are in no way bothered about anything else. After all, they have made investments on their trip. They can’t let these mishaps get the better of them. No way, guys!


Animals have their own ways and you must be ready to face some of their amusing behavior when you are on a vacation. When you go on a trip to Thailand, you will find elephants to be extremely popular. The tourists wait for their turn to have an awesome time riding on the back of these huge animals.

However, the heat can make elephants do certain things you might not be prepared for. Take this snap for example. The one at the back is busy doing something that you can least expect when you are on top of it.

You will be in a state of shock when they stand up like this and a fall from the back might be deadly. We hope no one was harmed. Next time, when you are in Thailand, be careful and take precautions. Additionally, keep your health insurance plan updated.

A Proposal Gone Wrong

A weekend getaway to Paris went all wrong! And it was the classic case of a misunderstanding brewing between the couple whose romantic getaway turned into an unflattering click!

The guy stooped down on his knees to tie his shoelaces and the woman with her expression seemed to be expecting a ring! Unless the man miraculously fishes out from his shoe, which is highly improbable, he is going to face the music soon.

And the woman, she must be thinking there couldn’t be a better backdrop with the Eiffel tower witnessing their happily-ever-after moment. Unfortunately, it was not to be! We are wondering what will be the aftermath of this moment? We wish there was another photo to confirm our worst fears! The classic after photo that would make the man bear the brunt of her girlfriend’s ire. We are expecting some serious fireworks.

A Candid Catch

A couple went fishing and lost their prized catch! Yes, imagine catching gorgeous yellowtail and having to let go of it, just because they stopped for a click. However, a jumping seal intervened and went away with the catch. We don’t blame the poor seal though, the yellowtail is certainly looking yum!

Well, we wonder what will he take home next. Hours of waiting made the yellowtail bite the bait and that too went away from him. Just when he was so pleased as punch to catch a big fish! Even the picture revealed that the seal was way too fast for him and caught the fish!

Well, a momentary loss can make you end up losing your catch! Hope he catches another one soon, otherwise, what will he brag about to his friends and neighbors? Would he narrate this goof-up? Well, we don’t think so!

Frozen Hair Sculpture

This is what happens when you freeze-dry your hair. This young lady was relaxing with her hair back in -20-degree air, as she dipped her whole body into the hot spring. Well, looks like she took the saying cooling her head literally and froze her hair turning it into an art sculpture of some sort. It’s like as long as your body is warm, who cares about your hair right?

We are just wondering whether she knows how her hair is looking though. The picture is proof of how oblivious she is to her frozen hair look. Or maybe she knows how she looks and channelizing this look with glee.

However, how will her hair look after the icicles start melting? We can’t help wondering, but we are liking the fact that she is bravely flaunting her hair with a wide grin and without a care in the world!

Twin We Not

Is that a photo op or a photobomb? It is a classic case of a photo gone horribly wrong! The man seems hardly bothered about the twin trouble though, he is busy grinning away to the camera. The sight of the girls tell a different story, with one smiling and the other making weird faces.

Why does it look that the twin sisters are sharing a neck? Well, holiday photos sometimes are the weirdest of all. And they cause for a good laugh later on. Imagine the three having a good laugh over this weird photo, later on!

We do not know what they were aiming for when they were clicking the photo, a cute photo or a weird one? And the camera person had a field day clicking the strange trio. We bet he/she was guffawing away merrily at this click!

Monkeying Around!

A holiday photo with a monkey on your head? Well, it seems to be the perfect cute picture you could get for your holiday. But, it turned out to be exactly the opposite. The monkey is used to monkeying around and he did just that but the final result was a perfectly turned out awkward photo with the man looking seemingly uncomfortable at the way the monkey perched itself.

We perfectly get the amused picture of the people in the background, while some of the people may be trying hard to stop themselves from grinning. We don’t think when people will finally see the photo they will be able to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

One of those imperfectly perfect holiday photos that may be a big source of embarrassment for the person in the photo and a source of amusement for the others not in the photo.

The Third Angle

Well, we are sure taking a photo with your beau near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the ultimate photo you get when you are holidaying there. However, what you do not get in the bargain is a photobombing with a strange man in a joker get up.

Is the third person a clown, a mime, or a street performer? Well, we do not know that yet! That weird makeup will certainly make the person looking at the photo, jump out of their skin.

However, the couple looks pretty comfortable with their grins firmly in place. And the clown lends a dose of cute weirdness with his presence. However, one would think the photo still looks eerie at first look. What do you think? We bet the couple would think the same after they look at it later, especially the clown peeping right from the shoulder of the girl.

Crouching Tiger And Hidden Child

Most people consider Disney World to be the ideal family vacation destination and children love to rush to this place to have the time of their lives. However, kids or Disney fans may often get intimidated by the various Disney characters roaming the parks.

Imagine human-like animals roaming around all over with their large heads and tails. No wonder, the little kid here found the tiger too frightening and the best place to hide was under a table. Well, that’s the only place that she could hide and hope that the tiger would not find her.

Poor thing, take a look at her, she is looking so scared. We bet few years down the line she would find the same photo funny, she may even find it a little embarrassing! Well, hopefully, this vacation went on smoothly for her without any tiger trouble.

Micky Mouse Tales

Well, we love the cute girl with her pretty smile looking at the picture and making for the perfect, family picture. But what about Mickey Mouse? Is he sick of consuming cheese? Why else will he devour the heads of innocent children? We are really playing with you but this picture will tell you how to right-click at the right moment can create hilarious pictures.

Mickey never thought that the photobombing picture will turn out to be so insanely funny at the end. We are guessing the next time Mickey gets his picture clicked or he photobombs a photo, the picture won’t turn out to be the way this one turned out.

We hope, kids don’t hold this against Mickey and think their adorable Mickey Mouse is up to no good! So much for Mickey being their favorite cartoon character.

The Awkward Finger Gesture

This family photo on a cruise holiday is near perfect. The entire family is trying their best to look perfect and pout and preen at the camera. Well, they have turned out in their stylish wear, they are even color-coordinated, wearing different shades of blue. But just one gesture ruined the effect of the photo. The girl decided to show the middle finger.

Well, the poor girl had no idea about what exactly she meant by the gesture. She just made the gesture. Hopefully, she didn’t learn it from someone.

Well, whatever she meant, this photo is going to be in the minds of the people for a long time, thanks to her serious face and her hilarious gesture! Imagine the embarrassment of the child when she grows up and finds out the connotation of her harmless gesture? We are already visualizing her mortified face!

The Woman And The Sea

Well, this vacation photo has all the feels of a meaningful picture. As the woman sits alone in the sea, people may be left wondering, exactly what is she doing there so far away from the shore in a chair? Was she looking for some alone time away from her friends and family?

Or maybe she was resting on the beach and with the sun beating down hard at her, she felt herself dozing and she was soon fast asleep. The tide came and took her, chair and all further out into the sea.

She may be fast asleep and she didn’t even realize that the gentle rocking of the waves took her so far away from the shore. However, with this photo, we are hoping she would be soon woken up. Imagine waking up in the middle of nowhere? We bet she would be scared out of her wit’s end.

Keep it Dry

The only way you are going to enjoy water rides is when you let go of your inhibition and fears and just go with the flow. But not everyone can follow this simple rule. For instance, the woman in this picture can’t bear to get her hair wet with the splash of the water from the water ride.

While the others are letting their hair down and enjoying the ride, she is looking a bit scared of the splash and the ride. In fact, she is so scared that she may soon burst into tears. What would happen if her plastic cover flew away? Well, thankfully it didn’t!

Well, she certainly stands out in the photo and she would feel the same when she sees herself in the photo. We bet her friends are also going to pull her leg relentlessly over her plastic cover act.

Cutest Photobomb Ever!

Try and click a dolphin and they would dodge away! However, this dolphin begs to differ, If you have a camera and want to click, the dolphin with its cute face is going to oblige you just fine! While the people in the background are trying to get their best pose on, trying to get the perfect picture with the dolphin, look who jumps right into the frame and takes the photographer by surprise, this smiling mammal!

We bet the people in the background are not going to be angry one bit, in fact, the people will compliment the photographer for clicking the photo of the dolphin at the right moment.

Tell us, don’t you think that is the cutest photobombs ever? Dolphins are friendly creatures and they go out of their way trying to be friendly to humans. That is so evident from this photo.

Are We There Yet?

Traveling with kids is never easy, and the mother especially feels the pinch, because of the kid’s constant demands and persistent questions. Most of the kid’s favorite question has to be, ‘Are we there yet?’ The poor mother hassled to the core cannot find a suitable answer to the question.

By the time the family reaches the destination, the mother has already given up on the trip. No wonder the image caption reads as, vacation from hell. The picture captures the sentiments of the car inmates perfectively well. The flustered mother and the tired kids.

The mother may be thinking hopefully they will reach their destination before the kids wake up. She is surely in no mood to answer her kid’s unending questions. Hopefully, when they reach their destination, the trip will be worth all that trouble and the effort. Let’s hope so.

Those Golden Days

This image tells a lot of the days of yore. It throws a lot of the golden period of the 1980s. Most of the family members have put on awkward faces wondering they should put on a serious face or smile at the camera. South

Dakota may not have the glamor of Disney World, but it is still one of the most beautiful places to visit as it offers numerous attractions. Also, it is not the attractions of the place that matters but whom you spend it with.

Perfect vacays are those when you spend them with your loved ones. Those dresses are reminiscent of the 80’s era. Even the glasses are so eighties! Also, the green fields act as the perfect backdrop for the photo. All in all the perfect photo will be preserved till posterity. We guess when the kids grow up they will have a lovely time poring over these photos.

Adventurous Trip

Not all holidays are the same. While there are some holidays that are all about are rest and relaxation while there are other vacations that are all about adventure and excitement.

From what we see from here, the family is enjoying their adventurous streak here, trying river rafting. Rafting is not everybody’s cup of tea. The lady here may have experienced a bit too much adventure. As soon as their raft hit a strong wave the raft got hit and women toppled over.

Thankfully, the women escaped unscathed. Only experienced people should try something like rafting as you need some basic training to know the ins and outs of rafting. We wonder, whether, the woman has undergone some kind of basic training to tread over the choppy waters. Adventure trips such as this one need people to be extra careful otherwise they may have to face the consequences.

Cold And Loving It

A lot can happen in a photo. Well, at the first glance you may see a photo of a family, putting on their perfect traditional-looking costumes. At a second glance, you’ll find a person wearing a snow bear costume.

Well, the photo is kind of bemusing, is it because they ran out of traditional costumes, that the man had to wear this costume? Or, is it because the weather was so cold that the man could not think of wearing anything else than wear something this outrageous and look like a snowman.

The sled dogs are also looking sheepish perhaps wondering what is this thing? Is it an animal or a human? Well, it all seems pretty easy on the eye till you spot the snowman or the man in the bear’s costume! Strange are the ways of people, isn’t it?

Tired And Sick Of Getting Clicked

Sometimes the vacation pictures get a little too much. The constant clicking can get on people’s nerves. For example, this little girl takes on a grumpy look, just because she is bored of the countless clicks. Or maybe she is too tired with the constant roaming around.

Even with a historical background as this one is not making the girl interested in taking a photo with the rest of the family. Maybe she wants her lunch or she has been denied ice cream. Who knows? The rest of the family though seem amiable and oblivious to her current mood.

We hope, she is in a better mood for the rest of the tour. Maybe lunch with her favorite foods can fix her mood somehow and we may get to see her in a better mood in the next photo. We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Restroom, A Long Walk Away

This guy loves to enjoy a relaxing day on the golf course. However, who knew that the guy in the background will spoil the photo once and for all with his err. relieving himself right in the background.

The man who was proud of his shot and wanted to save this photo for posterity is oblivious to the man behind. We don’t understand why he couldn’t find a restroom for himself. Last heard golf courses do have a restroom, provided of course you have to look for them.

The older man was in the mood of giving himself a big pat on the back because of his golfing skills, will now regret the picture. So much for the perfect holiday picture. We are sure the older man will have a thing or two to say to the younger man who was perhaps too lazy to find a restroom.

Not Fun Anymore

Vacations are supposed to be the perfect vacations that should give a break to your monotonous life and make it an enjoyable experience.

This family, in question, seems too jaded and does not look that they are enjoying their vacation too much. They were visiting Disney World, the place that promises fun in mega doses.

However, theme parks can be exhausting, and stressful for some people. Especially some of the rides. This image may have been taken on one of the days when the rides were exhilarating but exhausting and all they need now is a good cup of hot cocoa and a warm bed to crash on. Maybe the next day the photographer may catch them with their sunny disposition on! Well, we are hoping the rest of the vacation is a lot more fun than this photo conveys.

Potty Out In The Open

Full points to the parents for carrying the portable potty for the holidays so that the kids don’t have a tough time. Also, credit to them for choosing such a lovely landscape for the potty break so that the little ones can savor the views while they do their business.

But what stands out here in this snap is the sister’s love for her brother. She is guarding him while he cleans up his bowels out amidst nature. That’s the faith a sibling has in the other and this is what stands out.

The bonding is pretty evident here. We just hope things remain the same when the two grow up since that’s a rarity in today’s world. As time goes by, people tend to drift away from one another and don’t share the same feelings anymore. Kudos to the girl!

Oh No!

Okay, it’s always great to snap a leaping photo. However, your attempts might fail big time if you are not careful. At times, the frame can come out amazingly good, but mostly, it turns out to be epic failures. This photo is a burning example of what we are talking about.

Whenever you are gearing up to take up a leaping photo with the family and have a kid along, you need to hold the baby tightly when you jump. Otherwise, you will drop them. This family forgot to do this, and eventually, the girl slipped out of her daddy’s hand.

What followed is an epic fall. Though this photo left us in splits when we saw this, we are not sure if the baby got hurt. But we can guess how she might be feeling then. This is one frame the little girl wouldn’t want to show off to her friends in college.

Give Us A Break, Mom!

As kids, we often had to do things to which we never felt a liking. Our parents are to be blamed for that. You might be in the same boat with us. Moms are always known to force their little ones to put on all the ridiculous things in the world that we used to abhor and we still do.

They do that to get just the perfect frame she wants for a family picture. In the bargain, she ends up creating something hilarious that no kid would want to see after they step into their colleges. We pity these kids here who have been forced to wear these massive hats.

Just look at their faces. They have no idea why are they wearing these hats. They just want a break from this and seem to be in a terrible mood. Quite obvious. We feel for you, guys!

Patriotism Gone Wrong?

It’s always great to show much you love your country. As proud Americans, your heart beats for your nation. But where is the necessity to make people laugh to flaunt how patriotic you are? “What’s this family up to?” is the question that sprang up in our minds when we first set our eyes on this photo.

Looking at their outfits and the background it seems they were playing tennis or something. It was going well till we found out those ridiculous hats they are wearing. Taking a closer look, we found these hats to be buckets with stars on them and American flags attached to each one of them.

Seriously? What was the need for that? Okay, we are not going to wrack our brains on this anyone. We leave it to you to find out what could have been the story behind this weird snap?

He Is Proud Of His Tummy

This chap has no inhibition about the fact that his tummy is getting exposed here. He is busy clicking pictures and cares a fig about who is thinking what. He is down on his knees and happily doing his own business. What’s the big deal if a little portion of his tummy has come out?

Rather than wasting his time, he prefers to continue with what he is best at. Strolling down the road we often notice butt cracks peeking out from the trousers or jeans on many occasions. If that is normal, then why isn’t it? Many amusing things keep happening around us daily and we don’t seem to be bothered with them.

Nor should we be bothered about this one too. Comparatively, this is nothing. We just want him to ensure that his life insurance policy is up-to-date if he continues to kneel on the roads like this.

Family Picnic

We laughed our hearts out when we saw this one. This indeed is one family, with all the members wearing matched outfits to maintain cohesion. But the first question that came to our mind is “What made them choose the limb of a tree for a family portrait?” Any idea anyone?

They certainly did some amount of planning before they clicked this snap, right? Anyway, different people have different ideas. But the level of weirdness is too high here. They of course tried their best and this is the result. Phew! We don’t know about you all, but to be honest, this frame is certainly sore to our eyes and hilarious at the same time.

Another thing that struck us is how long did this family take to climb up to the limb, sit one after another, adjusted themselves, and clicked this photo? It’s a bad investment of time and money for them we feel.

Here We Go

There is no doubt that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. The monument and its architecture are worth a see. However, more than gazing at the marvel and admiring the creation, people visiting the site are more interested in getting that specific snapshot that almost every tourist yearns for in front of the Tower of Pisa.

This is one place where we have all attempted to have ourselves clicked in that frame and has gone far with our creativity. But that one frame has eluded many so far. This is one snap that you can capture in the perfect frame and fail miserably.

It’s all about getting the right angle. However, this photo is about something else. This one is too hilarious as it captures a group of people trying to get into that very perfect frame. We simply can’t help laughing out loud but love the frame.

Ting Tong! The Buffalo Is Here

The main issue with tourists is that they either somehow fail to adhere to the law or have an inherent disregard for it. Well whatever might be the case, there are reasons behind why these rules have been put in place. The purpose is to make sure that every tourist is safe.

However, most of them throw all caution to the wind, bear the brunt, and face injuries as well. Later on, they have to hire a personal injury attorney. Just like this guy who had a guest in the form of a buffalo who tried to sneak in through his car’s window.

The buffalo seems innocent as he just dropped in to say hello to the chap and find out what he is up to. He was polite enough and probably didn’t mean any harm to the man. We don’t find any reason to panic. All is well.

Hello Baby

“Hello Baby! How are you doing honey?”. This is probably how the dolphin greeted the little one sitting cozily right there. However, the baby looks like she is upset because it wasn’t the guest she was expecting. She doesn’t realize that the dolphin is at a distance from her, separated by glass.

Considering her expressions and the way she has been terrified by her guest, dropping in at the zoo might not be on her cards for a long time. This photo is adorable and funny at the same time. But we wonder aren’t the parents responsible enough to take the terrified kid away from the place and console her, instead of clicking her this way.

Of course, there was no danger here and maybe that’s why the parents opted to frame this funny moment. We hope the little girl would grow up to love these amazing creatures.

The Donkey Just Wants To Sing

Donkeys are friendly animals and there is no imminent danger here. But we understand why this lad is so terrified. When you suddenly see a donkey putting its neck inside your car and hee-hawing to its heart’s content, there are reasons to be alarmed and apprehensive. Though we feel the donkey was just trying to impress him, one can’t still be so sure.

After all, he doesn’t resemble the adorable character from Shrek. On second thought, maybe the donkey was hungry and was looking for some food to eat. Also, the donkey might have dropped in to find out how the chap is doing.

Anyway, we hope the guy is unharmed. He will probably need some time to recover from the shock that he got. What if his parents reveal this photo to the guests on the day of his engagement? The very thought of it is splitting our sides.

Action Trip

This could a fantastic beach day for the family. But a fun trip changed into an action trip, thanks to this frame. After spending a relaxed time at the beach, the father-mother duo decided to play a game with the babies. To have fun, the couple somehow became a bit careless and what followed could be nothing short of a disaster.

The mother seemed to lose control of the baby and the next second, the boy was heading downwards. She hardly had anything to do to take things under her control. The other one is literally flying through the air and is on the verge of falling as well.

Though the snap seems to be hilarious, especially when you see the couple’s expressions, this could prove fatal for the little ones. Couples who carry their babies on holidays or trips should be careful to not lose their grip on them.

Pony Gone Wild

Trips to a pony farm can be really exciting. Taking your family on such a trip can be a wonderful idea, provided you stay cautious. This family here let their guard down and what followed could have been fatal for them.

The pony seemed to have gone wild and several people surely had to get involved to keep things in check. The baby cozying up in his dad’s arms and simply had no clue of what was happening.

The dogs seem to be terrified though and the mon had to hold them back lest they run away. Anyone could have been injured and would have to shell out money from their bank account for treatment. Overall, this photo is one of a kind and the moment can be depicted in a painting as well. That would indeed be great.

Leave Me Alone!

What could be a better picture than having all your kids in one cute little frame? After having a fantastic dinner together, the parents brought their three children together to capture a sweet moment. But the youngest seems to be the spoilsport.

The expressions on the older sister and brother tell us how much they adore their baby sister. The relationship between siblings is the most endearing one. They are all too careful while holding her in their arms. However, the baby had other ideas or it was the flash of the camera that shocked her suddenly.

She immediately got terrified and started crying. Of course, she will get used to it as she grows up. After all, the family portrait will be incomplete without her. As of now, she is in no mood to smile for the lens.

Help Me, Dad!

Out on a day trip, the family decided to get clicked together after having fun together. But things went awry when the photographer was about to press the shutter. Though the mom seems to have things under her control with her two babies, holding them tightly on her lap, the dad couldn’t manage to do the same.

Here, he is seen struggling to hold the rest two as one is about to fall over his shoulder. While losing her balance, she accidentally kicked her brother on his forehead, having him in tears. The baby in green on her mother’s lap looks on in dismay, while the one on your left is least bothered.

It’s complete chaos all around, but the mother doesn’t forget to smile for the lens. What a snap! It deserves to be treasured and brought out to show the kids after they step into their college days.

Come On! Fight With Me

Though the siblings are making things lighter for the frame, the tension is quite visible. Jack Russells are a popular breed dog and are known to be quite sweet and calm. However, all hell broke loose when these two came face to face.

They have unleashed their inner demons and are looking forward to taking on the other. The teeth have come out and these two are ready to attack. Thankfully, the two siblings on the left and right have them under their control.

Otherwise, the Jack Russells would have leaped onto each other. The only saving grace is that of the siblings smiling which actually cools down things a bit. The family is bound to have a hearty laugh later on when they take a look at this snap. On a funnier note, are these canines depicting regular couples? Winks.

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